Tuesday, March 31, 2009



I think since the beginning of the Chrianna incident I have been trying to just point out obvious factors but this is flucking ridiculous now. All this crucifying the boy because he made one mistake is just asinine who wins in that situation? First and foremost he's young he's all of 19 years old. Who didn't make a mistake at 19 please raise your hand...I'll wait(crickets)exactly my point. Okay so he had a clear lapse of good judgment, and with the release of her photo, and name, with all the stories and speculation that continues to surround this case, and every move both of them make is continuously under a microscope I'm just so over it. Every other day is a story about what Rhianna is doing and how C. Brown has sunk into a depression and then all of a sudden everyone's domestic abuse stories are coming out and circulating in the media. The irony is everyone else just sort of fades back into oblivion but C.Brown's name is mud while Rhianna continues to party and bullshit, get gun tattoos and stories surface about her making ridiculous demands to C. Brown. Plus she is already back to her old behavior of making out with random Hollywood types in clubs, drinking, and staying out all hours of the night.

For her to be such a victim she sure is getting it in and continuing to live her life meanwhile C.Brown is losing endorsement deals, movies deals, bowing out of award shows, the peoples public court of opinion wants to smash and bury this young boy, stamp out his livelihood and turn him into the face of domestic violence. When in all honesty this is not the first case of domestic abuse and violence this country has ever seen, matter of fact husbands and boyfriends beat on their wives everyday of the week its sad but true. Right now someone is getting beaten up by their spouse or boyfriend, hell even women do it to their spouses. All of a sudden we are a nation that just discovered domestic abuse and violence? We act like this is a new type of animal that science has discovered. The problem is both of these people happen to be well know celebrities, in the public eye and therefore the public thinks that they own the rights to everything that goes on in these very public figures lives.

I think both of them still need counseling, I think both of them need to just cut their loses and move on because their relationship can never go back to the way it was there would be so much backlash against Rhianna that she could kiss her career goodbye I'm sure her people are already gearing up a huge public relations machine to take her to the next level using this situation as the catalyst to propel her into the ultimate champ who triumphed over her beastly attacker meanwhile C.Brown will have to get on food stamps and sing at the bus depot to earn enough money for bread. Meanwhile pedophiles who had sex with girls on tape get to walk around scott-free because its not all right to hit women but its quite okay to have sex with them even pee on them when they are underage that in peoples eyes is acceptable because what that happens everyday (insert ironic sarcasm). This was just bothering me but I shall refrain from posting on Chrianna anymore well at least I shall try had to get it out of my system. Read more...

Monday, March 30, 2009



The only member out of them destiny's children that I stan for Ms. Luckett was always the prettiest one to me and it's such a testament when you try and stamp people out and take things from them but they don't stay down they get back up and become successful. I think she is a perfect example of grace in the face of adversity, she's sweet and I always identified with her unlike SWSNBN'ED. I always root for the underdogs and the least popular...its my contrary nature what can I say.




This is what happens when SWSNBN* overtakes the world and is allowed to run rampant and unchecked amongst the airwaves it results in widespread hero worship, idolatry, and fuckery. Youtube is littered with the SWSNBN'ED videos left and right and then you have Tyra egging the shit on...for real america this is what we do in our past time is everyone on SWSNBN'ED fake backside like that! I can't but y'all do so enjoy the fuckery.

I just need to know two things, 1st thing where did he get his dance leotard from and where can I find that at and 2nd is it a pull on or a snap between the legs joint. If those two questions could get answered right there my life would be fulfilled well at least for today, enjoy your dose of Monday's finest faux diva style.

*She who shall not be named

Saturday, March 28, 2009



Okay so last year I was guilty of abusing the word Cupcaking that's my word it's a cute way of labeling all things couples do whilst together. The word is big in the bay apparently, as a matter of fact its big enough to have its own video. I understand ninjas be on their music grind but homie in this video is giving me so much earnest I want to hit him with a bag of cupcakes and then steal his caddy ext. This video is strictly a homie by homie production and since it stole a little piece of my soul it should take a some of yours away as well enjoy!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Sometimes people get religious about their love of celebrities that's called false idol worship! I believe that their is a cult of beyonce and I believe that the people that are blindly devoted to her need an intervention and shock therapy! Many will go to great lengths to idolize SWSNBN and its bizarre and scary and sad and funny. I think there should be a medical definition made up about the people who drink the kool-aide of worship behind beyaki and her legion. It's no secret that I don't think she is the greatest she is a work horse bred to work and she works hard but is she the definitive answer to female singers and entertainers fuck no and I stand behind that statement with everything in me! I digress some of yaki's obsessive fans taking it to the Nth letter of loony.

This one is pure comedy luvs it!

I'm sure there are dozens of videos on the worship of beyaki...you know where and how to find them if you need more and I'm sure I'm going to be called a hater because I don't worship her or her efforts so be it someone has to see the truth guess that shall be me. Read more...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



It's amazing how when you talk to a dude who claims to be into bbw's, big women, ssbbw's etc, they come with all of these preconceived notions, and/or just plain ignorant half baked truths that they have picked up from others and made up themselves over the years. I've heard so many crazy myths, and sayings about women who are part of the bbw community its not even funny. I rarely touch on this subject because for any woman whether skinny or fat weight is always an issue, ALWAYS! But again I felt it was my duty to break some things down for the ignorant out there. So let's begin class is now in session.

1. Not all big women are created equal! Let that sink in for a minute...okay if you met one big woman and she was a freak the next one might not be. You can't approach all big women the same and assume that because the last chick was a slore* that doesn't mean the next one will be.

2. Not all big women are like mammies we don't all bake, like to cook, nor do we all smell like food. That is a wrong perceived notion and needs to be stamped out immediately.

3. Genetics, environment, feelings, even medical issues can play a part in whether a person is overweight it's not just because a person is a glutton you can't make that snap judgment for all people, but that is the main perception outsiders looking into the overweight community assess which seems to make it okay to single individuals out for judgments and abuse.

4. Not all big women are nice and generous, not all big women will bend over backwards to get/or keep a man. Some women will do that big or small it is not strictly a big woman trait that shit is foolhardy to even think it.

5. Most big women have low self esteem therefore they are easier to get into bed and will have sex with you sometimes right away, because they are less picky when it comes to partners, and because they won't place any demands on you because they will be happy to just get some loving, have male attention, and will be afraid to be demanding because they don't want to be alone. Again WRONG! While I have heard this one in particular for most of my life its not true for all big women. This right here is the most commonly preached myth about big women. Some big women do suffer from low self esteem and a low self image, which is not surprising in a society that has a billion dollar weight loss industry. Every other ad on television, in a magazine, even shows about losing weight, being thin, scare tactics, telling you that if you don't lose weight immediately you will come down with all kinds of aliments and your quality of life will be hindered. Now by all means exercise, try and eat right, and get regular check ups, but don't be obsessed about it, nor should you stop your life until you become your ideal weight keep living and embrace life no matter what size you are. Everyone should be choosy about whom they are sleeping with big or small AIDS is real and it kills with no regard to weight, or person!

6. You can't think too much of yourself, have pride in yourself, be choosy, have an attitude, or go hard on stupid dudes who come at you sideways. BIGGEST big girl myth to date just because you don't fall for every dumb ass line, because you don't fall down and worship at the feet of some random guy who pays you some attention doesn't make you bitch of the year. It's okay to have standards, its okay to know your self worth and its more than okay to not settle for less than what you deserve. No one is setting standards anymore so when you come across a woman who has standards its like culture shock, but men know that what another won't do another will they don't even stick around when they perceive a woman as being "hard" to get to know or deal with. That's just a double fail for everyone involved.

7. Telling a big women that she is acting like she's a skinny woman, meaning a big woman is thinking too highly of herself and she needs to readdress her thinking and ways because her options and choices are limited because of her weight! Meaning she should be grateful for the little bit of attention she is being shown and therefore go along with the program. If she doesn't go along with the program she is then brow beaten because she does know her self worth. Women since Eve have been treated like 2nd class citizens, and its always been White women first then other races of women hell black men do that shit in a heartbeat these days choose other over a sista. The funny part is a black man will date a fat woman whom is of another race in a heartbeat but frown down his nose at a black women who is overweight but more put together who has more class,dignity, and style than any of the trailer trash dump truck barbies he will marry and upgrade from out of the trailer park and have kids with, but I guess it's all in the name of progress right...anywho pass this around the world and let these dummies know not all big girls are painted with the same brush no woman is it's like saying all men are the same!




Fresh video off the block, Keri Hilson is getting her video's in her album comes out tomorrow FINALLY, after how many singles off of it. I don't want to bias your opinion so check the album out and if you like it buy it. I love how the boys in the industry are now video divo's I love it. I say use more of em maybe then we will see less ass shaking and degradation...well I can dream. Check out Shaffer he is really starting to show his age...in his twenties my aunt flo-rida!

Her latest video offering:

I love Ms. Hilson's style she is glam but still the girl next door she's not overly sexy but just enough so that it's natural. I like her voice as well and I have enjoyed her videos and songs tremendously!

Check her site out and HERE and like I said if you are a fan of Ms. Hilson make it happen. Read more...

Monday, March 23, 2009



Ya know the dating in southern Cali post I write are really meant to help women not fall for the new dumb that is currently masking itself as what's hot in the streets. Ladies I always say please don't throw your pearls before swine. Just because you are getting older, or may be lonely, or want children its just really no reason to settle for the bullshit that is dating these days. It needs to stop if no one has standards we all suffer. IF more women said hell no that is not acceptable to me and I'm not going to deal with your trifling ass then these men would have to either get it together or be by their damn selves. But because women outnumber men and because it's some silly bitches* out here just taking any ole bullshit we all have to suffer. Now with that said I want to talk about one particular kind of man that I don't believe I have ever had to touch on until now. This particular man is the most dangerous kind and if you ever encounter him you should run fast and hard in the opposite direction save your life and anyone else's life that is even remotely interested in him.

This particular man is called the "I AIN'T GETTING TESTED, BECAUSE I'M CLEAN TAKE MY WORD FOR IT MAN!"

First and foremost let's go with a man that I casually ran across on blackplanet, now before you start up with see you shouldn't be on there looking for men, please believe me when I say I am not on blackplanet looking for men. Blackplanet is a breeding ground for the worst common denominator there is. Majority of the men on there are warped and damaged in some way, shape, or form and it manifest in their lives the minute you even hold a conversation with them. It didn't used to be so bad when bp first came about but now (shudders) its all bad, and that is sad because I'm sure blackplanet didn't start out as the booty spot. I truly think it was made for people to network in a positive way not in a can we meet and FUCK have relations type spot.

Anyways on with the story I like browsing websites it gives you insight into a persons personality, it shows their creative side, I discover different music artist, hear different songs, matter of fact if it wasn't for a blackplanet page I wouldn't have discovered that JANELLE MONAE is the business and my kind of artist times 1000 she has a distinctive sound and she is actually talking about something in her songs I am and will always be a lyrics type person. More on her later, anywho so on my many random looking at peoples pages on blackplanet I came across this particular dudes page I read his little personal message and he SEEMED sane I though hmmm maybe just maybe this person might be valuable possibly have some knowledge hell he might know someone that I might need to meet, you never know anyway so I sent him a friends request wasn't expecting any kind of big to-do about it. People send friends request all the time to get their numbers up or to promote their products, so I figure why not me as well. At the end of the day Blackplanet is still a networking site, so dude sends me back a message like:


So I read the note and I'm like what? Simple note but color me confused so I was like ummm alright took me a whole day to process it. Matter of fact I sent him a note back like, Interested in what? Plus he didn't even leave a name, so after much deliberation I called the number left a very brief message he called me back today early in the morning 7:15am to be exact. Since I had to get up anyway I took the call, everything is cool he sounds relatively sane which surprises me because blackplanet men = damaged goods, and then the other shoe dropped. We hit the rocky shores of the inevitable S.E.X. discussion.

Okay now here is where it starts to get crazy as hell, we're talking I share with him that I haven't been breaking off cookie for a minute a good long minute, to which he replies you must have coochie cobwebs....I'm like whatever dude, so we talking more he shares how long he has been abstaining, we talk more I then say that in order for me to feel comfortable engaging with a dude in a sexual manner I would suggest that both of us get tested together. Dude flips out going on and on about me trying to control a relationship, and blah blah blah, yada-yada-yada. He just fired up and from that point on since I spoke on testing he's jumping down my throat like a sky diver. I really can't get a word in edgewise he pressing me for answers like I'm on trial. While all this is going on I'm stunned into silence like I've been stung by a sting ray. He then says that's like asking a guy to prove themselves without me proving myself, and he did all his proving in college and that he shouldn't have to prove himself, and I should be able to take him on his word. I just listened all the time in my mind thinking I'm going to hang up on this mofo soon because by this time I'm pissed off and I could be sleeping or washing clothes hell even watching my toe nails grow, finally this loony fucker says ya know what we should just end this conversation and that's all I needed to hear him say I'm sure he was saying something else but I pressed my end button and mentally unwound and then went to sleep.

Anytime you get a man that vehemently opposed to taking an AIDS test even casually brought up in the first conversation and he flips out about it, that is a RED FLAG run like hell. Block that mofo, erase him from your mind he's dangerous he's got something he's hiding if he has to do all that protesting acting as if he is Dracula and you asked to kiss him with garlic on your breath. RUN. LIKE. HELL.

*Just like there are simple men there are simple women and some of y'all are simply simple bitches hence the term simple bitches! Read more...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Spring is in the air and I can tell from the boo'ed up twits on twitter to the men and women putting out their finest bait to snag a shorty its that time and then some. I don't know what it is about this particular spring but I seem so very hyper aware of all the desire to be coupled up. While I recognize that this is part of human nature somethings are still not acceptable and I wouldn't be me without running those things down. With the advance of technology and people building online communities left and right meeting someone on the internet and dating them is not that big of a stretch and if you are still one of those people who are closet internet daters come on out the closet it's 2009.

1. Yes for many Blackplanet is like the local club in your city, your town usa. Some have even compared it to MIDNIGHT BOOTY CALL for example anytime that you hit up a young woman that you don't know and then proceed to ask her to meet you at 1am in the morning and get mad and disgusted when she doesn't that doesn't make you a good man even if in your mind you deem yourself to be one in actuality it makes you weird and possibly a rapist.

2. Another no-no is the call a chick once describe your weird wants body wise, while proceeding to badger said chick on while she is single, then proceed to tell her that you aren't involved because you're too busy and you don't do long distance relationships, so basically you shouldn't be hitting chicks up you should get a blow up doll to satisfy your sexual needs. Next time just put everything in a note that way you give people the option to ignore you for being a waste of time, stop pretending to be normal saving up your weirdness for the phone call damn.

3. the dude who adds finds you and adds you on every social network site you both are on and he has never ever even met you and then proceeds to send you notes on all networking sites saying basically the same thing, trying to break you down so that you will hang out with/call/be his chick not even in that order, so much so that sometimes you find yourself wanting to give in but then you take another look at him and your mind quickly changes back to its original decision.

4. The I just moved here and I'm looking for friends dude, who makes plans to come meet you but can't come before night time even though daylight savings is now over. Who has more than one kid, still live with his momma and nem and his car is always in the shop...needless to say pass and run.

5. The I'm from the south out here in cali looking for a better opportunity/came to take care of a elderly family member, but I am a ex-con who has more than one baby momma, and in your own admission each time you have made a baby you have magically fell out of love with the baby momma. For real dude and you can't understand why a chick wouldn't want to take her chances with you.

6. The I am a full time dad who's wishy washy about what he wants, claims he wants a woman with swagger, claims he can work you with his man sausage but when it comes time for follow through he has none he can't even lift a finger to make a phone call basically talker who loves to hear/see his words because at the end of the day it's still just recreation for him a kid playing online, but has the nerve to say that you are being difficult because you won't fall for the okie-doke hook line and sinker.

7. last but not freaking least the African's who have gotten hip to putting united states cities and states instead of where they really online communicating from, all the same messages about how they half-African and something else how they was raised in the states but are in Africa taking care of a sick parent, how they would love to get to know you better because you are the one for them because you are so beautiful that shit drives me up the wall how many damn times do I have to report y'all asses as spam get on outta here with that shit. You not fooling nobody with all them sentences not making sense and misspelled words, and words used in the wrong context I'm starting to believe that Africa doesn't need any help cause it's way to many of y'all on blackplanet, and myspace.

8. married men/swingers/pimps/porn producers dudes that have wives but they are into the extra freaky lifestyle. Who have kids, and a wife but still want to bring other women into the bedroom, running that tired game about how his wife is bi-curious and they want to recruit you into the bedroom and since it's an economy y'all can all help each other out...yea they getting real creative with the new dumbness these days. Then when you shut em down they get extra mad and start popping off about how you are going to be single forever because you won't give their whole scenario a try...le-sigh.

9. last but not least ninja's with less than what you got but they steadily thinking they the shit because they been with witches who overlook that shit and except it. Coming at you sideways telling you that you should be grateful for their presence and what they have to offer which is hard dick and bubblegum minus the bubblegum smh. Then wanting to run down why you can't get a man, and what you need to do to get a man because they see the flaws they perceive you as having and since they are perfect because they have been serving dick to every other chick having sex with so many until they have lost count this has some how enlightened them and put them in the position to correct your perceived shortcomings some may even go so far as to pray for you! The audacity of some ninja's is beyond compare, smh.

From now on I will be putting on blast all the foolishness that is coming my way...so ring the alarm and put it out on the wire because this shit needs to stop ASAP! Read more...

Thursday, March 12, 2009



It's been awhile since I have been impressed by videos most videos are boring and have the same concepts you've seen one then you've seen them all...but every once awhile someone will come with a new fresh concept or just a fresh new spin on the same old dry concept and I can appreciate that so therefore these two videos are the business.

First up is Keri Hilson now I have liked all her videos thus far but this one is so relate able she is not glamed up, she is just a regular girl jonesing on a guy and we all know how that feels I think the video does what it's supposed to do and it does it well. So I appreciated the video tremendously, who would have thought that Kanye would be someones video vixen LOL.

Next we have Latoya Luckett's video first off if her 2nd album is coming with bangers like this I might have to see if I can scrape up some money to cop it. The whole concept with the old school nostalgic look and everything I dig that, that's when it was about talent and music not ring tones and flash if you didn't have talent then you weren't a hit! Artist had to work a lot harder and be original back then but I digress peep lance gross being latoya's video vixen luvs it! Personally I always thought that Latoya was the prettiest one in Destiny's children but anyways I see progress in her singing and in her music so I can't wait 2 preview her new album.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Dear YOU

Where do I even begin we hadn't talked in weeks and I was good with that especially since I had gotten over the initial way that YOU walked away from what could have been. YOU don't even know how much I wished at the time that we could have been something. I guess I had hung my hopes on YOU but YOU weren't meant for ME and US was never to be a reality and I had gotten over that fact and bounced back like round ball and I proceeded to keep it pushing and move on from the tragic happening that was YOU. I took for granted that you would feel some kind of remorse some kind of shame about YOURSELF but I was wrong. Apparently it was all my fault, apparently I do things that YOU just had no patience for, I do things that just turned YOU off, instead of having a conversation with me and pointing out said things or saying something about it YOU decided that being an asshole would be better.

So tonight YOU had the audacity to approach ME on yahoo messanger asking ME if we were still enemies when I was under the impression that there was nothing between us not even animosity just dead cold grey nothing which I had accepted and grew to appreciate. YOU couldn't leave it at that though YOU couldn't just leave well enough alone. And I must admit I took the opportunity to get feedback about the break down in our "situation" for lack of a better word. YOU then seized the moment and began to talk out the side of YOUR neck telling me that "YOU were willing to help ME work on MY issues" because YOU have none obviously and since YOU are skilled in the art of reading a person's character and blah, blah, blah, clearly the problems were all on ME never on YOU (insert sarcasm here). YOU also stated that there would have been no seeing each other, and that I was a closed individual, and that I wasn't in a position to be a girlfriend. Which I replied that you weren't boyfriend material either, and YOUR rebuttal was "in YOUR eyes, I'm not... but in a more appreciative eye, i am. you don't want to explore and experience. you'll be a WAY better person if you do..." Which I in turn replied with: "I'm sorry you're talking out your anus I am not as closed as you think lol explore and experience you have no idea but thanks for the insight I appreciate it Which caused YOU to say: its things like that, is why you're not in position... you think you know everything, and you give yourself a little too much lead way. you're lost on a WHOLE lot, but I'll continue to pray that you find your way. I'm sorry i allowed you to remind me why i walked away.

MY rebuttal: ya know what you don't even see me, and you certainly don't know me. you never did and it's fine that you walk away because obviously you weren't meant to be in my life. You can't define me and squeeze me into the box you want me to be in and you're very judgmental and please don't pray for me I don't need your brand of praying, hypocrites who live in glass houses need not pray for us poor misguided sinners

His final words: hahaha... aww, there she goes again

My Final words: so you need the last word as always I see type it now or hold your peace and just walk away, you're good at that its what you do best

Instead of being an adult about the situation instead of saying hey this is where we may run into a few snags or this is what I think you might need to work on if you want us to become a couple YOU did none of that shit instead you started talking to your "homegirl" more than usual, you started slowly distancing yourself instead of standing YOUR ground and talking to me, the person you had the issue with. The problem was YOU never took the time to actually talk to me, YOU talked at me, YOU asked me questions YOU might have even prayed for me but YOU forgot to actually talk to me. I got so caught up in YOU that I didn't see the bigger issues looming ahead. Silly me I was so swayed by your false sincerity that I lost all my good judgment until YOU showed YOUR true nature even when YOU were shadier than a palm tree I was still trying my damndest to just ride it out. But YOU are right I'm not the one for YOU I would have to worship YOU more than YOU worship YOURSELF and MY GOD is a jealous one he said thou shalt not worship false idols and YOU my most current mistake were false all the way through and full of shit as well. I don't wish you any ill will at all I wish that YOU would simply grow up and realize that YOU are not the authority on all things relationship wise. YOU NEVER took the chance to know me, YOU never even gave me a real chance to fully get to where I was comfortable with YOU but that works out in my favor and I thank YOU for letting YOUR true nature shine through. But YOU did help me correct one mistake and that mistake was giving YOU the benefit of my doubt once again, so thank YOU because this lesson was all about me and I learned it well so please give YOURSELF a pat on the back for a job well done.

Next time YOU are tempted to talk to me on messanger again remember our last conversation and just skip the impulse...

BTW I love this song get it Ci-Ci you did this...hawtness! Read more...

Monday, March 09, 2009



Act like a Lady, Think like a man...it's so funny how when a woman tells another woman something she doesn't listen to her but if a man says the same information to her then it becomes the gospel truth.

People in general have a backwards sort of mentality...something that works against our very nature. We want what's not good for us, we make the wrong things priorities and we neglect what's important.

All too often we women especially feed into what the media says about men, we begin to ingest theses half-truths and swallow it whole feeding our fears and allowing it to control us. We wage war with men, we constantly tell them we INDEPENDENT thus we can do it all we only need you to supply us with penis and sperm and then if that's not working out we go Octomom on that ass.

Let me share something to whomever stumbles across this blog...Jada Pinkett Smith is married. Angela bassett is married. Beyaki is married and got y'all looking straight foolish in the club and while riding around in your cars singing if you liked it then you should'a put a ring on it. First and foremost if they only like it they sleep with it, now if they LOVE YOU then they put a ring on it know the freaking difference. Some of y'all just not marriage material... You can't emulate Beyaki because you simply will fail each and every time she isn't even a good role model for petes sake but I digress.

I keep saying we are living backwards in reverse, we valuing the wrong things, we give attention to the wrong shit. If you want adverse behavior to go away you don't feed it attention you correct it then you proceed to ignore it since that wasn't done we now have "celeb"-reality shows but I digress again. I think that Steve Harvey is very knowledgeable and he tells it like it is with no chaser if you don't want to listen to me then I suggest you listen to the Kang of comedy instead...maybe you will take it better from Steve Harvey


Tuesday, March 03, 2009



Written by Trina Davis
From the website http://www.askheartbeat.com/

I liked this article I thought it was funny there is always a some truth in humor.

Are you a single woman a little jaded with dating? Sometimes feeling that it is better to stay at home with a good book than hit the scene looking for Mr. Right? Let's get real for a minute and learn about the 11 basic types of men out there for you to choose from. Which of these guys have you dated in the past? Which might you be dating right now? A humorous look at the pool of available single men.

1. Mr. Thug Life
a. Real good at making love
b. Fun & Exciting
c. Makes you laugh
d. Has your back, will fight and protect you

a. Usually drinks and smokes too much
b. Always got drama
c. Stays a thug forever (even past 29 yrs. old)
d. In and out of jail

2. Mr. I Don't Have A Girlfriend
a. Will take you out in the beginning
b. Will introduce you to all his friends
c. Compliments you all the time

a. Has a girlfriend who he's been with since the 2nd grade
b. Will not get rid of her
c. He tells you about her after you've fallen in love with his ass

3. Mr. HighRoller
a. Will give you money with no questions asked
b. Has a lot of style to him
c. Will show you some of the nice things in life

a. Never returns your pages or calls
b. Feels he can come by your house at any given time without calling first
c. Loves to be around his boys more than you

4. Mr. I'm In The Entertainment Business
a. Can get you and your friends on the guest list at all the fly parties
b. Can have a decent stimulating conversation
c. Tends to dress nice

a. You don't know if he's homosexual, heterosexual, or bi.
b. Seems flighty when you speak of a solid commitment
c. You still have to wait in line to get in all the fly parties, then there's drama at the door
d. All he has is a bunch of pictures with celebrities, but he doesn't know them personally

5. Mr. Intellectual
a. Book smart
b. Cares about how you feel
c. Has a very good job
d. Calls you all the time (returns your pages within 10 minutes)

a. Boring as hell
b. Can't make love
c. He is not street smart
d. Always asking you when can he see you again

6. Mr. Ghetto
a. THE BOMB IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!
b. Makes you laugh
c. Got mad style and flava
d. Has a temper, but generally a charming sweet guy
e. Says he wants a real relationship

a. He got 3 or more baby momma's
b. Wants to lay up in your crib - use the phone, smoke and eat up all the food
c. Is in denial when you tell him about himself
d. Comes home at 3am and says he was out with his boys
7. Mr. I'm A Righteous Black Man!
a. Will teach you about black history
b. Revolutionary
c. Inspiring and gives to you spiritually and emotionally
d. Wants a wife and family

a. Breaks up with you for a white piece of trash
b. No money- doesn't have a job (*counter-revolutionary)
c. Doesn't own a nice suit - always wearing camoflauge
d. In the end you find out he is just a trifling, con mothafucka

8. Mr. Nice Guy
a. Will introduce you to his mother
b. Has a job and will take you out
c. Will give you money for your bills
d. Sometimes he goes to church on Sunday

a. Secretly wants to be Mr. Thug Life
b. Wears fake Movado and Rolex watches when he goes to the club
c. Ignores you when the game is on
d. You find out after you break up with him that he was cheating on you
9. Mr. Playa
a. Will tell you that you're not the only one (keeps it real!)
b. Sometimes he's decent in bed
c. He tells you that you've changed him and he's ready to settle down
d. Has his own apartment and car (Invites you to move in with him)

a. He doesn't acknowledge you in public, especially if there's women around
b. Generally he is a wimp (won't stand up for anything)
c. He expects you to believe all his lies
d. After you find out he's no good he tells you that he told you that he was a playa in the beginning anyway

10. Mr. I Have a Job
a. Of course...he has a job
b. Doesn't have too many bad habits
c. Will take care of you when you're sick
d. Tells you that he is in love with you

a. You stay in the relationship 2 years or more and then find out he's a shiftless, lazy son-of-a-bitch who wants you to do all the wifey duties but won't give you a ring
b. He ends up telling you that he loves you, but is not "in love" with you
c. After he leaves you he gets married a month later

11. Mr. Best Friend
a. He's your best friend- you tell each other everything - you get along very well
b. He gives you advice when you and your man are having problems
c. The ultimate gentleman
d. Sweet and caring with a good sense of humor

a. You end up hooking up with him only to find he ain't about shit either! Read more...