Tuesday, May 12, 2009


You know when I saw this video the first thing that went through my mind is my often used phrase "The Devil thought he had me" courtesy of House of Payne. This video moved me so much I felt it was my sacred duty as one of the voices of our times to warn the young thugs in the community. I just want to say if you a dude and you going to jail and you going to be in there some years forget about it that booty bandit stuff is real! Especially if you a sexy, cute, handsome type thug they are going to have a field day wearing that ass out literally!!! If I was a criminal I would be scared straight in more ways then one tell all your male kin folks this is what will happen to you in prison! By the way all you dudes that just got out I do know about being "jail gay" y'all ain't fooling no one I see that gleam in your eye, now HOW YOU DOOOOOOOOIN!!!!