Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What you have been waiting for so patiently is finally here, my end of the year nasty,naughty,raunchy post. If you are of the sort that can't handle a little bit of erotica then by all means skip these next two post because you will be highly offended. It's longer than a normal post so it will be in two parts, please leave comments and feedback.


He had been watching her for quite some time. He had observed a lot about her from the way she carried herself, walked, talked and even by the company she kept. He could see that she was very self conscience and it showed in her constant state of smoothing her clothes down, and patting her hair to make sure it was still in place, to the way she carefully and meticulously made sure that her make up was understated and not to bold or daring. She was a mousy type of women one who was all too happy to fade into the walls and not be seen. He thought it was rather a pity she wasn’t what the world would consider pretty for she was as plain Jane ordinary as they came but he could tell there was more to her than what met the eye. He was an expert on women and he had known many like her he knew her type well. It was his job to bring out the freak in her, he was the man husbands, boyfriends and in her case fiancés hired to tap into their women’s inner freak and unleash it. He had no official title just credentials his business was one of those businesses that were a necessary evil. The men that employed him were simply lazy men and his business thrived on them being lazy. The sort of men that hired him were men who more times than not had mistress’ and due to some sort of mishap on the men’s part now had to part with their mistresses but they didn’t want to part with the freaky aspect of their mistresses so these men sought him out and paid dearly for his services for he was an expert at what he did. In simple terms he was able to tap into any woman’s freaky nature and pull it out of her making her the sort of women these men wanted. A freak in the bedroom a lady in the streets, he hadn’t met a woman yet that was immune to his practices. He had even taken ladies that hated sex ladies who had no sexual nature at all and tapped into their inner freak he had given them back their carnal nature. The ladies would always be more grateful then their men for they truly would understood their sexual nature better, how to tap into it and how to rule with it if they so choose after his lessons were finished. Many of his clients had gone on to lead happy lives and some had become casualties of divorce. What the men seemed to never understand the ones that met with the fate of divorce were the simple fact that if you can’t please your woman and you aren’t going to even try then you will lose in the end. Many of the divorced men had to find this out the hard way. Thank goodness he always had an iron clad contract on his side. He was no fool he knew that many of the men he dealt with could double cross him at any time that’s why he always kept a small insurance policy insuring him from the men changing their mind or coming after him after the fact. He was a consummate business man and he had done everything he had always said he would do, he was a man of his word.

He now turned his attention back to the woman he was watching, she was on her lunch break he knew were she was going and what she would have she was very routine in her activities, a boring creature of habit she was. He smiled because soon he knew she would be so much more and he for one would be glad to see it. He had already set his plan in motion, looking at his watch he timed it to the second, at precisely 12:30 she would exit the restaurant and be on her way to a hotel where her life would be forever changed.

Jina Jordan was 29, the youngest investment banker at her investment firm and engaged to the man of her dreams. But deep down she was unhappy she was searching for something more but she didn’t know what, as she took her lunch break she was deep in thought. She was at her favorite lunch spot about to order her usual when the waitress gave her a card with her name on it. Jina didn’t think anything of it many of her colleagues and her fiancé knew she dined here on Thursday’s it was her routine she drew comfort from it she liked order. Jina opened the note and read what was inside and she immediately started shaking, snatching her purse up and running outside she saw a taxi idling at the curb this was her lucky day. She hurried in the back of the car and she told the driver to take her to the Lamont Hotel. Frantically Jina tried her fiancés phone and it kept going to voicemail, she then tried texting him. Jina was near tears, she looked at the note again it said:

If you want to marry your fiancé or ever see him again then you will immediately proceed to the Lamont Hotel and tell no one or your fiancé will be dealt with.

Jina called her fiancés job and it just rang and then his voicemail picked up, she tried all of his friends and she couldn’t reach anyone. She couldn’t imagine what was going on she was on the verge of breaking down. She hurriedly paid the driver and rushed into the lobby, as soon as she entered she heard the concierge call her by her last name,

“Ms. Jordan there is a phone call for you.” On shaky legs Jina proceeded to the phone and she picked it up off of its receiver. “hello.” She said breathlessly, on the other end of the phone a deep baritone answered her

“Ms. Jordon, if you wish to see your fiancé again you will follow my instructions to the letter, if not simply turn and walk back out the way you came. Do not ask me any questions all I want from you is either your full cooperation or if you choose to leave a goodbye.”

Jina thought for a split second and she said, “I’ll cooperate.” “Good” the voice said “then proceed to the bank of elevators on the left side and come to room 503 East tower.” Then the line went dead. Jina did as she was instructed, she got off the elevator and searched out room 503, and she stood there unsure of what she should do. She was scared, nervous and truthfully a little bit excited at what might be on the other side of the door. She hoped it was just her fiancé playing a trick on her, but she was anxious to find out all the same.

Jina put out her hand to knock but the door opened on its own accord she couldn’t see inside of the room it was pitch black but she stepped inside the door any way. Before her eyes could adjust to the dark she was blindfolded from behind and each of her arms were grabbed then she heard the voice.

“Ms. Jordan I am glad you could make it today your fiancé has arraigned for you to have some lessons, I will be your task master you are to engage in whatever I tell you too. There will be no questions on your part, your job is to be led where I see fit is that understood Ms. Jordan?”

Jina was terrified she didn’t know what the hell was going on but she wanted out and she wanted out now. “Look whatever your name is I don’t know what kind of lessons my fiancé paid you for but I don’t want any lessons and I want you to unhand me and let me go or you will pay dearly!” There was silence then she heard a voice speaking as if on audio the voice was that of her fiancés.

“Don’t get me wrong I love Jina dearly she is a sweet woman but she is so boring all she wants to ever let me do is missionary and the very thought of oral sex makes her freak out, I brought it up once and you would have thought I insulted her mother she got so offended she won’t even let me perform it on her. If you can’t loosen her up then I will have no choice but to break off our engagement as much as it pains me to but I am a man of certain needs and she just doesn’t meet those.”

Jina’s body stiffened and then sagged she loved her fiancé with all her heart and she wanted to please him, because she knew her fiancé was a man who was very rational for him to have resorted to these extreme measures he must have been very disappointed in her lovemaking skills and that hurt Jina to her soul. Jina felt like a fool, she was embarrassed and angry. She didn’t want to be forced into anything she was a strong woman she was independent and made good money how dare her fiancé think he could strong arm her into doing what he liked sexually. Then Jina thought about it she would show her fiancé since he had went to this great of a length to prove his point she would be up for the challenge, fuck it she had everything to lose so she had no choice but to go through with the proceedings.

“I see you have conceded defeat my dear, don’t feel ashamed many have walked in your shoes before. You will be a better woman for it I promise.”

Jina didn’t say anything she just nodded her head. “Shall we start my dear?” Jina nodded her head again, “very well my dear.”

Jina felt hands undressing her slowly she started to tremble were these people perverted freaks what were they going to do to her? She was nervous, scared and still just a little excited. After every stitch of her clothing was removed Jina was guided to what she assumed was the bed but she was wrong she was lead into a bathroom and put in a bath tub with warm water and bubble bath it smelled delicious and sexy a scent she had never smelt before, still blindfolded she was washed with a soft sponge ever inch of her was attended too her body started to relax on its own accord. Whoever was washing her was an expert in teasing touch it felt as if each of her erogenous zones were specifically teased with the sponge causing her skin to prickle and the hairs on her body to stand on end.

Her body was responding on its own accord Jina wanted to touch herself and blushed just thinking about it, here she was in the midst of strangers with who knew what was in store and she was getting turned on and agreeing to go through with whatever they had in store for her she figured she must be suffering from a mental break down on her own part. She had finally snapped she thought, just as she was about to talk herself in to leaving she felt a tongue in her ear, and then a kiss on her neck, in the spot that always got her hot Jina’s back arched and she gasped. Then she felt another set of lips on the other side of her neck, licking her gently and with urgency Jina’s breath started to get shallow. Her body was responding and she felt the fire of need in the pit of her stomach. Two hands were on her breast now playing with her nipples pinching them just hard enough to hurt with pleasure