Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A new president...A beautiful black family in office...people keep saying be the change you want to see in the world...there should be a blueprint or some form of footsteps to follow...why do the dumbest people think that they are outsmarting everyone else in the world...just because you are a hook or by crook individual does not make it right...the world does not revolve around the things that have personally happened to you...it would be nice if it did but it doesn't believe me I know this as a fact...why can my mother gleam money out of the air but she can't manage it well...why she keep talking divorce but she still here...I want to go back to school badly but money IS a object, my stumbling block...grants loans scholarships...schools are now harder to get into and the money is hard to come by...Does Jesus even hear me when I pray...I am so tired mentally and emotionally it manifest itself physically sometimes... HE wasn't even worth 20 minutes but he got under my skin never again, if he was on fire I wouldn't even piss on him...will my family ever be alright...will change happen for me...what am I not doing in the right way...Blessings are few and far between....I.am.an.Island.of.1.