Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I think since the beginning of the Chrianna incident I have been trying to just point out obvious factors but this is flucking ridiculous now. All this crucifying the boy because he made one mistake is just asinine who wins in that situation? First and foremost he's young he's all of 19 years old. Who didn't make a mistake at 19 please raise your hand...I'll wait(crickets)exactly my point. Okay so he had a clear lapse of good judgment, and with the release of her photo, and name, with all the stories and speculation that continues to surround this case, and every move both of them make is continuously under a microscope I'm just so over it. Every other day is a story about what Rhianna is doing and how C. Brown has sunk into a depression and then all of a sudden everyone's domestic abuse stories are coming out and circulating in the media. The irony is everyone else just sort of fades back into oblivion but C.Brown's name is mud while Rhianna continues to party and bullshit, get gun tattoos and stories surface about her making ridiculous demands to C. Brown. Plus she is already back to her old behavior of making out with random Hollywood types in clubs, drinking, and staying out all hours of the night.

For her to be such a victim she sure is getting it in and continuing to live her life meanwhile C.Brown is losing endorsement deals, movies deals, bowing out of award shows, the peoples public court of opinion wants to smash and bury this young boy, stamp out his livelihood and turn him into the face of domestic violence. When in all honesty this is not the first case of domestic abuse and violence this country has ever seen, matter of fact husbands and boyfriends beat on their wives everyday of the week its sad but true. Right now someone is getting beaten up by their spouse or boyfriend, hell even women do it to their spouses. All of a sudden we are a nation that just discovered domestic abuse and violence? We act like this is a new type of animal that science has discovered. The problem is both of these people happen to be well know celebrities, in the public eye and therefore the public thinks that they own the rights to everything that goes on in these very public figures lives.

I think both of them still need counseling, I think both of them need to just cut their loses and move on because their relationship can never go back to the way it was there would be so much backlash against Rhianna that she could kiss her career goodbye I'm sure her people are already gearing up a huge public relations machine to take her to the next level using this situation as the catalyst to propel her into the ultimate champ who triumphed over her beastly attacker meanwhile C.Brown will have to get on food stamps and sing at the bus depot to earn enough money for bread. Meanwhile pedophiles who had sex with girls on tape get to walk around scott-free because its not all right to hit women but its quite okay to have sex with them even pee on them when they are underage that in peoples eyes is acceptable because what that happens everyday (insert ironic sarcasm). This was just bothering me but I shall refrain from posting on Chrianna anymore well at least I shall try had to get it out of my system.