Saturday, January 31, 2009


I know I talked about this before but it blows my mind everyday how people procreate without thought or they have the wrong motives for having children. It's hard being a single parent and its not easy in a two parent household but at least you have help and it's a co-effort, anyone that has ever been around kids and that has some sense knows that. It's bizarre how the more unstable a person is mentally, emotionally, financially, the more children they seem to have. Its like having a weapon in the hands of criminals, all these men and women who are walking around with loaded guns (ie reproductive parts) cocked and ready to aim and just pushing out kids left and right with no pause, or even any shame no planning no forethought it's wrong.

Meanwhile those of us who are single with no dependents get fucked in taxes and no help what so ever from the government, can I get a she got her mind right and is not out milking the system type of tax break, or how about she anti-baby momma so give her a huge tax break and some money to go back to school to finish her degree type scholarship! I don't care how you phrase it but can the government just make it happen? Women getting pregnant and getting all kinds of benefits maybe I should look into renting my womb out cause It seems like the more I do right, the more I try and do right the more fucked and left behind I get. It's real hard to see doing right pay off when everyone else in the world is doing way wrong and getting theirs by whatever means necessary and since its getting real funky money wise in these streets folks are going to get even more ugly in nature, scandalous in their doings. Less money equals more crime, angrier people, desperate people, and the true nature of man is revealed but I digress. Now that money is real shady and people are loosing their minds left and right what are you prepared to do to stay afloat? Now is the time to think outside the box...maybe you too will be in the news giving birth to babies, or making a sex tape and getting a reality show, or maybe you might turn to selling ass, and drugs, or stealing...will you still try and do right even when your money has all left? What will be your breaking point?


  • You should have quit while you were ahead did you really need MORE damn kids!
  • This is sad another family involved in a MURDER SUICIDE because of financial difficulties
  • It's funny how when a black man kills himself and family he is therefore demonized but if someone else does it then it's a tragedy SADNESS Btw the people at Kaiser are heartless employers and its no stretch of imagination that the supervisor probably did tell the man he should just put a bullet in his brain.