Tuesday, December 30, 2008



one set of lips left her neck and begin to suck her right nipple lick, lick, suck, again gentle pressure this time with teeth firm enough to hurt and feel so good at the same time, Jina struggled not to moan, but she couldn’t help herself, one escaped her lips and she begin to squirm her body was on fire she was then lifted out of the bathtub and towel dried off. Still blindfolded Jina was led into what she assumed was the bedroom but she smelt and heard a fire place crackling. She was guided to walk unto what she felt like was fur under her feet, she was made to kneel into the thick pile of fur and then she was guided to lie down on the fur nearest the fire, she could feel the fire on her skin and it felt good. Her arms were put in handcuffs and lifted above her head she felt the steel cold of them brush her flesh and then worry began to creep back into her mind. But all thought flew out of her head as soon as she felt two hands begin to massage her flesh with what smelled like coco butter oil, every inch of her was oiled from neck to her feet. Jina’s body was on fire with desire she had never been so aroused in her whole sexual history put together. Jina felt two hands gently parting her legs and then she felt a finger brush her clit and her back arched of its own accord. Jina was wet she was wetter than she had ever been before. The first finger was joined by another finger and the fingers stroked her using circles and then long strokes she was panting with ecstasy Jina trust her pelvis to meet each stroke of the fingers touching her, then a finger was inserted into her vagina and it went deep and searched out her G-spot while the other finger proceeded to stroke her clit teasing her by doing slow circles prolonging the inevitable Jina was in arousal heaven she had never had a partner even the most considerate treat her body in such a manner. The finger in her vagina struck gold it touched her G-spot and Jina arched her body so high off the ground she felt like she was about to take off, the finger on the clit and g-spot worked together and brought Jina to orgasm she shook and trembled and came so hard she temporarily blacked out.

Jina didn’t know how long she had been out she didn’t even care her body felt different like she had had an out of body experience. Jina didn’t know if she was still handcuffed a tug of her hands showed her she still was and she was still blindfolded she didn’t know what they had in store for her now but she was more than ready for it. Jina sensed someone hovering over her and then she felt an ice cube on her nipple and then a warm tongue licking where the ice had just left then a suck with that gentle hurtful tug, this was repeated on both nipples until Jina was dripping wet again. Again her legs were parted and then she felt a light brush on her clit, then she heard a licking sound at the same time she felt the lick between her legs how delicious it felt. Her nipples were standing at a hard rigid attention so hard they could have cut glass. Her lower half was lifted off the ground and her legs were set on what she assumed were shoulders and she was ate out like she was a fine dish the mouth that was doing the oral pleasures was extraordinary it licked sucked twisted twirled even hummed and all Jina could do was breath hard and enjoy every lick, then she felt a finger get inserted into her vagina again the finger plus the tongue made Jina come as hard as before this time she felt her vagina squirt, she had never in her life done that thinking it was a cheap porn trick used to sell movies but she squirted all the same. Whoever was the oral pleaser got a face full and she didn’t even care normally she would have been embarrassed but that was the old her now she was the new improved Jina.

Jina’s lower half was lowered back down to the ground and she was cleaned up gently Jina felt deliciously dirty her body was craving more and she wanted to oblige it. She begin to squirm feeling for the first time the fur rug tickling her back, just as she was about to start speaking Jina heard a buzzing sound then she felt it on her clit, it didn’t take her long to cum again but the person didn’t stop after she came the instrument was kept on her and Jina just kept coming she didn’t even know she could come so much, she was enjoying herself as long as the buzzing kept on the more she came, finally the batteries ran down Jina was spent she didn’t think she could cum anymore. Her hands were unbound and lowered and then the handcuffs were put back on she was pulled up and walked over to a bed which she felt and heard when the sheets where pulled back Jina was picked up effortlessly and then put in the bed she lay back on soft sheets that smelled like lavender the bed was fluffy and soft. Jina closed her eyes and sank into a deep intense sleep.

Jina woke to being fucked her legs were wrapped around a waist and she could feel the biggest fattest dick she had ever had inside of her and it felt good he was drilling her hard and deep and she liked it. She was pushing all of her body into his she felt dirty and whorish and that turned her on even more. Her legs were unwrapped from around her partner’s waist and she was flipped over unto her stomach and he shoved his dick in her deep he grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed all the way inside her until he was buried inside Jina completely. She could feel the dick deep in her ribs the pleasure was intense she locked her legs around him backwards and proceeded to fuck him like she had never fucked before.

He squeezed her nipples and it drove her crazy he pounded into her and she wanted more he licked her back and then he smacked her on her ass hard enough to sting Jina started to feel herself about to cum again and her unknown partner must have been nearing his peak also because he begin to slow down which made Jina speed up. Then her partner withdrew his dick making Jina growl with anger. She needed to cum still being blindfolded and handcuffed made things worst Jina attempted to snatch off her blindfold when she was lifted off the bed clean into the air and then she was sat on her unknown partner’s stiff hard dick reverse cowgirl style. Jina groaned with delight and begin to move in her own rhythm her partner was back deep inside her filling her up like she had never been filled before she was acting like a brazen whore and she liked it. The excitement of being in control of her own movements as well as the hands playing with her nipples in the delicious hard but good way was turning Jina out so much so that she wanted to be talked dirty to, and she demanded it. “Talk dirty to me.” A voice that sounded vaguely familiar called her a whore, a slut, told her she was worst than a porn star, called her a dirty girl and the one thing that made Jina pump even harder on the strangers dick was when he said “I bet I’m writing my name on the inside of that pussy ain’t I girl! Tell me how much you like this dick, tell me you want me to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, tell me you like how this dick feels in that pussy, tell me bitch!” Jina moaned loudly and replied, “I love this dick, don’t stop, please don’t stop” she loved it she felt empowered she felt like she was finally free sexually for once. All of her polite upbringing had flown out the window and she had tapped into her inner sex kitten and her sex kitten was a bad bitch no correction her inner sex kitten was a vivacious whore who was now addicted to Cumming.

Jina came hard so hard in fact it knocked the wind temporarily out of her, as the waves of orgasms crashed in on her and then begin to subside Jina finally came back to her situation and surroundings, had she just cheated on her fiancé with some big dicked stranger, was this what her fiancé had had in mind when he chose this recourse for her did he know, would he find out? Was this his way of getting out of the engagement with her? Jina was confused and starting to really feel like a real whore, when the handcuffs were taken off and then her blindfold was removed and she was gently sat on the bed next to the big dicked stranger she had just finished fucking. Jina was scared to look over at the stranger because she was scared of what she would discover but she did it anyway and got the shock of her life it was her fiancé looking back at her. Jina was confused the sex with her fiancé had never been this intense and this good, a million questions raced through Jina’s mind. Jina’s fiancé could see she had a million questions so he got out the bed with is dick swinging by the fire light Jina could see just what he was working with and it amazed her she had had no idea all this time that her man was packing serious heat, and it made her feel ashamed all this time she had professed to love her man but she hadn’t even paid that much attention to his anatomy. Now that she thought about it she had fought her man on every aspect of their sexual relationship until it had become an issue which had made it so unenjoyable for both of them. Jina felt stupid, she had been missing out on the best of what her man had to offer all because she hadn’t wanted to give up any of her power in the relationship. Jina watched as her fiancé proceeded to play a tape of everything that had been done to her from the time she walked in the door up until now. Her fiancé had been her main partner the whole time and she hadn’t even known it. She felt like she had been deceived but she quickly got over it her body still tingled from her sex lessons and now that she knew what she was capable of she didn’t want to stop. Anxiously her fiancé watched her from across the room so Jina quickly pretended to have an attitude and when her fiancé saw her face his fell he rushed over to Jina and started trying to explain why he did it and Jina saw that he was sincere and she knew it wasn’t all his fault that had caused his to finally seek out drastic measures as her fiancé tried to explain his actions Jina’s attention drifted down the length of his body and her gaze rested on his penis that was still semi erect. What a beautiful penis Jina thought as she continued to stare at how smooth long thick and strong her fiancés Mandingo warrior dick was. All this time I have been missing out on all this she thought, what a fool I was she thought so Jena slowly sank to her knees and engulfed her mans penis in her mouth she took as much of it in as she could and she begin to pleasure him and the more he groaned and enjoyed it the more she did too. She wanted to please her man, and bring him as much pleasure as he had brought her Jina swirled her tongue around her mans shaft and then sucked the head like it was her favorite flavored lollipop tasting her juices on him mixed with his pre-cum was like tasting a sweet elixir is this what she had been missing out on all along? Jina felt cheated and tried to make up for lost time with her mouth, her man moaned and then she deep throated him again. She was happy to please her man, he was worth it.

Jina had learned her lesson well, and she and her fiancé even moved the wedding up preferring to have a small intimate ceremony and then an extended honeymoon at one of the beautiful islands with white sand and blue water. Jina was happy she was still a lady in the streets but she had learned to let out her private freak in the bedroom and her fiancé now husband was all the happier for it and so was Jina for that matter.