Sunday, January 11, 2009


Not Easily Broken'sOFFICIAL SITE

I went to see the movie not easily broken and I must say it was a nice breeze of a different wind. I absolutely loved the movie. We as black women have a tendency to be too strong sometimes. To the point where we emasculate the men in our lives, we can be steamrollers and its just not right nor is it healthy. Everything has a balance if you upset the balance of a thing then it gets overturned and off course. I believe that this society is unbalanced and vastly off course. Whole communities are being eaten away because said community is off balance.

I am a lover and supporter/downer hater of black men. The contradiction because of the things they do and continue to do but at the same time I still see and respond daily to the beauty, wonderfulness and powerfulness that they still possess but they don't believe in enough is still there shining through. Like I told one black man this past weekend I am tired of fighting y'all I just want to lay my sword down and relax in your company and in your embrace. Why do I have to do battle with you when I simply want to love, be in love, and embraced by you?

Why can't we as black men and women come to the table and foster discussion, and heal some of the hurts we have inflicted on each other for far too long? Why can't we see the hurt and damage inflicted on each other as wounds and battle scars not badges of honor and coat of arms. I advise everyone not just couples to go see this movie or pick the book up and read it. It's time to heal the divide not widen it! The future needs it, our communities need it, and WE as a people need it especially!