Monday, March 23, 2009


Ya know the dating in southern Cali post I write are really meant to help women not fall for the new dumb that is currently masking itself as what's hot in the streets. Ladies I always say please don't throw your pearls before swine. Just because you are getting older, or may be lonely, or want children its just really no reason to settle for the bullshit that is dating these days. It needs to stop if no one has standards we all suffer. IF more women said hell no that is not acceptable to me and I'm not going to deal with your trifling ass then these men would have to either get it together or be by their damn selves. But because women outnumber men and because it's some silly bitches* out here just taking any ole bullshit we all have to suffer. Now with that said I want to talk about one particular kind of man that I don't believe I have ever had to touch on until now. This particular man is the most dangerous kind and if you ever encounter him you should run fast and hard in the opposite direction save your life and anyone else's life that is even remotely interested in him.

This particular man is called the "I AIN'T GETTING TESTED, BECAUSE I'M CLEAN TAKE MY WORD FOR IT MAN!"

First and foremost let's go with a man that I casually ran across on blackplanet, now before you start up with see you shouldn't be on there looking for men, please believe me when I say I am not on blackplanet looking for men. Blackplanet is a breeding ground for the worst common denominator there is. Majority of the men on there are warped and damaged in some way, shape, or form and it manifest in their lives the minute you even hold a conversation with them. It didn't used to be so bad when bp first came about but now (shudders) its all bad, and that is sad because I'm sure blackplanet didn't start out as the booty spot. I truly think it was made for people to network in a positive way not in a can we meet and FUCK have relations type spot.

Anyways on with the story I like browsing websites it gives you insight into a persons personality, it shows their creative side, I discover different music artist, hear different songs, matter of fact if it wasn't for a blackplanet page I wouldn't have discovered that JANELLE MONAE is the business and my kind of artist times 1000 she has a distinctive sound and she is actually talking about something in her songs I am and will always be a lyrics type person. More on her later, anywho so on my many random looking at peoples pages on blackplanet I came across this particular dudes page I read his little personal message and he SEEMED sane I though hmmm maybe just maybe this person might be valuable possibly have some knowledge hell he might know someone that I might need to meet, you never know anyway so I sent him a friends request wasn't expecting any kind of big to-do about it. People send friends request all the time to get their numbers up or to promote their products, so I figure why not me as well. At the end of the day Blackplanet is still a networking site, so dude sends me back a message like:


So I read the note and I'm like what? Simple note but color me confused so I was like ummm alright took me a whole day to process it. Matter of fact I sent him a note back like, Interested in what? Plus he didn't even leave a name, so after much deliberation I called the number left a very brief message he called me back today early in the morning 7:15am to be exact. Since I had to get up anyway I took the call, everything is cool he sounds relatively sane which surprises me because blackplanet men = damaged goods, and then the other shoe dropped. We hit the rocky shores of the inevitable S.E.X. discussion.

Okay now here is where it starts to get crazy as hell, we're talking I share with him that I haven't been breaking off cookie for a minute a good long minute, to which he replies you must have coochie cobwebs....I'm like whatever dude, so we talking more he shares how long he has been abstaining, we talk more I then say that in order for me to feel comfortable engaging with a dude in a sexual manner I would suggest that both of us get tested together. Dude flips out going on and on about me trying to control a relationship, and blah blah blah, yada-yada-yada. He just fired up and from that point on since I spoke on testing he's jumping down my throat like a sky diver. I really can't get a word in edgewise he pressing me for answers like I'm on trial. While all this is going on I'm stunned into silence like I've been stung by a sting ray. He then says that's like asking a guy to prove themselves without me proving myself, and he did all his proving in college and that he shouldn't have to prove himself, and I should be able to take him on his word. I just listened all the time in my mind thinking I'm going to hang up on this mofo soon because by this time I'm pissed off and I could be sleeping or washing clothes hell even watching my toe nails grow, finally this loony fucker says ya know what we should just end this conversation and that's all I needed to hear him say I'm sure he was saying something else but I pressed my end button and mentally unwound and then went to sleep.

Anytime you get a man that vehemently opposed to taking an AIDS test even casually brought up in the first conversation and he flips out about it, that is a RED FLAG run like hell. Block that mofo, erase him from your mind he's dangerous he's got something he's hiding if he has to do all that protesting acting as if he is Dracula and you asked to kiss him with garlic on your breath. RUN. LIKE. HELL.

*Just like there are simple men there are simple women and some of y'all are simply simple bitches hence the term simple bitches!