Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Black men and their snow bunnies still irk the fuck out of me I don't think it would be such an issue if it wasn't constantly being thrown in black women faces that black men have moved on and they are no longer wanting us we got the fucking memo bitches thanks. The black men that go out of their way to date white women proudly squire these women around town, spend massive amounts of money on them, gladly procreate with these women, all the while grinning and showing all their pearly whites because they have finally in their minds acquired the ultimate prize a snow bunny.

In America when you get a bonafide snow bunny on your arm then it means one or two things you paid as hell or your dick is big as a toddlers arm. I don't care how you want to paint the picture nor how you want to dress it up and make it seem like its anything besides what it is. If it wasn't such a big deal to still get with a white woman then black men wouldn't be so amped to do the shit. They know it brings them attention and notoriety, sometimes even status and privilege if they get the right white woman. Sometimes she can even be trailer trash and they will just be happy to be with her because she is white! Even though it is done more in this day and age it is still that "when I reach that monetary mountain top I am going to plant my black flag in between the white cakes of some wheffah and then I am going to strut around town with her and flaunt her in black women faces because she is a trophy. Proof that your bank account is large and in charge and therefore you can afford a bonafide snow bunny in your bed." A snow bunny is the ultimate status symbol letting others around you know you have enough money in the back to keep a white woman with you.

I'm past the emotion of sadness, but there is still anger I also think the shit is ultra lame and if a black man wants to ditch black women altogether and go after his trophy snow bunny then so be it but please when the shit hits the fan and the bottom drops out in your life and your snow bunny hits the road don't come back to a black woman crying on her shoulder trying to get some solace just find you another snow bunny and keep it pushing and please don't even attempt to make eye contact on the streets while walking with your snow bunnies, don't attempt to say "what's up sista" don't even go out of your way to acknowledge me because I won't even see you. Just like you don't see me and its not malice its survival. I don't expect for a black man to sympathize with me or even understand what I write. Because to them coochie is coochie even if it is housed in a vanilla casing, and as always save that we are the world shit for someone else. If we weren't meant to see color or be different then we would have all come here looking the same way with the same pigment, features, and genetics. I don't subscribe to the melting pot theory I don't want to be melted down, meshed and spliced into something else that shit is bogus.