Monday, March 09, 2009


Act like a Lady, Think like a's so funny how when a woman tells another woman something she doesn't listen to her but if a man says the same information to her then it becomes the gospel truth.

People in general have a backwards sort of mentality...something that works against our very nature. We want what's not good for us, we make the wrong things priorities and we neglect what's important.

All too often we women especially feed into what the media says about men, we begin to ingest theses half-truths and swallow it whole feeding our fears and allowing it to control us. We wage war with men, we constantly tell them we INDEPENDENT thus we can do it all we only need you to supply us with penis and sperm and then if that's not working out we go Octomom on that ass.

Let me share something to whomever stumbles across this blog...Jada Pinkett Smith is married. Angela bassett is married. Beyaki is married and got y'all looking straight foolish in the club and while riding around in your cars singing if you liked it then you should'a put a ring on it. First and foremost if they only like it they sleep with it, now if they LOVE YOU then they put a ring on it know the freaking difference. Some of y'all just not marriage material... You can't emulate Beyaki because you simply will fail each and every time she isn't even a good role model for petes sake but I digress.

I keep saying we are living backwards in reverse, we valuing the wrong things, we give attention to the wrong shit. If you want adverse behavior to go away you don't feed it attention you correct it then you proceed to ignore it since that wasn't done we now have "celeb"-reality shows but I digress again. I think that Steve Harvey is very knowledgeable and he tells it like it is with no chaser if you don't want to listen to me then I suggest you listen to the Kang of comedy instead...maybe you will take it better from Steve Harvey