Saturday, December 27, 2008


This graphic is a real coloring page so feel free to get it and color it if you wish. Graphic found HERE

My favorite e-sisterMS. DULCE the high priestess of healing and nurturing(no really seriously she is) said I should do a lovely dovey-ish nice post and I'm thinking sure why not it's almost the end of this year so I can accommodate Ms. Dulce. so Dulce here we go all the love/niceness you can handle.

First and foremost I love my niece she turned 1 years old this month and she is so wonderful and extraordinary I hope she grows up to be whatever her mind, and heart can grasp.

I love my younger siblings even if they work my nerves each of them are talented, strong, precious, gifted and wonderful in their own right. I know I give them a lot of shit at times but I do it because the world is tough and I know that lesson better than anyone but I love them and will go hard for them no matter what.

The people that follow this blog and the readers that read here by chance and on purpose I appreciate you most of all its an exciting thing to have someone wanting to read the things that you write and caring enough to keep coming back that is a huge thing so humbly I say thank you.

Creativity is a beautiful thing if you have an imagination and you are creativity inclined that is a wonderful thing in of itself, so always think outside of the box! No need to be boxed in when you have creativity and imagination!

Love is a perfume, and it smells great...infatuation is a cheap knock off but it will get the job done until it either wears off or makes it to love, and lust is like a greasy burger all fat, taste good, but you will always regret it later! So find all the love your heart can hold, it's so worth it!

I feel grateful for life, and life's lessons its like battle strips I earned them all and it has shaped me into the person I am today and I have got to say I like me, even if some of you don't!

Coming soon will be a nasty sexalicious gutter butt just raunchy post so if you are easily shocked might not want to read it but I said I was going to do one for the end of the year and I don't want to go back on my word I want to push my limits and stretch my imagination so look out for that post coming soon!

Well Ms. Dulce I hope this satisfied your love post quota lol.

P.S. Oh the joy that is HIM...way too old to be feeling like this but what a rush, makes my skin tingle, my scalp prickle, and my nerves stand on edge, ugh I said I would stop crushing but I can't help myself, so here we go again. Trying not to feel like this but I can't help myself...if he calls me baby one more time...

Anywho we are going into a new year, a new president, a new first-lady and family, we are heading into the future and I am excited a new year means new possibilities and new excitements, can you feel it people...excitement is a wonderful thing be possibility!

This is a coloring page also feel free to use it as such.