Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Sometimes I need a reminders of the things I already know its like pulling out a familiar check list and going over it every once and awhile to make sure your still on course and in line with the things on that list. As we get older some of the things on the list become more important than others so essentially it is a good thing to pull the list out and check it over every once and again.

  • When someone shows you who they are believe them! This is such an important cardinal rule how many times have we overlooked something we have seen in a person's character that was a huge warning sign but we kept on dealing with the person because we felt like the good out weighed the bad? You can not change anyone but yourself and you would be a fool to think or try and do otherwise.
  • Listen to what men say. How often have we ignored the little things that men have said, because we were focused on what WE wanted. Then when the end results don't turn out as we wanted them too we feel lied to and deceived? LISTEN to what a man says he is telling you all that you will ever need to know, even if his actions directly contradict what he is saying.
  • When a man is already in a " domestic situation" whether it be marriage, or shacking up. He will not leave his woman to be with you even if you break him off some cookie. Of course he will sell you any pipe dream you want to hear while he is beating and skeeting you but after all that is over and his dick is out of you he will forget everything he said. NOW on the off chance that this man does leave his "situation" for you and you were the direct cause of his break-up then prepare to be kicked in the ass by universal law which is a fundamental cardinal rule as well...What comes around goes around! If he left her for you what makes you so special that he won't leave you?
  • Sex doesn't keep a man! I'll write that one again sex doesn't keep a man if it did then there would be more couples still together less divorces and more two parent households!
  • Men deal in loopholes, meaning they will phrase things to their benefit in order to get what they want be careful of word traps.
  • Homegirl/wifey/boo is another way to give you a false sense of ownership to something you don't officially have again word trap. If you don't have an official capacity in a dudes life you are a filler, basically a chick who that has potential to fill an opening when he gets one in his life but in the meantime he will keep you around until said position becomes open or until he can talk you into fucking him whichever comes first.
  • Men are essentially unstable creatures, dramatic, possessive and not in touch with their feelings. Much of what they say is nonsense listen enough to get the information that you need to glean from them what they are trying to get from you once you get that then act accordingly. For example, My girl <<<>>>(the nonsense to ignore) and me aren't getting along, but that's neither here nor there I still want to give you pleasure I can make you feel really good.
  • Never bother to invest emotionally in someone who can't do the same for you. Turn the emotional spigot off! I don't buy into that "I fell helplessly in love with him and now I can't let him go" crap. If you guard your heart which one is supposed to do then there is no way someone can get under your skin, and into your psyche unless you let them in.
  • MAKE Them work for it! Stop just giving away all your power, emotional, sexual, and mental. IF you hand it up on a silver platter than what does he have to work for?
  • Anything worth having is worth working for. If it's too easy its suspect, that just goes without saying across the board.
  • Know your worth that way you won't fall for nor accept just any old bullshit. Value you first and everyone else 2nd.
  • Yes cheating is still wrong even though the world and everyone in it will try and convince you its not, I don't care who does the cheating wrong is wrong. Nothing justifies cheating even though people will always rationalize it