Thursday, January 15, 2009


I like to think of this blog as my voice in the dark, and so that makes it my platform and yea I'm one of many but maybe if I keep shouting someone will hear my voice. I like to give anyone who has something valuable to say a voice as well and with that I introduce to you a writer and scholar friend of mines by the name of Bee Quiet, so enjoy his words and like I always say take what you need from it and leave the rest.

Written by Bee Quiet

In six days America will finalize one of the most historic moments in race politics the world has experienced since the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler. We have learned from many lessons in history that most groups in power have often subjugated ’others’ to inexplicable odds, but on January 20th , 2009 the American Presidential Inauguration will set a new course in race relations (while showing the world that no barrier is impenetrable). President-Elect Barack Obama has shattered one of the grandest ’glass ceilings’ of all time; one protected by European’s for nearly three millennium in America, finally opening to the intelligence and humility of a black man. As an African-American set to fill with tremendous emotion on that historic day, I urge my ’family in struggle’ to match the American effort being made by securing collegial credential and rebuilding our mental health. We as a people have endured slavery, Willie Lynch, Jim Crow, Cointelpro, and Police Corruption (more long standing torture then any people on the face of the planet) and yet we went from not being allowed to read to collecting the Presidency of the United States of America (a feat as spectacular as changing the American Constitution); this is not the time to be ’stuck on stupid.’

We are dealing with an American society that has no conscience when using the media as a propaganda tool to promote the idea that black culture is a problem that everyone else must come together and help solve. The only way this is going to change within American society is when black people come together and make education our sole priority during President Barack Obama’s administration. We as a people must enroll in major collegial programs, county colleges, technical skills programs, online institutions, refresher courses, and any form of learning available and attainable; and we must begin to talk about it in our communities. To bury our heads in the sand of President Obama’s success and carry on with the same norms that we have become well acclimated within during the past few decades will show cultural laziness, and bring forth European justification if they decide to mass jail us in the future. It is imperative to use this moment in history to set a new course for our day to day lives as functioning members of the greater American family; in essence giving no one the power to deny us life, liberty, and the pursuit of true cultural happiness.

Many of the popular cultural images that have dominated American society over the years have deeply affected the general outlook of being black in America (I.e., the glorification of social decadence, and the preoccupation with sexuality), and has created a spiraling underdevelopment among our people. All of this can change overnight, especially if we use the inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama as a ’jumping off’ point for getting into some form of extended learning (even if it means building book clubs with a few friends). As a cultural analyst and writer over the past decade I firmly believe that all black people within America society should be exonerated of all mishap during the two decades I will label “The Era of Egregious Socialization.” American mainstream culture has been ’playing dirty’ during the past two decades in manipulating the general outlook of Black People by using the media and other forms of propaganda, and many blacks have found themselves in such a dilapidated state that The Era of Egregious Socialization will forever be etched in my mental rolodex. Black people must dominate the various fields of education in order to wipe off the stigma placed on us; by not being stuck on stupid, but asking President Obama to merely consider some of the things we could use to help us out; which I will conclude this piece by listing.

1) Single Black Parents who are currently raising kids should be granted Welfare benefits to replace the absent fathers from their children’s lives, while being allowed to build their own lives without regulation (I.e., being allowed to work, go to school, or even marry without their benefits being interrupted).

2) Black People who have lost their driving privileges should be exonerated of all charges and have their licenses reinstated (the only thing that should affect an American’s driving freedom is substance abuse).

3) Black American’s should be granted as much assistance as possible to have access to higher forms of education (as replacement for the 40 acres and a mule promised).

4) America should become more competent by putting the best man/woman for the job in play; which can occur if our nation gets rid of the ’Background Check Politics’ that holds people accountable for things that happen in their past. With these ideas infused into the Obama Administration thinking, I believe that African American people can begin to develop over the course of the next two decades.

Written by Bee Quiet