Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey my most favorite people (Dulce and my Sis) and the rest of my readers random and regular who read this blog. I know the last post was all venty but I had to get it out my system so I could get right/write and try and get back in the season of things.

December is the month of endings. We get one big holiday before it ends we reflect we think back we ponder the things that are going on in our life, we make changes and assessments and we plan for the new year accordingly. I know for me I pray that my life goes in an upswing and I pray that with the new president and the renewed sense of hope that the president makes us all feel we will all do our parts to make this world just a little bit better. (Trying hard to be optimistic)

With that said I wouldn't be me without saying I know we all are having times and I am not addressing those of you that are I am specifically talking too those mini moguls who spend money on things like it's water. Those that buy 300.00 dollar shirts and pants each without even blinking an eye. IF you don't do one solid unselfish thing this holiday at least give a 50.00 to a local charity, volunteer some time to help kids who have nothing.  Hell if you want to help a black girl who is down on her luck but is a well intentioned soul, who could greatly use all donations big or small then please feel free to drop some holiday love in my paypal account by hitting the neglected and ignored donate button to your right at the top of the first column...yeah that one it works it's not just a pretty application (typed with luv of course).

If the world could care about SAVING KARYN why can't it concern itself with a down on her luck 78msj and if it makes you feel any better I didn't run up any bills shopping, drinking starbucks, are getting mani and pedis, I was just trying to make ends meet that were not made of elastic and got popped by that rubber band called life! I am a worthy celeb (in my own mind) cause. Any and all donors will get you a personal shoutout and some kind of video dedication music of course and if you want to include an email address well an email will also be shot your way.

Last but not least I know plenty of talented youth like my LITTLE BRO and now my Godsister TIA P. has her first single out called GO, find it on itunes and I must say it is easier to pull up on itunes then it is for if anyone knows the trick to finding it on amazon leave me a comment. Otherwise despite the economic ish going on in the world cherish the things most important, family, friends, loved ones, pets, and good times.