Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's amazing how when you talk to a dude who claims to be into bbw's, big women, ssbbw's etc, they come with all of these preconceived notions, and/or just plain ignorant half baked truths that they have picked up from others and made up themselves over the years. I've heard so many crazy myths, and sayings about women who are part of the bbw community its not even funny. I rarely touch on this subject because for any woman whether skinny or fat weight is always an issue, ALWAYS! But again I felt it was my duty to break some things down for the ignorant out there. So let's begin class is now in session.

1. Not all big women are created equal! Let that sink in for a minute...okay if you met one big woman and she was a freak the next one might not be. You can't approach all big women the same and assume that because the last chick was a slore* that doesn't mean the next one will be.

2. Not all big women are like mammies we don't all bake, like to cook, nor do we all smell like food. That is a wrong perceived notion and needs to be stamped out immediately.

3. Genetics, environment, feelings, even medical issues can play a part in whether a person is overweight it's not just because a person is a glutton you can't make that snap judgment for all people, but that is the main perception outsiders looking into the overweight community assess which seems to make it okay to single individuals out for judgments and abuse.

4. Not all big women are nice and generous, not all big women will bend over backwards to get/or keep a man. Some women will do that big or small it is not strictly a big woman trait that shit is foolhardy to even think it.

5. Most big women have low self esteem therefore they are easier to get into bed and will have sex with you sometimes right away, because they are less picky when it comes to partners, and because they won't place any demands on you because they will be happy to just get some loving, have male attention, and will be afraid to be demanding because they don't want to be alone. Again WRONG! While I have heard this one in particular for most of my life its not true for all big women. This right here is the most commonly preached myth about big women. Some big women do suffer from low self esteem and a low self image, which is not surprising in a society that has a billion dollar weight loss industry. Every other ad on television, in a magazine, even shows about losing weight, being thin, scare tactics, telling you that if you don't lose weight immediately you will come down with all kinds of aliments and your quality of life will be hindered. Now by all means exercise, try and eat right, and get regular check ups, but don't be obsessed about it, nor should you stop your life until you become your ideal weight keep living and embrace life no matter what size you are. Everyone should be choosy about whom they are sleeping with big or small AIDS is real and it kills with no regard to weight, or person!

6. You can't think too much of yourself, have pride in yourself, be choosy, have an attitude, or go hard on stupid dudes who come at you sideways. BIGGEST big girl myth to date just because you don't fall for every dumb ass line, because you don't fall down and worship at the feet of some random guy who pays you some attention doesn't make you bitch of the year. It's okay to have standards, its okay to know your self worth and its more than okay to not settle for less than what you deserve. No one is setting standards anymore so when you come across a woman who has standards its like culture shock, but men know that what another won't do another will they don't even stick around when they perceive a woman as being "hard" to get to know or deal with. That's just a double fail for everyone involved.

7. Telling a big women that she is acting like she's a skinny woman, meaning a big woman is thinking too highly of herself and she needs to readdress her thinking and ways because her options and choices are limited because of her weight! Meaning she should be grateful for the little bit of attention she is being shown and therefore go along with the program. If she doesn't go along with the program she is then brow beaten because she does know her self worth. Women since Eve have been treated like 2nd class citizens, and its always been White women first then other races of women hell black men do that shit in a heartbeat these days choose other over a sista. The funny part is a black man will date a fat woman whom is of another race in a heartbeat but frown down his nose at a black women who is overweight but more put together who has more class,dignity, and style than any of the trailer trash dump truck barbies he will marry and upgrade from out of the trailer park and have kids with, but I guess it's all in the name of progress right...anywho pass this around the world and let these dummies know not all big girls are painted with the same brush no woman is it's like saying all men are the same!