Sunday, August 30, 2009



Okay so I have a membership at BLACK EXPRESSIONS BOOK CLUB check it out its a great site anyway the point of this blog is to talk about the series by Mary B. Morrison the Honey series. When I started this series I didn't expect to be a little intrigued, a little disgusted, and drawn in by the characters in this series. But as I read this book I can't help but reflect on the choices that the characters make. Of course all the things the characters have been through shape their choices and their life situations but I still can't help but wonder why some women make the choice to accept men into their lives that don't give a shit about them and these women will give their all, their whole being over to this man like he is their god. It makes me shake my head and wonder truly about the make-up of the average woman.

Why do women accept, abuse, cheating, lying, neglect is it because the average woman doesn't know her worth is it because she is afraid to be alone? Is it because she doesn't think she is worthy of the best so she settles for whatever comes her way? Honestly I think I have a low opinion of the human species in general I'm disgusted with the way things are, the way people treat each other the way we interact with one another the way we don't give our loved ones roses until they are dead. Society has gotten so warped and in the process I've become warped with it bent, twisted and shattered and more than a little jaded like the characters in this series if you get a chance to check out the books then leave your comment on what you think. It would be interesting to hear what you guys think of this series. Males and females of course this would make for a wonderful book club discussion I promise it will get heated.