Friday, December 19, 2008


Dear S.

Long time no talk with you but you decided to find me again so welcome back lets us see where we end up the 2nd time around. You're a sweet guy I sense that, I also sense a little bit of sadness in you. I think its noble you want to change the world and uplift black folks, but your one man. Your heart is big and even though your back is strong and your shoulders broad they aren't strong enough for the task you want to undertake. I love your superhero syndrome but what about just being there for that one special person? I think at the end of the will find what your looking for. Maybe you came back around so I could point you in the right direction...maybe you came to help me out maybe we will be each others compass... maybe this is a second chance for redemption, or maybe just a nice way to clean up an old mess.

I really don't know the reason you asked me to write a post about you...maybe you just wanted to feel a little important...maybe you just wanted some spotlight to shine down on you if just for a fleeting moment, or maybe you wanted to be immortalized on the I said I don't know your motivation but I'm trying. I do appreciate the talks we have even if it's just words filling up empty hours that don't amount to much. It's almost like I reached out for you, or you heard me in your dreams...yea as crazy as that seems. I like how you try and give me sweet sentiments even though I bust you every time when you try and write out a mack line, it's still sweet in an underhanded way. I will always remember when I asked you what you were thinking about and you said my happiness as if you were responsible for it. That put a smile on my face even if it was just a fleeting sentiment.

Even if you are gossamer and I called you up with my spirit I appreciate the talks we had in this last month of this year. I appreciate you appreciating my smile, and I love how you love your family even before yourself. A beautiful fault to have, I know this probably isn't what you had in mind but...this is what came out. I hope it put a smile on your face and I hope it made your day.

Sincerely ME.

P.S. Remember when you made that statement and I said "Right." What I wanted to say was if you were sincere, if you were for real, if you meant it with all your heart...then I hope it happens.

P.S.S if you make the mistake of doing something so jacked up that I have to retract this post you will regret it! Don't take the song literally it just went with the title.

This quote made me think of you, look how it found me like you did again...strange.
Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living." ~ Albert Einstein