Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KANYE YOU'RE A C.U.N.ext.T.uesday

I'm sure if you are living on planet earth you have heard about the Kanye debacle, if not good for you stay away from celeb-whore-t's they are bad people but I posted the aforementioned video anyway for a point of reference. Ever since Kanye lost his mom he has been on this emotional unbalanced roller coaster and he has just keeps lashing out. I know that it is difficult to lose a parent especially when that parent is extra close to you but drinking, having sex, working nonstop, and saying and doing fucked up things will not bring him closure, give him peace nor bring his beloved mother back.

Kanye is a very flawed man and if he keeps going the way he is going he is either going to die young, or go out Michale Jackson style. There is no one in these celeb-whore-t's lives that say's hey pull it together fucktard you're spinning out of control. Because of the money and fame these people get to do and act however they want, they commit crimes they get slapped on the wrist. They do classless and crass things the whole world clutches its pearls and still embraces these buffoons and clowns shit is awful. I wish I had enough money to be an asshole and treat people like shit all the time and get away with it oh wait don't I already do that?

I used to be a Kanye supporter but now I think I will have to add him to my list of people that I just give no attention to if we stop rewarding these attention whores with attention then they will have no choice but to go away. Being famous is like any other drug and I for one am so tired of these assholes getting high on their own hype shit needs to stop.