Sunday, September 27, 2009


Nothing Is Private Movie

"Nothing Is Private"

2008 December
Rtg: 8.5/10 (451 votes)

The above movie is about the very subject I am speaking me it was a heartbreaking and disturbing movie to say the least watch it at your own risk.

Do you know where your daughter, cousin, niece, sister, child is right this moment? Right now someones little girl or teenage daughter is being forced, coerced, rapped, or seduced into having sex with someone twice her age. She is being taken advantage of and her innocence is being stolen and her body is being violated. She is being put into a position (no pun intended) that she shouldn't have to be in because some sick ass older man with fucked up brain chemistry is willingly and sadistically taking the very best of her at this moment because he thinks it is his right to do so. Some where innocence is being devoured and my heart breaks for these not yet fully grown nor fully developed young girls/teenagers that are being put in a position they shouldn't be put in. Just because someone has an appetite for their youth its disgusting and sad.

Pedophiles... as of late they have been catching pedophiles but its taking them years to catch these dudes. Shit is sad and sick what's more disturbing is the more notoriety and money these pedophiles have then it's like well they are just disturbed geniuses who need help not jail.

In a male dominated society children and women are eaten alive and their spirits and bones are spat out by the masses. Case in point both Polanski and Robert Kelly have committed crimes with little girls teenagers at best but not grown ass women. But every time anyone says anything about the girls that were involved with these men they always say: "those little girls were consenting, they knew what they were doing and that the girls wanted it, that they were working their bodies like grown ass women, and Polanski has Maintained the girl was sexually experienced and had consented!

Excuse me if I'm wrong but the last time I checked even if a teenager was "experienced" she is still a teenager the only time teenage girls get turned it is at the hands of men that take her developing body and lust after it and seduce this young girl into thinking she a woman because her ass and titties have yet to match up with her IQ therefore she is gullible and misguided. Most often she is lacking a daddy figure in her life so any man showing her some attention and affection will quickly gain her trust and he can have her doing any and everything. Especially if the dude is throwing a little money at her, buying her things, taking her places showing just a little bit of interest in her then yes that teenage girl will do anything in her power to please that boy/older man.

Teen age girls don't just get up in the morning and go hmmm who shall I fuck today if she does then some where along the line she has been failed by the adults in her life. Show me any young wild hot teenage girl and I will show you a lack of parental guidance, a lack of structure, possibly even a history of neglect and abuse in the girls life. Bottom line stop blaming teenage girls for the lack of judgment and mental stability of grown ass men. Stop blaming the victim even if these girls are way to grown for their ages, know way to much about sex then they should, it used to take a village to raise a child but modern day societies have burned down those villages now a days parents don't want help they think people are intruding in their business if they offer help or advise. I think its sad when you see young girls sexing away their youth, wearing out their vagina walls before they even know how to properly wash their asses.

there is nothing cute about a too grown oversexed teenage girl its tragic and far to often it happens in neighborhoods across the world. The value of a young girls innocence has long been sold to the highest bidder and the world looks on in passive aggressive fashion as her silent tears are ignored and her soul is replaced with darkness and she is left to fend for herself in the divide between not grown and too grown...

Roman Polanski Arrested for sex with 13yr old in the 1970's:
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