Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Mary and Joseph, Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz. These are examples of extraordinary people who changed the face of history. I point these people out specifically to say you don't know whom you are giving birth to. Now these people were exceptions to the rule not every child is going to turn out to be extraordinary. Most will be doing good just being productive and happy adults. I write this post because it seems like everyone around me has a child, some have multiple. It never seemed so pronounced as of late, I guess because I am older and most by my age are on baby three while I have yet to even get started or plan for baby one. I don't know if others who don't have children but would like to have some maybe begin to think like this?

You don't know when you lay down with a person and combine genes and DNA without respect of life or forethought whom you will bring forth out of your womb. It blows my mind like a breeze from the Santa Ana's how people give no forethought no serious planning into the making of another human being that will be brought forth upon this planet. It is a serious undertaking being a parent, nurturing a child, caring for that child's well being, and upbringing. Now a day's every celeb with a working reproductive system is pushing out a child and giving these children God awful names, and then pushing them off on nannies to raise. They are scooping children up left and right from continents like they are picking up exotic purses. Caring not for the child's cultural identity, upbringing nor heritage. What happens when these children begin to grow up and see faces like theirs but they can't and won't know how to relate to these people of same origin, but I digress...

Like I said it blows my mind how people are arrogant and so egotistical and clumsy when it comes to procreation I wonder what would have happened if God had decided to slap man together as clumsily as humans procreate!!! I know I wanted at least one child in my lifetime but as I think about it, and examine my motives for it I really don't have a concrete clear cut reason as to why I want a child. It's purely emotional and like we all should be aware of emotions change daily and on a whim. The strongest urges in human nature are to re-create, and self perseverance and having a child is a form of self preservation. You want your essence to live on in this world, you want to mark the planet, and having children is one of the greatest markers there is. Having a child is purely selfish and is taken way to lightly in this society.

There is a rule in society that states that Fucked up people, do fucked up things, IE:hurt people, hurt other people. Some of these same people are mothers and fathers... so then what happens to the child of a hurt/fucked up person? Since the hurt/fucked up person is more times egocentric than not, you can imagine the types of hell they inflict on their children. They give birth to children so that they can use them as emotional, mental, and physical punching bags. Inflicting the wounds that were inflicted on them as children. Making a whole other set of hurt/fucked up people. Some cycles never end because people don't know how to end them... so I guess my thought process today is how do you know you are supposed to have children? Did you do it because it was a selfish want that you catered to, was it a careless chance of sex roulette that you lost, or did you plan your child down to the choosing of the partner?

Just a little food for thought feel free to leave comments!