Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Fresh video off the block, Keri Hilson is getting her video's in her album comes out tomorrow FINALLY, after how many singles off of it. I don't want to bias your opinion so check the album out and if you like it buy it. I love how the boys in the industry are now video divo's I love it. I say use more of em maybe then we will see less ass shaking and degradation...well I can dream. Check out Shaffer he is really starting to show his age...in his twenties my aunt flo-rida!

Her latest video offering:

I love Ms. Hilson's style she is glam but still the girl next door she's not overly sexy but just enough so that it's natural. I like her voice as well and I have enjoyed her videos and songs tremendously!

Check her site out and HERE and like I said if you are a fan of Ms. Hilson make it happen.