Wednesday, April 22, 2009



You know I have been a vocal advocate of the SWSNBN'ed anti stan club. It's amazing how you can get away with any and everything when you are a "celeb" there is so much smoke and mirrors behind the scene all people ever see is the finished product. So why you go and spend your hard earned money this weekend on that tragic mess that will be the movie she is in that not even her co-stars can save I want you to think about this audio that Howard Stern has on SWSNBN'ed performing from a past "Today show" appearance also I do want to point out that her commercials for the movie at least when I have been watching TV have been coming on when white shows are on television but as I typed this I just realized their aren't anymore black shows on television anymore. Enjoy the vocals anyway.


Friday, April 17, 2009



There is no doubt in my mind that there is a war that is raged in the streets everyday. You can call it whatever you like the principles never change. It's the government vs. the common man, its the police vs. the common man, in 95% of these cases the war is being waged against the poor. When you are poor you are basically seen as cattle, something that can be branded, corralled, herded up, sold off, taken to the meat packing district and slathered to be packaged and sold. Your destiny is not your own when you are a cow you will become steak or hamburger. When you have no power the world glories in pounding that into your head day in and day out. I can see why folks who feel hopeless turn to living outside the law. When the world is determined to stomp you down and grind you into dust why even give a shit about the world and the people in it... Many will say that is victim mentally.

They will say well you had choices, if no one ever shows you or tells you about your "choices" how will you know you have any? IF all you ever see is dealing drugs, violence, sex, poverty, etc. and no one ever shows you anything else but the underbelly of life wouldn't your conclusion be that that is how life is. Wouldn't you then simply go along with what you know? Perception is reality if you perceive life to be this hard struggle with no bright side then it shall be as such. It is very hard to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

I digress I am going off on a tangent when my specific purpose was to tell you to get out and go see the movie AMERICAN VIOLET it is based on a series of true events that actually happened to a single mother of four down in a rural impoverished section of Texas. Where the good ole boys still glory in having guns, all the power, and railroading poor black folks. She the woman the movie is based upon Regina Kelly was not a drug dealer, she had never sold drugs, the only thing she was guilty of was being poor, black, a single mother, and living in the projects, the projects is another way of saying holding pen for cattle, cattle would be poor minorities!

The tone of this movie is unbelievable just watching the trailer and reading the real victims website fired my blood up. Of course this film is a limited release film. You have to search it out in your cities but it is well worth searching for. No one fights for black people we don't even advocate for ourselves. We even automatically assume when we see someone pulled over for something and it is a person of color we assume that they automatically did whatever they are accused of doing no questions asked. I know for myself I always hold my breath when I drive by someone that has gotten pulled over and I don't let out that breath until I see that it isn't a person of color. I seem to breathe a bit easier when the skin of the person pulled over is not black, I'm sure its written into my DNA to act that way. Sadly in this country often times then not you are guilty before proven innocent, and even then if the peoples court of opinion says you did it then you are forever branded as a criminal in the minds of the general public. I digress again this is what it is folks this country is ass backwards still and just because Obama is in office it does not mean you can shirk your duties as a citizen of humanity.

My sentiment is charity starts at home I can't care deeply about anyone else's problems when the problems around me are deep and varied. I can't advocate to change a third world country when I live in the united states and the poor and disenfranchised is being railroaded every other day. I can't fix something I don't see every day on another continent, when there is a war on black people right here in Amerikkka. Call me what you want, but I speak the truth. Everyday there is a different minority getting sentenced and locked up in jail, being branded a felon over bullshit. Having their future and rights stripped away, having their livelihood forever challenged because no wants to hire a felon once they get out. Some states don't let felons vote, apply for school loans, get medicare or medicaid, if you set the rules of the game so that everyone who gambles and plays it loses and loses big whats the incentive to even invest in a country that eats its natives?

I get so fired up about about this kind of stuff if it didn't take massive amounts of school loans to go to law school I might have been a lawyer, at the very least an advocate for justice but I do what I can from my little soapbox a tiny voice being drowned out by the surrounding noise. Anyway Go see the movie, its worth your while trust me.

REGINA KELLY the woman the movie is based on check out her page, take a look at her face and the faces of her children breath in her circumstances and dare to tell me you aren't fired up, and fed up? If this one lone black single mother can fight for herself against injustices heaped upon her by the unjust system then why can't YOU at least take your ass to see the movie? What else you doing this weekend????? Read more...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Here is my issue as a member of the curvy and plus sized community my clothing circle is narrow. I like certain stores and I am a brand loyalist that gets me into trouble especially when I look for a certain shoe but can't find what I am really seeking. I have been on fetish sites, sites that cater to drag queens, rock-a-billy sites the gambit here's my problem all these shoes are either not everyday wear type shoes are they scream fetish. Why not just come out in a full latex outfit, no disrespect to the latex lovers.

My issue is that I spend my hard earned money where I think I can get the best value and it is no secret that I love Torrid however since they are about the only clothing store that caters to a certain demographic style wise they don't seem to really care about their customers. I emailed Torrid thinking that they would be receptive but I was shut down and told that because their is not a big callout for Double Wide Width shoes that they weren't even going to bother looking into it, and the buyer had the nerve to thank me for being a loyal customer. It is always like this when a company has a toehold in a market they feel that one customer's voice doesn't make a difference. I went to twitter and I asked the curvy fashionista's what would they suggest and they suggested that I blog the issue and put some wheels in motion.

Well here is my wheel and I am setting it in motion I don't appreciate being shut down especially when I am the voice of the customer, especially when I spend obscene amounts of money in Torrid. I don't even knock them for using substandard materials in their clothing that easily fall apart, tear and rip, but they charge an arm and a leg for some of their items when you can find those same articles of clothing at the five dollar plus size stores made with the same shoddy materials. I think it's a shame when plus sized fashionista's don't have a wide range of options especially when it comes to quality high heeled shoes wedges and sandals particularly. Since I happen to be genetically made with a double wide foot it is virtually impossible to find a cute midrange high heeled shoe option that accommodates my foot, but I am positive that I am not the only woman in the world genetically made like that. It’s particularly irksome to me when there seems to be way more options for women who have Double Narrow feet style wise. It has always been a challenge to find a great looking high heeled shoe when it comes to my foot that is why my first love is sneakers. In sneakers you have a greater choice when it comes to style and widths how come the women shoe makers don’t get that? Who do I need to speak to, to make my voice heard because frankly I’m fed up with having this issue when it comes to my shoe options.

I know I am not the only woman with a Double Wide width foot that is tired of seeing limited style options. I understand the fashion industry is trend based and the purpose is to make money in it. I understand that using quality materials cost more and having to use materials for Wider Width Shoes can cost more I get that but what I am saying is isn’t there a way to bring a better variety to a fraction of women who want style, comfort, AND options concerning her shoes? Where there is a will there is a way and if all these fashion designers are supposed to be on the cutting frontier edge then Double Wide Width shoes must be the outer regions of space!

IF you feel what I’m saying ladies please for yourselves, for your daughters, for your granddaughters, for the women in your lives, for the women of today and tomorrow please stand up and be noticed. If this is not your particular issue it could be a issue tomorrow that you might need to address something of yours and wouldn’t you want the support of others? I am not saying be belligerent I am not saying bombard Torrid, I’m not even saying boycott but pass this blog along to everyone you know Forward it, send it around the web. Please give my voice a chance to be heard. Give me the momentum I need to let this company see that I am not just one voice but the voice of many. You don’t even have to like Torrid, as I have found out many curvy women don’t, but please do it for me. Let’s start with Torrid and then with the rest of the fashion world, I am tired of being ignored and having limited options shoved down my throat. My money is earned way too hard for the fashion collective to just dictate what I get to wear.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog/email/forward or however you received it please pass it on.

Email the shoe and jewelry buyer as well if you have the time please don’t be belligerent of nasty just a polite email will do I appreciate it ladies, and gents truly.

The Torrid shoe and jewelry buyers email address: Tania Licker
Let her know that this is her callout for finding Double Wide shoe options. Read more...

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Hey there folks its that time again a post to go at a celeb that chaps my ass raw. No this time it's not beyaki the tacky wig crypt founder it's about the devil himself "puffy, puff pastry, sean combs, muff daddy, puff daddy, mr. take that-take that, mr. tantra sex", I believe you get the picture. This post is dedicated to Fluffy because in my mind it seemed like a good and fun post to do. It's just way to easy this post practically writes itself. Now I often ask myself why in all that is good business sense would anyone in their right mind sign with Snuff daddy in this day and age? Where have these people been? Are they not aware of all the artist that Snuffy has touched and subsequently these artist are then disregarded and then left to up to their own devices. The man is a blatant narcissistic asshole that makes a living off of sucking the marrow out of an artist and then shoving them aside. And for the life of me I can't figure out why women would still even sleep with him let alone add to his list of baby momma's, does caramel come out as his man skeet? IS he putting something in their drinks or is the rest of the world just that damn daft? I know sense is not common but damn you all stay making it way to easy! If you're a bad boy supporter you're going to be mad as hell at this post just put it in the comment section let's the party started shall we.

Kim I have no words for you ever, I think you like being a baby pushing out machine for snuffy, it gives you something to do while watching your toe nails grow.

If you met this dude at the same time as kim and seen him make not one woman his baby momma but two why would you throw your ovaries into the ring as well? Was he the only man that could sperm you? Now your daughter has to sit in the shadows and be ignored because you made a foolish move. I don't care how much love you give her she will still be that "other" child and what about her getting to know her other sisters and brothers? That my dear makes you a foolish ass!!

If this isn't the proof that snuffy is the eater of souls I don't know else I can do to convince you. I see a tragic train wreck ahead if someone doesn't intervene now but oh well. Why would this young girl want to get sucked into the web of puffy does she not see her future does she think that youth is a protective against what is eventually going to be her fate. I see babymommadom in her future get ready to play step-mommy, and I hope you will have some kind of money coming in because when the checks stop flowing and the child support amount stays the same watch out you going to be mad as hell while shopping at pick-N-spense. (sidebar) I hope y'all notice the pattern that snuffie picks his beat and skeets, they all similar long hair, light complexions, and mixed. Someone snatch up LL before she gets sucked in as well, shudders to think if she already sucked in and having a 3some with snuffy and cassie.

I will say this on snuffies behalf I believe he didn't make lil kim crazy she hated herself from jump and when biggie died then I think that just magnified her problems but damn man you can't run an intervention for her or something? Friends don't let friends cut on themselves until they resemble miko barbie smh damn snuffy get the chick some help.

Like whoa where you at black rob?

Damn Carl Thomas where you at as well?

I've got some flava for your ear Craig it's called walmart which one you working at?

At least one of y'all came up by marrying omar epps maybe you can help your home-girls out and let em come clean your house and detail the cars.

Faith they say with age comes wisdom I'm glad you are an example of that I so appreciate you as an artist and a mom, and you know the devil when you seen him kudos girl to bad everyone else is dumb as donkey shit.

I know everyone had you gassed up thinking you were going to take biggies throne and I know you believed in snuffie I hope you see that you were wrong, I hope you don't turn bitter and get out and murk this dude but I would understand if you did. Its a shame you threw your youth away on a man that is walking around scott free and I bet he don't even take your collect calls anymore you should feel cheated and angry. Hope you will make a better decisions as to who's company you keep.

I bet you mad you didn't just join one of the other Winans and become a gospel youth group or something maybe this time you will be able to get your mind right and see that snuffy is the devil. Get back into church and do something positive with your life stop wasting time spinning your wheels where you shouldn't have been in the first place.

I loved you all I remember when you all first came out it was 1996/1997 I was down at one of your promo things and you guys didn't even show up boo-hiss fucktards. I rolled with you guys even when you were on your last leg like the album hot and wet was a hot flaming disc of pure unadulterated shit and I didn't even waste my hard earned money on that but the last album you guys did before you broke up you were giving me back the old 112 and I appreciated that thank you. What I don't appreciate though is how snuffy is blatantly knocking off your sound, moves, and wardrobe choices damn he might as well just make some big ass puppets and do all the dance moves himself.

I see that as long as you all have been in the business not a damn one of y'all had learned a damn thing about business. You just went from one bad situation to the same bad situation have y'all been paid yet? Its nothing sadder than grown ass men still chasing dreams and not quite getting anywhere. Why fellas why did you sign with the devil?

You guys are blatant knock offs and I don't even watch your show. You are a sad waste of time and talent in this day and age why would you sign with snuffy have you not grown up watching how he fucks his artist on a daily bases. Some of his artist are in the basement buried under the staircase and yet you ventured into his lair like idiots. Sadness they make dummies everyday and you fellas are the newest fools on his roster. (sidebar) big mike I cook and I like fluffy's holla at me I will make you dinner real talk.

I have no words for you all either anyone that still signs under snuffy and expects to get paid is stupid. You deserve what you get or don't get welcome to the music industry you sluttards.

I'm sure someone will come across this blog and conclude that I am hating, as what often happens when you refuse to drink the kool-aid and worship at the shrine that is built by the world of entertainment. We all have our own way of seeing things and this is the way I see things if you don't like it you know what to do.

The cherry on top of this poison cake:

Saturday, April 11, 2009



I write it all the time that there is no excuse in 2009 for an unwanted pregnancy! Some of y'all walking around with kids right now y'all don't need all because you were to lazy, trifling, feeling guilty, self righteous, having keep a nigga babies, etc insert whatever you were thinking when you decided to have the kid(s) in that sentence. I have no sympathy for a chick with multiple kids like octomom you brought that shit on yourself. Everyone has a choice and you CHOOSE to bring forth life even when you know you shouldn't. Anyway maybe someone will be looking for birth control options and stumble upon this blog and get help, cause Lord knows ain't nobody reading shit I type.

Most women have had that scary moment of a condom breaking - or in the heat the moment no condom being used at all - and the scary question that follows: what if I am pregnant? Thankfully the Plan B pill gives you a second chance to prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of the incident. We caught up with contraception expert Dr. Ashleha Patel to get details on how exactly the pill works and why you should have one in your cabinet.

ESSENCE.COM: So doctor, that dreaded moment happens. The condom breaks. What should a woman do?
ASHLEHA PATEL: The first thing is don’t panic. Keep your wits about you. There is a back up if a condom breaks or pill is missed or a condom isn’t used, Plan B can be taken. It is FDA approved to be taken within 72 hours, 3 days, after an episode of unprotected intercourse. You take the first pill as soon as possible and the second one 12 hours later.

If you already pregnant this doesn’t help. So what exactly does this pill do?
PATEL: It prevents ovulation, which stops the egg from falling. It can stop the implantation of an egg in the lining of a uterus. This is not the abortion pill. This is preventive if a pregnancy has not started. The Plan B pill is 88% - 95% effective. The sooner you take it the better and that is the key message. It is over the counter for women 18 and above. It should be in a woman’s drawer, just like we keep our spare key or where our seat belt. Not that we want to crash our car or lose are keys, but we have it there in case. Life happens. This is a back-up method. It’s not as good as all the primary methods like condoms, the pill or the patch. They are 99.5% effective. Just like spare tire the back-up isn’t as good, but great for emergencies.

ESSENCE.COM: Of course there are plenty of home remedies you hear about like Vitamin C pills if you think you could be pregnant right after sex. Any truth to those?
PATEL: Those are old wives tells. There’s also the little prayer for please let my period come. Women should go to a tested method and not experiment. That can be dangerous and some of the things you might try to not be pregnant can actually be harmful if indeed a pregnancy has happened. It’s better to stick to a method that has been tested and FDA recommend and us that. Wives tales should be saved for stories.

ESSENCE.COM: Any other trends in women’s sexual health?
PATEL: There is an interest in reproductive health. Many women, especially young women, are trying to move up in their careers or save a little bit because of the economic times ahead of us. They know they don’t want to get pregnant soon. There are very good long term methods out there. There are IUDS. Even for shorter term there are many options including the ring and patch, and pill. What’s wonderful, all of these are very effective when used well. It’s just a question of which one fits your lifestyle and what kind of side effects you like, including if you want a period every month or not. There is something out there for everyone. Women are dealing with a lot of issues all at once and helps with all of them.

Porsche Slocum
As the age of teen pregnancy continues to drop lower and lower, so will the age requirement to obtain Plan B pills. A judge recently granted the Food and Drug Administration authority to allow 17-year-olds to purchase the emergency contraceptive without a prescription. Before Monday, 18 was the minimum age permitted to buy the contraception, which is available at many local drug stores, licensed pharmacies and health centers.

Plan B is a preventive drug should be taken 24 hours after sexual intercourse for maximum effectiveness and will not work if the woman is already pregnant. Many hope that this change will serve as a catalyst to help reduce teen pregnancy.


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Newest music video offering from Jazmine Sullivan I love her look in this video, she needs to stop wearing bangs it throws her face off. She is getting more comfortable in her skin Go Jazzy go.




Since my post was a little raw and vent-alicious I thought I would bring you some light in the form of spoken word enjoy:


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Let me preface this letter by saying I am quite aware that not all of you are named Tyrone just like every white man's name is not John but since this is in fact a Dear John letter but addressed to ALL the black men in the world then I felt I had to go with something you all were familiar with you got a problem with it see management now onto the letter.

Dear Tyrone:

I was the last woman standing I was on your side I was that ride or die chick that you all claimed you wanted. I still supported you even when so many have turned your back on your own race and had nothing but complete and utter disdain for a black woman. I was still holding you down when you talked bad about black women and disrespected us called us out our names. Exploited us in your videos and etc. I thought that you would get right once you saw that Obama had a strong black woman by his side but nope you continue to act like donkeys. I have tried to walk on eggshells with you all and then I have tried tough love I have tried every angle I know but it is never enough for you. You continue to push me away and tell me I am not worthy of your attention, protection, nor affection. I am tired I was holding up that blood stained banner but now I have let it fall out of my weary and worn hand. I can no longer ignore the things that you say and do.

I have been continuously pushed aside, ignored, or when you talk with me you either lie, flip out for no reason, have severe physiologically issues, you got way to many baby-mommas child support coming out your check, no car, you live with your momma, A couple of you have even told me directly that white women, Hispanic women, are better for the black men and that you are tired of black women because black women don't support your tired asses and we have to much lip. I am tired of meeting black men who don't know what it means to be a black man because no one ever showed your asses. I'm tired of being talked to any old kind of way because some woman before me did a number on you, like you own the market on being emotionally wounded. I'm tired of your smug slut asses telling me I'm not girlfriend material because I won't get on camera and show you my ass and titties, or neither will I have phone sex with you, or even cyber sex. Who's still doing that in this day and age with just random people grow the fuck up and enjoy the real thing. I don't need a poor facsimile of the real thing that does nothing for me at all why do we have to talk sex into the ground discuss it once and then proceed to do the damn thing if not keep it moving. You don't know how to be direct unless you're being an asshole, you don't know how to be truthful, you try and manipulate and lie your way into someones panties. You tell me I am too hard, what the fuck does that mean? Shall I just take whatever you give me and enjoy it. Shall I just let you tell me any old thing and take it at face value. No one ever takes the time to stick it out because its to easy to just find another chick who will let you do and just say anything to her and she will eat that shit up with a spoon. I'm not a steel wall and I am not putty either you want everything to easy no one wants to work for anything anymore.

Because black women don't lay down and worship the ground you walk on, because we don't let you do any and every low down nasty trifling sexual act your perverted mind can come up with by watching white fetish porn, because we don't stop our lives and put yours and everything you're about first, because we aren't doormats that lay down for you to walk all over us, because we have the nerve to demand excellence and have standards. Because we call you out when you disrespect us and hold you accountable for your actions. I'm tired, I'm tired of y'all bitter, silly, trifling asses, I'm tired of all YOUR baggage, I'm tired of all the bullshit that you bring. I'm tired of trying to win you over and your approval, I'm tired of standing on my head and trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I'm tired of always seeing the ones who have accomplished something quickly running to a white woman because you refuse to deal with a black woman calling her evil and ornery. I'm especially tired of the shiftless coon ass niggers that get money and then proceed to get an Asian, Hispanic, or white woman because you hate yourself and the very skin that you're in so therefore you find a woman who doesn't reflect you, but that woman you treat with the utmost respect and admiration while shunning and ignoring black women. That's fine some of you all aren't really black anyway you're just white men wrapped in a dark shell, they do have lightening creams for that and with enough money you can become Michale Jackson's new color and even have white children complete with the blond hair and blue eyes modern technology is your friend!

It's not enough that black women have given birth to your asses, its not enough that black women have always supported you even though since we been in this country you have stood by and let other men of different races violate and disrespect us for sport the sick twisted part is some where along the line you joined in and begin to see us as less then. You the men who sprung forth from a black womb begin to think less of a black woman then the rest of the world and now there is no unity in the communities, there are next to no two parent households left. It's just straight bullshit in dating. So yes here is one more bitter black woman you can add to your rolls. I'm handing in my black men lover button, and taking my name off the fan club. I quit you black men and unless a severe miracle happens to change my heart, mind and opinion of you I'm forever gone. You won't even notice because I'm invisible to you so fuck it this is for me to vent and clear my head and it will be a reminder whenever I begin to weaver in my resolve.

I don't need you anymore black men, you are now dead to me ghost in the streets, the hallways and anywhere else you dwell.