Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Dear Random ass men and men that have been on my yahoo messenger and Aim for years:

I felt I should address you all here because it just suited the purpose and I can give you the post link so that you can read it and absorb it better. Look this is going to be a brand new year and if you have been claiming to hold a torch for me, talking about being in a relationship and then disappearing and popping up when its convenient for you, wanting to have sex with me, telling me I'm the woman of your dreams and all that other bullshit, save it! I'm over it and you should be too, you have had countless years, and many chances and you have not made it happen your fault! I refuse to enter another year with the same dead dicks on my messengers talking the same bullshit it frustrates me and irritates the hell out of me causing me to release my inner bitch recklessly and curse you out accordingly. If you get this post in your messenger box that means you have been kicked off the might-ever-get-a-chance-to-be-put-on-my-team because you talked nothing but shit and didn't even make half an effort to come and scoop me. Furthermore don't act like this is out of the blue and from left field, I don't want to hear another word linking me and you in any kind of relationship/sexual type setting it is officially a dead issue! You are officially lame and at this point you should seek other options or hell just keep it moving either way it's been real but not real fun! If you take this into your psyche and file it accordingly and from this point on change your ways I would appreciate that, if you continue to talk reckless about how you want to beat it up and all the things you wish you could do to my body and anything else but we both know you won't ever back it up you will be ignored and I will forget you were ever even born, so with that said adjust yourself accordingly. Thank you and enjoy your holidays!