Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here is my issue as a member of the curvy and plus sized community my clothing circle is narrow. I like certain stores and I am a brand loyalist that gets me into trouble especially when I look for a certain shoe but can't find what I am really seeking. I have been on fetish sites, sites that cater to drag queens, rock-a-billy sites the gambit here's my problem all these shoes are either not everyday wear type shoes are they scream fetish. Why not just come out in a full latex outfit, no disrespect to the latex lovers.

My issue is that I spend my hard earned money where I think I can get the best value and it is no secret that I love Torrid however since they are about the only clothing store that caters to a certain demographic style wise they don't seem to really care about their customers. I emailed Torrid thinking that they would be receptive but I was shut down and told that because their is not a big callout for Double Wide Width shoes that they weren't even going to bother looking into it, and the buyer had the nerve to thank me for being a loyal customer. It is always like this when a company has a toehold in a market they feel that one customer's voice doesn't make a difference. I went to twitter and I asked the curvy fashionista's what would they suggest and they suggested that I blog the issue and put some wheels in motion.

Well here is my wheel and I am setting it in motion I don't appreciate being shut down especially when I am the voice of the customer, especially when I spend obscene amounts of money in Torrid. I don't even knock them for using substandard materials in their clothing that easily fall apart, tear and rip, but they charge an arm and a leg for some of their items when you can find those same articles of clothing at the five dollar plus size stores made with the same shoddy materials. I think it's a shame when plus sized fashionista's don't have a wide range of options especially when it comes to quality high heeled shoes wedges and sandals particularly. Since I happen to be genetically made with a double wide foot it is virtually impossible to find a cute midrange high heeled shoe option that accommodates my foot, but I am positive that I am not the only woman in the world genetically made like that. It’s particularly irksome to me when there seems to be way more options for women who have Double Narrow feet style wise. It has always been a challenge to find a great looking high heeled shoe when it comes to my foot that is why my first love is sneakers. In sneakers you have a greater choice when it comes to style and widths how come the women shoe makers don’t get that? Who do I need to speak to, to make my voice heard because frankly I’m fed up with having this issue when it comes to my shoe options.

I know I am not the only woman with a Double Wide width foot that is tired of seeing limited style options. I understand the fashion industry is trend based and the purpose is to make money in it. I understand that using quality materials cost more and having to use materials for Wider Width Shoes can cost more I get that but what I am saying is isn’t there a way to bring a better variety to a fraction of women who want style, comfort, AND options concerning her shoes? Where there is a will there is a way and if all these fashion designers are supposed to be on the cutting frontier edge then Double Wide Width shoes must be the outer regions of space!

IF you feel what I’m saying ladies please for yourselves, for your daughters, for your granddaughters, for the women in your lives, for the women of today and tomorrow please stand up and be noticed. If this is not your particular issue it could be a issue tomorrow that you might need to address something of yours and wouldn’t you want the support of others? I am not saying be belligerent I am not saying bombard Torrid, I’m not even saying boycott but pass this blog along to everyone you know Forward it, send it around the web. Please give my voice a chance to be heard. Give me the momentum I need to let this company see that I am not just one voice but the voice of many. You don’t even have to like Torrid, as I have found out many curvy women don’t, but please do it for me. Let’s start with Torrid and then with the rest of the fashion world, I am tired of being ignored and having limited options shoved down my throat. My money is earned way too hard for the fashion collective to just dictate what I get to wear.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog/email/forward or however you received it please pass it on.

Email the shoe and jewelry buyer as well if you have the time please don’t be belligerent of nasty just a polite email will do I appreciate it ladies, and gents truly.

The Torrid shoe and jewelry buyers email address: Tania Licker TLicker@torrid.com
Let her know that this is her callout for finding Double Wide shoe options.