Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dear YOU

Where do I even begin we hadn't talked in weeks and I was good with that especially since I had gotten over the initial way that YOU walked away from what could have been. YOU don't even know how much I wished at the time that we could have been something. I guess I had hung my hopes on YOU but YOU weren't meant for ME and US was never to be a reality and I had gotten over that fact and bounced back like round ball and I proceeded to keep it pushing and move on from the tragic happening that was YOU. I took for granted that you would feel some kind of remorse some kind of shame about YOURSELF but I was wrong. Apparently it was all my fault, apparently I do things that YOU just had no patience for, I do things that just turned YOU off, instead of having a conversation with me and pointing out said things or saying something about it YOU decided that being an asshole would be better.

So tonight YOU had the audacity to approach ME on yahoo messanger asking ME if we were still enemies when I was under the impression that there was nothing between us not even animosity just dead cold grey nothing which I had accepted and grew to appreciate. YOU couldn't leave it at that though YOU couldn't just leave well enough alone. And I must admit I took the opportunity to get feedback about the break down in our "situation" for lack of a better word. YOU then seized the moment and began to talk out the side of YOUR neck telling me that "YOU were willing to help ME work on MY issues" because YOU have none obviously and since YOU are skilled in the art of reading a person's character and blah, blah, blah, clearly the problems were all on ME never on YOU (insert sarcasm here). YOU also stated that there would have been no seeing each other, and that I was a closed individual, and that I wasn't in a position to be a girlfriend. Which I replied that you weren't boyfriend material either, and YOUR rebuttal was "in YOUR eyes, I'm not... but in a more appreciative eye, i am. you don't want to explore and experience. you'll be a WAY better person if you do..." Which I in turn replied with: "I'm sorry you're talking out your anus I am not as closed as you think lol explore and experience you have no idea but thanks for the insight I appreciate it Which caused YOU to say: its things like that, is why you're not in position... you think you know everything, and you give yourself a little too much lead way. you're lost on a WHOLE lot, but I'll continue to pray that you find your way. I'm sorry i allowed you to remind me why i walked away.

MY rebuttal: ya know what you don't even see me, and you certainly don't know me. you never did and it's fine that you walk away because obviously you weren't meant to be in my life. You can't define me and squeeze me into the box you want me to be in and you're very judgmental and please don't pray for me I don't need your brand of praying, hypocrites who live in glass houses need not pray for us poor misguided sinners

His final words: hahaha... aww, there she goes again

My Final words: so you need the last word as always I see type it now or hold your peace and just walk away, you're good at that its what you do best

Instead of being an adult about the situation instead of saying hey this is where we may run into a few snags or this is what I think you might need to work on if you want us to become a couple YOU did none of that shit instead you started talking to your "homegirl" more than usual, you started slowly distancing yourself instead of standing YOUR ground and talking to me, the person you had the issue with. The problem was YOU never took the time to actually talk to me, YOU talked at me, YOU asked me questions YOU might have even prayed for me but YOU forgot to actually talk to me. I got so caught up in YOU that I didn't see the bigger issues looming ahead. Silly me I was so swayed by your false sincerity that I lost all my good judgment until YOU showed YOUR true nature even when YOU were shadier than a palm tree I was still trying my damndest to just ride it out. But YOU are right I'm not the one for YOU I would have to worship YOU more than YOU worship YOURSELF and MY GOD is a jealous one he said thou shalt not worship false idols and YOU my most current mistake were false all the way through and full of shit as well. I don't wish you any ill will at all I wish that YOU would simply grow up and realize that YOU are not the authority on all things relationship wise. YOU NEVER took the chance to know me, YOU never even gave me a real chance to fully get to where I was comfortable with YOU but that works out in my favor and I thank YOU for letting YOUR true nature shine through. But YOU did help me correct one mistake and that mistake was giving YOU the benefit of my doubt once again, so thank YOU because this lesson was all about me and I learned it well so please give YOURSELF a pat on the back for a job well done.

Next time YOU are tempted to talk to me on messanger again remember our last conversation and just skip the impulse...

BTW I love this song get it Ci-Ci you did this...hawtness!