Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So if you haven't heard about the pretty (r)icky debacle then you must live under a damn rock. When I got the link several times on twitter twitted to me I went to my happy place and my ovaries shut down and I just really had to go inside myself and shut it on down mentally and try and regroup. Too much fuckery causes my brain to overload and just shut down on itself. I watched the first time in utter disbelief I couldn't believe how horribly gay the video was I don't have beef with the gay community my whole thing is don't be perpetrating like you straight though is all I'm saying. Especially when you in some damn boy band that caters to girls. I mean this whole video is just a hot mess all the way through.

From the gold teeth that probably make his breath smell like mr. ed's old ass, to the red panties he got from vicky secrets, I mean then that whole dance he did with his little bird chest stuck out, and did he get pec implants? Someone please come get me and spirit me away to the most high I no longer think I can voluntarily live with all this that is celeb-whore-t'ing. Someone has to draw a line in the sand and I am doing it now right-damn-now. Pretty icky your group is the debil may you never ever ever sell another damn album in life you should be shame of yourself and for causing my ovaries to close up may them little pantie draws you were wearing draw up in the crack of your ass and get wegded there forever until they cut them off your ass!