Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The act of procreation is not cut and dry and 1,2,3 as people want to believe we all know that sperm fertilizes the egg but there are so many other ends and outs to it that it truly is one of those "God is the artist so allow him to use his paint brush to create sort of things." I don't think a lot of people get that, people around here just procreating because they hot in the ass with no real thought to their actions and it's sad. Being able to reproduce life and bring forth something out of your womb is a miraculous event and the people that seem to do it the most are the most inept shouldn't ever have kids type people.

Case in point:

This scenario where a chick has multiple partners and the egg is fertilized by more than one person causing twins is a raw occurrence, chick even had nerve to say she wasn't going to tell the other father I'm thinking ummm trick you on television telling the world already Lord please deliver my people from themselves for they truly know not what they do! But think about how many trick bunnies walking around with one child who has in actuality more than two daddies! Meaning one egg fertilized numerous times chick just getting skeeted numerous times not even knowing she already knocked up and still raw dogging dudes, its more common than you think folks. The point of conception is pretty much a guesstimate we all know someone who be like I counted it up, and I was with (insert name here) last so he gotta be the father when in actually if she has multiple partners it could be any one of them or all of them could have fertilized the egg smh. Why do people persist in play Russian roulette with their bodies? In this day and age shame has gone out the window and Maury is like a rite of passage shit is all bad, what can I do...I'm just one person trying to cling to some kind of decency and moral code...