Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(I decided to use a picture of fred flintstone because my dad claims I have fred flintstone feet, but he should know since thanks to him and my mom whom both have wide feet I have wide feet as well so thanks mom and dad for the curse of the flintstone feet)

Once again I have a complaint about a retailer whom claims that they cater to a wide width foot customer and once again I have found that not to be the case. This time the retailer Avenue has the misfortune of being in the spotlight of shame, not only for blatantly selling boots that are clearly not wide width friendly but for there shoddy return policies as well. Why is that retailers that cater to a plus sized demographic feel it is perfectly okay to sell merchandise that is substandard and sub-par at best? Why is it I am the only one on the planet that is bothered by this?

You can call it what you want but unless you are like me who is genetically wired to have wide feet then you simply don't understand where I am coming from. Men shoes are generally made wider but women clothes and shoes are always cut smaller and narrower. Which makes it triple hard for me to find decent shoes in my width that are comfortable, and look decent on my feet. If I knew how to make shoes I would put all these retailers to shame by making fashionable, comfortable, sexy, truly wide width shoes. Why do I have to pay an arm and a leg for shoes that may or may not fit me and then lose tons of money on shipping and handling. Its like being double screwed I wished someone in retail would get it and change the shoe game up. I guess my pleas are falling on deaf ears and no one understands my issue but myself. I am more than frustrated and fed up with retailers and their funky shoe issues. But everything has a lesson in it unfortunately this narrows the places I have to shop at shoe wise and I would advise any woman that shops at the avenue online DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING ONLINE FROM THEM you will lose your shipping and handling fees and you will be charged a shipping fee to return your items as well how is that customer satisfaction?

I am so disgusted and ill over losing the little bit of many I do have on these boots which I only ordered because they were on sale but I paid for express shipping and handling to be able to get them before Christmas not only do I lose shipping and handling but they are going to charge me a fee to send them back as well, maybe its just me but that doesn't sound right nor does that feel like a good business practice to me. Not only were these boots clearly not wide width but they also are costing me money to ship them back and forth its like I can't win for losing. Maybe I should just go bare foot then I won't have to worry about trying to find any wide width shoe.

I'm disgusted but I am resilient I will try and not let it put a damper on my holidays which wasn't shaping up to be that bright any damn way. I Really feel like decking someone in their fa-la-la-la so the present I bought for myself turned out to be a lump of coal after all. I could have spent that money on something greater or someone else. I feel some kind of way about this little incident. I hope everyone else's holidays goes well cause this shit right here is for the birds.

To see the boots and the reviews for them to know what I'm talking about they shall be under this post so scroll down if you're interested. I won't even try and start a campaign because people don't care until it happens to them but I just thought I would mention it and hopefully it won't happen to someone else as well.

My Review of Sea Platform Boot (Wide Width)

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These sleek snake embossed sueded boots have trendy platform styling that makes walking a breeze!

  • Man made upper. Side zip closure. Platform lift. Faux stacked heel. Imported.
  • Cloudwalkers by Avenue. Cloud Heel Strike Pad® Flexible non-slip sole.

Don't buy these if you have a wide foot

By A FORMER CUSTOMER from Corona, Ca on 12/23/2009


1out of 5

Sizing: Feels full size too small

Width: Feels too narrow

Pros: Don't buy

Cons: Poor Quality

Best Uses: NONE

Describe Yourself: Trendy, Stylish, High-end shopper

First complaint they did not fit AT ALL I couldn't even get my foot in these boots and they say they are wide width, I highly doubt it. Second complaint I spent extra money to receive these boots before christmas as a present to myself but I called the company and they WILL not be refunding my express shipping charges PLUS I have to pay to send them back to the company, Third Complaint I am not able to return these shoes back to the retail store which means I have to wait 3-4weeks for them to return the money I spent on these boots back to me. I am utterly disappointed and angry and this has really put a damper on my mood this evening I used to like shopping at the avenue but after this I am no longer a customer. This is beyond shoddy retail practices. I hope the ladies with truly wide feet and wide calves did not spend any money on purchasing these boots because you will be angry and disappointed like I was.



My Review of Stud Platform Ankle Boot

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These sueded platform ankle boots get rock star charm from strappy studded details.

  • Faux suede upper. Studded strap details. Side zip closure. Slight ruching above toe bed. Faux stacked heel. Imported.
  • Cloudwalkers by Avenue.

buyer beware

By Disappointed and Angry from Corona, Ca on 12/23/2009


1out of 5

Sizing: Feels full size too small

Width: Feels too narrow

Pros: could not wear

Cons: Never again

Best Uses: Unbelievable

Describe Yourself: Done shopping here foreve

I regret ever shopping online I have been a customer with avenue forever and never have I had a reason not purchase anything from them before but today I am so angry I vow never to shop online at the avenue again. First complaint I couldn't even fit my foot in this shoe and I have a truly wide foot so when I see a company that caters to wide feet even with skepticism I look at their merchandise but I couldn't even get my foot all the way in this booty, second complaint you can no longer return merchandise into the store if I had of known that I NEVER would have purchased it in the first place, Third complaint I paid for express shipping which I will not be able to get back and its going to take 3-4weeks for my money to be put back into my account. I will never ever shop at the avenue on line again and I highly doubt that I will be pursasing anything in their stores from now on this is beyond ridiculous and really puts a damper on the holidays for me. In a time when people don't have money to waste I have been fleeced out of express shipping and handling charges and no where on this site does it say that merchandise can now no longer be returned to retail locations this is beyond a disappointment to say the least.



Thursday, December 03, 2009


So... at the end of 2009 folks are getting their fuckery out apparently so first lets start with the flaming fuckery that is Pleasure P, AKA Marcus Cooper the story broke wide yesterday on TWITTER if you're not on there you're pretty much anyhow allegedly Marcus Cooper has a thing for underage children he was even taken to court over the issue. We not talk R. Kelly teenage girls which is bad enough we talking 3-4yr old's here folks. So if these is true then there is a special place in hell for Pleasure and I hope that the minions of hell will take turns passing him around like a fresh piece of grilled ass. Every time I hear about anyone violating and hurting children I can't help but think that these same people are not even human they have to be demons. How can you look at a sweet innocent child and see anything sexual about them?

Apparently Pleasure P has issued a statement: see statement STATEMENT

More on the pleasure p story IS IT SABOTAGE?


Stop me if you've heard this one already (clears throat) How can you change a Tiger into a lion and a cheetah, okay bad joke but still Mr. Woo has been getting it in he been sinking more balls then Fuzzy Zeller Ohhhhhhhhh. All bad jokes aside I'm pretty much over the whole Tiger cheated fiasco I just think it's ironic that Tiger figured he would marry this Swedish/norwegin/icelandic whatever she's a blond haired blue eyed chick and escape the drama of "ghetto" antics as he likes to put it but she straight went R&B on tiger and managed to make him do damage to his Cadillac truck, scratched up his face, and wrecked something in the house and all the cheating resulted in her re-upping that pre-nup in her favor. I say good for her and I say that's what you get Mr. Woo way to pick em. Oh and you're not good at picking side chicks either cause every last one of them tricks ran and told on that ass sucks for you funny for me.

Old news Shaq is still fucking everything walking and his affair with a long time chick that is married to another NBA player is interfering with his job, and screwing up the chicks marriage now the paternity of her kids are in question, I mean really have dick will travel? What's wrong with you folks? I keep telling you time and time again hire me I will be your life coaches cause you folks are fucking up in the worst way possible. Disgusting and horrible behavior I guess money means you don't have to have any types of morals or dignity about yourself.

Okay so I'm off the bullshit, what we should be caring about is sending more troops to Afghanistan, and the health care reform proposal, and the largely unemployed black population that is floundering with no jobs even for those with college degree's. Sigh sweet Jesus of mercy I hope 2010 brings good news with it cause I am full up to the ceiling with bad news. I hated celeb-whore-t's before but I am so over these assholes it's not even funny I don't want to hear about shit ass these assholes do its beginning to sicken me it's like the have money so they want to see how perverse and fucked up they can be. I think once you go past a certain monetary range that you should be required to get a mental evaluation and some type of spiritual counseling.