Saturday, December 13, 2008


Dear lady O,

First and foremost welcome back to team chunk, while you were gone we missed you. 2ndly since you are the voice for the people please tell them again for the slow witted that dieting while a cute way to drive yourself completely insane never works. It is in fact a slow form of torture just an unhealthy way to over obsess over your body.

Since sense is not common let me share a few tidbits with you as far as nutrition goes, it's the calories you consume, minus your output and when you add into the equation a under active thyroid gland that equals a hard row to hoe. Diets never work unless you plan to eat like that solely for life. With anything in life its about moderation, but since the diet industry is a billion dollar industry no one will listen to reason and the general public would much rather read the labels on boxes, measure all its food, starve yourself, take pills that promise to shrink your waist line, buy ab machines that promise to give you a 9 pack, or buy tapes with perky instructors telling us how high to kick that knee. Meanwhile American's get fatter, the get sadder, and the diet weight loss establishment get's richer. When there is no real solution and just a lot of gimmicks, helped with a healthy dose of shame, and unrealistic aspirations given to the masses you get a yo-yo effect, because if all these diets, pills, exercises, gyms, solutions worked wouldn't we all be a one sized world?

Lady O I applaud your candor at sharing your weight with the world because you didn't have too and I don't think personally its anyone's damn business what dress size you wear. I however would not have went on television and told them a specific number, I simply would have said that I have gained some weight due to the holidays and winter months and appealed to all the other non-beyonce regular women in the world who have done the same and then I would have started January with a new outlook a cute workout wardrobe and a fun way to workout while looking cute.

Also since you are back on team chunk for at least a little while this is your time to tell these designers to get their team chunk design on, stop hating on bigger women. And have no fear if you want to be stylish simply call Monique she can find you a hot couture big girl gown in a minute. She is the queen of pretty plus sized fashion and there are plenty places that cater to plus sized women with elegant affordable dresses not the ugly tents of yesteryear that no one wanted to wear. I know you were living the "skinny" dream and you thought your team chunk days were over but Lady O fear not this does not mean your life is less meaningful nor over it just means there is more again for you to love.

This is also the perfect time to tell the world that in order to truly have a healthy relationship with ones self you have to love the skin your in no matter if it's a size -0 or if its a size 20 and beyond. Stop listening to the negative people, the doomsayers, the so called taste makers and tune into yourself. There will be plenty of people telling you how bad you have done, how ashamed you should be, and giving you all kinds of bad body get skinny quick advice, and please Lady O whatever you do please do not go on the crazy broads who design bad clothes lemonade diet. I can only hope that you might goggle yourself often and that this open letter to you might come up but if not I wrote this with you in mind.

Signed a member of team chuck, who still thinks you look fab even if the world is telling you otherwise.

P.S. It seems like in this society there isn't a balance there are young girls killing themselves to look skeletal the newest craze to hit youtube is called thinspiration videos full of anorexia starved young women who think food is there enemy. Dear Lady O if there was ever a time to try and crusade and save the world it would be now. In case a person comes across this particular blog, the thinspiration craze is unhealthy!