Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Spring is in the air and I can tell from the boo'ed up twits on twitter to the men and women putting out their finest bait to snag a shorty its that time and then some. I don't know what it is about this particular spring but I seem so very hyper aware of all the desire to be coupled up. While I recognize that this is part of human nature somethings are still not acceptable and I wouldn't be me without running those things down. With the advance of technology and people building online communities left and right meeting someone on the internet and dating them is not that big of a stretch and if you are still one of those people who are closet internet daters come on out the closet it's 2009.

1. Yes for many Blackplanet is like the local club in your city, your town usa. Some have even compared it to MIDNIGHT BOOTY CALL for example anytime that you hit up a young woman that you don't know and then proceed to ask her to meet you at 1am in the morning and get mad and disgusted when she doesn't that doesn't make you a good man even if in your mind you deem yourself to be one in actuality it makes you weird and possibly a rapist.

2. Another no-no is the call a chick once describe your weird wants body wise, while proceeding to badger said chick on while she is single, then proceed to tell her that you aren't involved because you're too busy and you don't do long distance relationships, so basically you shouldn't be hitting chicks up you should get a blow up doll to satisfy your sexual needs. Next time just put everything in a note that way you give people the option to ignore you for being a waste of time, stop pretending to be normal saving up your weirdness for the phone call damn.

3. the dude who adds finds you and adds you on every social network site you both are on and he has never ever even met you and then proceeds to send you notes on all networking sites saying basically the same thing, trying to break you down so that you will hang out with/call/be his chick not even in that order, so much so that sometimes you find yourself wanting to give in but then you take another look at him and your mind quickly changes back to its original decision.

4. The I just moved here and I'm looking for friends dude, who makes plans to come meet you but can't come before night time even though daylight savings is now over. Who has more than one kid, still live with his momma and nem and his car is always in the shop...needless to say pass and run.

5. The I'm from the south out here in cali looking for a better opportunity/came to take care of a elderly family member, but I am a ex-con who has more than one baby momma, and in your own admission each time you have made a baby you have magically fell out of love with the baby momma. For real dude and you can't understand why a chick wouldn't want to take her chances with you.

6. The I am a full time dad who's wishy washy about what he wants, claims he wants a woman with swagger, claims he can work you with his man sausage but when it comes time for follow through he has none he can't even lift a finger to make a phone call basically talker who loves to hear/see his words because at the end of the day it's still just recreation for him a kid playing online, but has the nerve to say that you are being difficult because you won't fall for the okie-doke hook line and sinker.

7. last but not freaking least the African's who have gotten hip to putting united states cities and states instead of where they really online communicating from, all the same messages about how they half-African and something else how they was raised in the states but are in Africa taking care of a sick parent, how they would love to get to know you better because you are the one for them because you are so beautiful that shit drives me up the wall how many damn times do I have to report y'all asses as spam get on outta here with that shit. You not fooling nobody with all them sentences not making sense and misspelled words, and words used in the wrong context I'm starting to believe that Africa doesn't need any help cause it's way to many of y'all on blackplanet, and myspace.

8. married men/swingers/pimps/porn producers dudes that have wives but they are into the extra freaky lifestyle. Who have kids, and a wife but still want to bring other women into the bedroom, running that tired game about how his wife is bi-curious and they want to recruit you into the bedroom and since it's an economy y'all can all help each other out...yea they getting real creative with the new dumbness these days. Then when you shut em down they get extra mad and start popping off about how you are going to be single forever because you won't give their whole scenario a try...le-sigh.

9. last but not least ninja's with less than what you got but they steadily thinking they the shit because they been with witches who overlook that shit and except it. Coming at you sideways telling you that you should be grateful for their presence and what they have to offer which is hard dick and bubblegum minus the bubblegum smh. Then wanting to run down why you can't get a man, and what you need to do to get a man because they see the flaws they perceive you as having and since they are perfect because they have been serving dick to every other chick having sex with so many until they have lost count this has some how enlightened them and put them in the position to correct your perceived shortcomings some may even go so far as to pray for you! The audacity of some ninja's is beyond compare, smh.

From now on I will be putting on blast all the foolishness that is coming my ring the alarm and put it out on the wire because this shit needs to stop ASAP!