Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Dear rappers and Shayfer:

And everyone else hollering about how you make your own cash and can pay your bills on time that's great that's what your supposed to do so why all of a sudden is it a new thing and you feel the need to big up yourselves about it? We get it you have money and you're proud you pay your bills, so? Why is that so news worthy? Why do we have to have whole songs and movements dedicated to mofo's paying their bills? I don't give a shit if you can pay your bills I don't want to hear a whole song about you paying your bills or you having your own THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IT'S NOT SONG, NEWS, OR BRAG WORTHY! Ordinary people do not go around talking about how they pay their bills on time they pay them and they move on because they come around every damn month.

I understand that as a man with a little bit of money you are worried about women and men using you for your stacks but look here some of y'all already trick off money, and don't pay your own bills, your houses get repossessed, your cars get repossessed, and then you end up in the blogs shamed and trying to save face talking shit about how someone screwed you over money wise but guess what that's your fault! If you don't know how much you're worth and trust all your money to someone else you will get ripped off and screwed! That's just fucking sense but like I always say sense is not common. So look rappers and ne-yo aka Shayfer smith this is what I want you to do, find yourselves some women that has her own stacks and can afford to buy whatever she like and all she need from you is some dick but do me a favor stop talking about the shit. You are giving the simple minded the wrong idea and they are taking it and running the shit into the ground! Go some where and be their fuck buddy and sit it down for a spell, please and thank you now have a very happy holidays, and please let's enter this new year with a new music agenda, no bitches, no hoes, no talking about independence because that's a given, and please no talking about your swagger, how much you spend on shit that rapidly depreciates and has no value, it's tired and I'm tired of hearing it. Get it together in the new year if you have any problems or questions or need some inspiration about what to rap about please feel free to drop me a note.

From your urban resident BPYT