Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Riddle me this why does an African born model who speaks three languages and has a degree in fashion design and marketing have to take her clothes off just to get some where in the world. I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt until she opened her mouth and sounded vapid and shallow as hell. Because wearing diamonds, and staying in top notch hotel rooms that cater to the slutty and famous is what life is all about screw having some dignity and integrity some self respect (insert sarcasm) I won't say my exact thoughts on this because it will piss the world off, but mixed people are some strange creatures! Every last mixie I have ever met has just been royally screwed up mentally. Call it a generalization if you want but trying to live in two worlds, or trying to fit in but being pulled in two directions seems to cause them confusion so they just end up twisted and just weird. I haven't met a well adjusted well rounded mixie yet. I guess her next stop will be video vixen and then some arm candy for either a rapper, or basketball player. Instead of her the little bit of brains she has her claim to fame is now her booty, beauty, and titties and I'm sure she had to strut out some va-jay-jay as well. Shit is twisted it pays to be a woman alright just an exploited one, le-sigh.