Thursday, January 22, 2009


Before you get too excited and think that this is a Tyler Perry bashing post think again. I notice that in the black culture we have spawned a new fraction of folks. I like to call them the intellectuals, the high-browed individuals that do their all to break with the ties of yesterday. They are the sons and daughters of 1 generation buppies, the folks that broke out the ghetto's, the hoods, the poor south, and pulled themselves up and got enough money to run from everything their parents stood for and represented.

They frown on "hooping and hollering religion" they prefer churches that are sedate and less emotional when they go. They frown on what they call plantation food and of course they don't dare press their hair, or use grease. They stick to perms, get high lights, wear cashmere sweaters and only eat at euro-Asian cuisine restaurants. They join ritzy health clubs they stay getting pedis and medis they stay getting facials, they are the superstars of in mixed society. You can recognize them by their skinny jeans, their frohawks, they are the ones that sound Caucasian they have an affinity for European bands that have whiny moody music they talk about all the cars they have driven, want or need, they live by their blackberry's they covet their designer dogs and coffee and they are as unblack as they can get with pigment.

They don't care about culture they have broken from the past and they are too far removed from slavery and the ghetto, that is all beneath them many don't even bother learning about their history they have their eyes firmly on the prize that huge bank account that finally has enough money in it to erase their color. This is the goal of the new "intellectual black" they go out of their way to prove they are good, and righteous and as unnegro as possible so as not to offend. They use whole words they enunciate, they speak in tones that are mild and not with too much bass as not to cause undo concern in their Caucasian counterparts. They even have Caucasian/Asian/ or Spanish wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and shop at j. crew H&M and the gap because Jcpenny's is too common. They wouldn't be caught dead in an old fashioned Cadillac but they pay 60k for a Cadillac truck but please don't put any ghetto rims on them and no they don't want it in black please only the champagne colored one with the slight window tint. No we don't need extra bass how passe!

These same folks frown heavily on the masses of black folk that dare be common, loud, raucous, uncouth and who show to much emotion, who still depend on Jesus to give them everything, who don't/didn't go to college who only went to vocational school. Who have cars but live in apartments who are backwards in comparison, the same folks who might go see a Tyler Perry madea movie the misguided good "church" folks and their elk. What's as ridiculous as the stereotypes I typed above is the assumption that all black people who go to church or have "religion" want to see or even like Tyler perry movies. Why does one fraction of people have to be cubbyholed or branded with the same branding iron because of SOME?

I personally don't have anything against Tyler Perry, I like the movies he has made. I don't fault him for his characters or his way of thinking he is one man, just like many didn't like Spike Lee movies or John Singletons early movies I see all of the projects from these men individually with their own unique perspective and slant on the world. Every black person does not have to have the same freaking experience but we do have more commonalities than not. No matter how far you try and run from that or close the door on that fact it will always be there just as sure as your African features. So my "intellectual" black folk that hate the whole Tyler Perry franchise that's fine and that's your right, but I think its ridiculous to speak on something you have never even bothered to see. I think its ridiculous to say that because "religious" black folks keep supporting him he will keep making these movies, I think its ridiculous to keep throwing stones at Mr. Perry when you can simply go to his website and tell him that you want to see something different a closed mouth does not get fed.

If you are so offended and want him to do something better than perhaps you should start writing your own scripts, coming up with your own projects and then putting them on your own channels its great to complain about the issue and then keep it pushing and do nothing about it, but how productive is that? If you want to see a different voice in hollyweird then be that voice, be that change if you think you can do better why not get the "intellectual" faction together and start making the television programs, movies, books, music that you want to see and hear? If you got beef with the man then make your voice heard don't be shyNOTHING TO IT BUT TO DO IT!