Sunday, May 31, 2009



I know a lot of people have forgotten about 112 and what not and I can understand it because I had forgotten about them myself but as I was making a new music play list I came across a couple of their songs that just really make me be like damn under all that bumping and grinding and oversexed lyrics they had some decent for real love you deep type songs. On their last album they had this song called That's how close we are this is one of those songs where you have to stop and just really get still and listen to what the singer is trying to tell you. Okay first the lyrics read them through then hit the video, of course they didn't put a video out someone put a video together and used the song to convey a message but this is one of their songs that I used to put in heavy rotation when I was playing their cd.

Title That's How Close We Are
Artist 112
Album Pleasure & Pain

Na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na na

Without the root, you ain't got no tree
And without the branches, you aint got no leaves
To understand her is to understand me
Cause thats how close we are
Without a sea you ain't got no air
And it ain't no walkin if you aint got the legs
Understand i use them eyes to see
That's how close we are

Heart to heart
Breath to breath
She fills me up til there aint none left
No space, no time
Her spirits my mind
You see, that's how close we are
Thats how close we are [x2]

Without the stars, there's no galaxy
And without the river, you dont have no sea
Just look at my life, and its her you'll see
Cause thats how close we are
And without a voice no one can hear you sing
And it ain't no flying without the wings
So if you see me flying
It's her carrying me
That's how close we are


She talks with me
She walks with me
She's holding me
And yes, shes teaching me
Everything i can't do
Everything i can't say
She does for me
She prays with me
She cries with me
She's loving me
Nothing could compare to the love we share
So that woman and man
Who understands
You can say:

Heart to heart
Breath to breath
She fills me up til there ain't none left
No space, no time
Her spirits my mind
You see, that's how close we are
Thats how close we are [x11]

Na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na na


Tuesday, May 26, 2009



So if you haven't heard about the pretty (r)icky debacle then you must live under a damn rock. When I got the link several times on twitter twitted to me I went to my happy place and my ovaries shut down and I just really had to go inside myself and shut it on down mentally and try and regroup. Too much fuckery causes my brain to overload and just shut down on itself. I watched the first time in utter disbelief I couldn't believe how horribly gay the video was I don't have beef with the gay community my whole thing is don't be perpetrating like you straight though is all I'm saying. Especially when you in some damn boy band that caters to girls. I mean this whole video is just a hot mess all the way through.

From the gold teeth that probably make his breath smell like mr. ed's old ass, to the red panties he got from vicky secrets, I mean then that whole dance he did with his little bird chest stuck out, and did he get pec implants? Someone please come get me and spirit me away to the most high I no longer think I can voluntarily live with all this that is celeb-whore-t'ing. Someone has to draw a line in the sand and I am doing it now right-damn-now. Pretty icky your group is the debil may you never ever ever sell another damn album in life you should be shame of yourself and for causing my ovaries to close up may them little pantie draws you were wearing draw up in the crack of your ass and get wegded there forever until they cut them off your ass!


Thursday, May 21, 2009



Dear A. Keys and Swizz Beatz:

First and foremost I would like to take the time to state that over the past few years I have enjoyed your music, but this latest debacle makes me instantly dislike the both of you. I can't in good conscience continue to support people who give no thought what so ever to the harm they are bringing to other people.

A. Key's you even have a song called karma of all things, even if he was "separated" at the time legally he was still married and how he was with you while he was legally bond to another is what you can expect if you ever marry him. I think its a very ugly thing when you put your welfare before that of a marriage and a child. I think as women we have to be empathetic to another woman's plight especially if said woman is married. By no means marriage is not easy you should have been the bigger woman and told swizz to work it out do everything he could to make his marriage work instead of stepping in and being all to willingly his shoulder to lean on. You are a co-conspirator and that Ms. Keys is something that is just unforgivable. I know you probably feel as if his wife has nothing to do with you but in actually it has everything to do with you especially if you were in the picture far before their break-up and if you were the case of their break-up God help you and your conscience I hope you don't lose sleep at night, but in all honesty you should! Being the other woman is a nasty piece of work and those that play that part are never happy and they never end up with the man the universe or Karma as you would call it has a way of balancing that out. For your sake I hope that you are not in the wrong doesn't look good for you btw I thought your last album where you screamed at the top of your register the whole time was horrible. Please don't do that again, know your lane but as I can you don't, sucks to be you.

Swizz it's your turn, now as for you I understand that marriage is hard I understand that at some point in time you might not have been happy is it because Mashonda's earning potential isn't what you thought it was going to be and you felt duped? I can understand maybe you felt tired of bringing home all the money, but is that any reason to chuck the deuces to your wife and son so you can seek greener pastures? Or maybe you simply don't care about the vows you took a lot of people don't and they don't take marriage seriously but I'm saying before you jumped into bed with A. Keys you should have taken into consideration Mashonda and your sons feelings clearly you don't give a fuck because you are bragging about the relationship on songs and shit. I think you are a coward and a punk for walking away from your marriage, vows are meant to be taken seriously not just thrown away on a whim because you feel its cheaper to leave then try and work it out. Now please understand that I am working under the assumption that you just left and fled into the arms of A. Keys now if you tried everything under the sun and exhausted all the avenues of reconciliation then please forgive me for speaking out of turn but if you didn't then my original words stand and you are still a punk bitch.

I hope that everything you did was worth it swizz & keys all the pain and suffering all the hurt you put the people in your lives through. I hope that you get just a little bit if not 10 times worst Mashonda's pain. I think you both are cowards and should be ashamed. If you both really knew what love was you would know it isn't selfish nor does it seek out to hurt other people. I know this happens every day in America but plenty people look up to you guys especially you A. Keys a lot of little girls want to follow in your footsteps and if this is your example that you are putting forth then you might as well spread your ass cheeks in playboy if you're going out as a whore at least finish on a high hoe note! Read more...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Black men and their snow bunnies still irk the fuck out of me I don't think it would be such an issue if it wasn't constantly being thrown in black women faces that black men have moved on and they are no longer wanting us we got the fucking memo bitches thanks. The black men that go out of their way to date white women proudly squire these women around town, spend massive amounts of money on them, gladly procreate with these women, all the while grinning and showing all their pearly whites because they have finally in their minds acquired the ultimate prize a snow bunny.

In America when you get a bonafide snow bunny on your arm then it means one or two things you paid as hell or your dick is big as a toddlers arm. I don't care how you want to paint the picture nor how you want to dress it up and make it seem like its anything besides what it is. If it wasn't such a big deal to still get with a white woman then black men wouldn't be so amped to do the shit. They know it brings them attention and notoriety, sometimes even status and privilege if they get the right white woman. Sometimes she can even be trailer trash and they will just be happy to be with her because she is white! Even though it is done more in this day and age it is still that "when I reach that monetary mountain top I am going to plant my black flag in between the white cakes of some wheffah and then I am going to strut around town with her and flaunt her in black women faces because she is a trophy. Proof that your bank account is large and in charge and therefore you can afford a bonafide snow bunny in your bed." A snow bunny is the ultimate status symbol letting others around you know you have enough money in the back to keep a white woman with you.

I'm past the emotion of sadness, but there is still anger I also think the shit is ultra lame and if a black man wants to ditch black women altogether and go after his trophy snow bunny then so be it but please when the shit hits the fan and the bottom drops out in your life and your snow bunny hits the road don't come back to a black woman crying on her shoulder trying to get some solace just find you another snow bunny and keep it pushing and please don't even attempt to make eye contact on the streets while walking with your snow bunnies, don't attempt to say "what's up sista" don't even go out of your way to acknowledge me because I won't even see you. Just like you don't see me and its not malice its survival. I don't expect for a black man to sympathize with me or even understand what I write. Because to them coochie is coochie even if it is housed in a vanilla casing, and as always save that we are the world shit for someone else. If we weren't meant to see color or be different then we would have all come here looking the same way with the same pigment, features, and genetics. I don't subscribe to the melting pot theory I don't want to be melted down, meshed and spliced into something else that shit is bogus.


Monday, May 18, 2009



I have been sitting here for like hours just thinking why are celebrities relevant? Why do we worship these publicity whores, why do we covet their lifestyles, and they things that they do? I really was hard pressed to find a valid or sane enough reason as to why the world has a love affair with celebrities. I will admit I have even gotten caught up in the hype a time or two but I really just realized I am so over celeb-whore-t's and all they shit.

I really want to just dumb out and block out everything that cele-whore-t's do that doesn't amount to shit. I don't care where they eat, I don't care about their workout regimen, I don't care how many baby mommas/baby daddies/children/mistresses/gay partners/beards they have I just really don't give a shit. I hate these people, I hate that we worship them in this society. I hate that these celeb-whore-t's make millions of dollars for pretending and doing nothing.

For example:

Why is Mariah Carey still famous? Her Biggest claim to fame recently is her marriage to nick cannon, why is that shit important? I mean really who gives a shit that her cougar vaj has snapped nick up who else was he going to marry, Madonna was already taken!!!!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: she is forever pregnant, she has lips like a black woman and she is uber-crazy if she didn't have money she would have been locked in the loony bin a long time ago so, why are they important? Besides picking up babies from foreign countries and doing some charity work which is a tax write off any damn way why are these people important if they stopped making movies and just disappeared would your world evaporate in to a sad abyss of nothingness?

Emeinem Why is he still famous why was he even famous in the first place? Who's great white hype was he? His lyrics are misogynistic as hell he hates women, especially the women in his life, he's an angry white boy from a trailer park who can put some words together why is he famous? What makes him such a fascinating character? If he couldn't rap would you care about Marshall Mathers?

50 Cents, why is he still important? He got shot a bunch of times and he made it instead of being happy he's still alive he constantly beefing with his baby momma, he constantly making dumb ass videos about dumb shit and calls himself going after other rappers about how fake and wack they are for real dude? When you were just Curtis Jackson what made you important?

Kim Whoredashian, A sex tape, laying on her back with her legs in the air made her a household name because slutting around with Parasite Hilton wasn't getting it. What does she do that is so important besides bang reggie bush's sorry ass? Her father was a attorney her mother married Bruce Jenner, and her sisters are just there, why are these bitches relevant? Who gives a shit about the whoredashian's? Why are they important? What do they contribute to the world? Besides being a cum receptacle for black athletes? How exactly do they better the planet? If they didn't exist would the world stop spinning? Would it grind to a halt because kim's ass wasn't there to some how anchor the earth and help the planet rotate?

I think I have illustrated my point well enough, Many of these people who are celeb-whore-t's are actually waste of space and I really felt like I have had a revelation concerning their asses. Millions of people who actually work for a living doctors, nurse's, teachers, the average Joe and Jane who have lost their jobs during this current economic situation should be the real celeb's the people who, have managed not to lose hope, and faith, while weathering the real everyday down in the trenches type stuff. I think it's sad when we take our life cues from the biggest, whores, fakes, and phonies that the "industry" is made up of. None of these people give a damn about you or me so why do we feed their egos by constantly watching their every fucking move. The shit is sicking, I can't tell anyone else what to do but I am going to practice unplugging much more.

I refuse to watch "reality" shows as is but I have been following every little juicy gossip tidbit that the gossipers have been writing, and speaking on. I don't know nary one of these people but every time a piece of information drops I have to be right there to catch it or I feel like I am out of the loop. It's a problem at least now I see that and I am going to be working on that immediately, I don't give a shit about nary one of these folks in the "industry" and they don't even know I exist from now on my questions to myself are going to be why is this important and how will this information help benefit you exactly? IF I don't have a satisfactory answer to those two questions I will most def keep it pushing. Death to all celeb-whore-t's, their entourages, their publicist, their street teams, and all the mofo's who co-sign their fucked up over indulgent lifestyles and behaviors!!!! Read more...

Friday, May 15, 2009



I stay recommending movies but this time, I need you all to go out and see this movie I am giving you advanced notice so no excuses mark the date on your calendars and keep this in the forefront of your minds this is important! This movie will be in limited release NOVEMBER 6, 2009 make it your business to find it in your city and see it!!!! CLICK HERE to find out more about the movie.

This movie is based on the book called PUSH buy that as well its important to recognize the voices of our time and generation especially when they are true talents that are a force to be reckoned with! Read more...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



The act of procreation is not cut and dry and 1,2,3 as people want to believe we all know that sperm fertilizes the egg but there are so many other ends and outs to it that it truly is one of those "God is the artist so allow him to use his paint brush to create sort of things." I don't think a lot of people get that, people around here just procreating because they hot in the ass with no real thought to their actions and it's sad. Being able to reproduce life and bring forth something out of your womb is a miraculous event and the people that seem to do it the most are the most inept shouldn't ever have kids type people.

Case in point:

This scenario where a chick has multiple partners and the egg is fertilized by more than one person causing twins is a raw occurrence, chick even had nerve to say she wasn't going to tell the other father I'm thinking ummm trick you on television telling the world already Lord please deliver my people from themselves for they truly know not what they do! But think about how many trick bunnies walking around with one child who has in actuality more than two daddies! Meaning one egg fertilized numerous times chick just getting skeeted numerous times not even knowing she already knocked up and still raw dogging dudes, its more common than you think folks. The point of conception is pretty much a guesstimate we all know someone who be like I counted it up, and I was with (insert name here) last so he gotta be the father when in actually if she has multiple partners it could be any one of them or all of them could have fertilized the egg smh. Why do people persist in play Russian roulette with their bodies? In this day and age shame has gone out the window and Maury is like a rite of passage shit is all bad, what can I do...I'm just one person trying to cling to some kind of decency and moral code... Read more...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



You know when I saw this video the first thing that went through my mind is my often used phrase "The Devil thought he had me" courtesy of House of Payne. This video moved me so much I felt it was my sacred duty as one of the voices of our times to warn the young thugs in the community. I just want to say if you a dude and you going to jail and you going to be in there some years forget about it that booty bandit stuff is real! Especially if you a sexy, cute, handsome type thug they are going to have a field day wearing that ass out literally!!! If I was a criminal I would be scared straight in more ways then one tell all your male kin folks this is what will happen to you in prison! By the way all you dudes that just got out I do know about being "jail gay" y'all ain't fooling no one I see that gleam in your eye, now HOW YOU DOOOOOOOOIN!!!!




This cartoon is so perfect without cartoons like this to keep people grounded we all would just float into space on our own egos! There must be balance people always!


Wednesday, May 06, 2009



So new videos I always love's Keyshia Coles videos she is steadily classy her mother and sister no so much, I guess you have to have a balance in every family. Like I was saying I love her videos because she always comes with the best fashions, shoes, and accessories, and make up whoever styles her stays on point for real! It's been rumored that she is dating a basketball player and she has a basketball players jersey on in the video so I want to know is dude a basketball player as the main guy or is he just some random video dude. I love Monica's look as well if her shoes get any taller she stay in some killer heels, shoe game is ridiculous and always on point!

Ummm Slim wtf me no likey this hot mess of a video all you dusty ass dudes plus model chicks in expensive rented shoes hell the shoes cost more than everyone in the video.

Ummmm Jackie Long....Teairra Mari....Ummmm the tribal dancing in iridescent war paint bet we see that next week in Solange's video.

Last but not least Maxwell is back with his song pretty wings, I still think this song is an ode to chicken.

BTW Chrisette Michelle 2nd album came out and so did Ciara's who copped what and which one is worth the money hollar back and let me know. Read more...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009



Riddle me this why does an African born model who speaks three languages and has a degree in fashion design and marketing have to take her clothes off just to get some where in the world. I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt until she opened her mouth and sounded vapid and shallow as hell. Because wearing diamonds, and staying in top notch hotel rooms that cater to the slutty and famous is what life is all about screw having some dignity and integrity some self respect (insert sarcasm) I won't say my exact thoughts on this because it will piss the world off, but mixed people are some strange creatures! Every last mixie I have ever met has just been royally screwed up mentally. Call it a generalization if you want but trying to live in two worlds, or trying to fit in but being pulled in two directions seems to cause them confusion so they just end up twisted and just weird. I haven't met a well adjusted well rounded mixie yet. I guess her next stop will be video vixen and then some arm candy for either a rapper, or basketball player. Instead of her the little bit of brains she has her claim to fame is now her booty, beauty, and titties and I'm sure she had to strut out some va-jay-jay as well. Shit is twisted it pays to be a woman alright just an exploited one, le-sigh.


Monday, May 04, 2009



P.S. I Love You

Whenever I watch a movie that has a theme about love it always leaves me wondering and pondering the reality of love. When I watch a movie with a white cast love is colored different its magnanimous its all consuming it’s their end all and be all. It makes them greater it ennobles them and changes them they get so swept up by it and it defines them. It alters their perception and it always makes them better for having loved versus not having loved. In every white movie I have ever seen where there was love involved it has been this all encompassing and consuming larger than life force that has guided the actions of characters and used them as pawns being it to its will like a force on its own.

This has caused me to become a hopeless romantic because I have ingested these movies that are not in line with my reality. These movies that are made make love seem so noble and so worthwhile like it’s the ultimate answer to every ultimate question, and the love is never quiet or simple it’s huge and overwhelming and powerful. I’ve lived for 30 years and I have never ever felt something so huge and all consuming. I have never even had a little bit of that. Does it exist for me? Is my love weighted down and less powerful because I am a black woman? I try and explain it to the best of my knowledge it’s like white women are freer more unrestrained happier easier they aren’t weighted down by the color of their skin, their economic situations, scratching out their places in the world having to be smarter, work harder, work longer, to be seen as competent in the work place. I am well aware of the glass ceiling but if white women have it bad it’s ten times worst for a black woman.

It’s easier to love freer and to just be when you don’t have a cultural noose around your neck. I can’t speak for anyone else but in my experience I have always tried to be rational and not allow myself to get swept up in lust, sometimes I didn’t succeed in my efforts but as I have grown older I have learned to steer clear of foolish lustful endeavors, but I hear that white women just pretty much let the passion take them over and they give in to their impulses far more often than a black woman. From Fairy tales to modern day romance movies I feel like I have been lied to. There is no all encompassing love that is going to come in and change you and make you a better person at least not for me, there is no all consuming love that is going to just make me into a better person and set my heart on fire. I would have liked to have such a love but this isn’t the movies and I’m not some blond haired, fair skinned damsel in distress waiting for the perfect boy to sweep me off of my feet and change me because our love is that big. The reality of it is black folks have love with restraint and conditions, always some sort of conditions, White folks seem to just be able to fall seamlessly in love and it changes them completely it makes them better people to and for each other.

Make no mistake I am well aware that it doesn’t always work out but the journey and the ride makes it seem like it’s worth it. This is why I stick to horror films because getting killed, maimed, twisted or frightened is something that can happen to anyone there is no huge difference in how bad things are perpetrated in movies we all know the ethnic characters get killed first and then everyone else but they all dies painful and under horrible circumstances. It’s a revelation though to know that my inner romantic was getting fed off of these white romance movies now I know how to starve that bitch and finally kill her off. It’s sad if you really think about it this is what keeps black folks from loving each other and just giving in. We weren’t taught to love like that we always had to focus on just living and trying to maintain and if we happened to find love then it was always an afterthought or secondary, love is a luxury that one can’t afford because the business of living is costly and the almighty dollar calls for heavy sacrifices. It’s amazing how love is colored different depending on your skin color and economic status.

If you don’t think so then you’re either a fool, or an optimist that wears a special brand of rose tinted contacts. Either way ignorance is bliss but I’ve never liked living in la-la-land and it took me sometime to figure it out, like going to a therapist all this time and the cause and cure was stop believing in this romance movies that are getting cranked out and shoved down your throat like bitter medicine. Hell the stuff in movies isn’t real that’s why it’s a movie no one wants to watch real love onscreen that’s depressing the movies are an escape from reality. So I am killing off my inner romantic slowly but surely now that I’ve finally got to the root of my problem.

So here’s to the death of my inner romantic and the dewy eyed optimistic outlook she was secretly holding onto I kept wondering what kept giving me false hope and I now realize it was these movies and now I know I was creating in my mind a blueprint for failure. I didn’t think I was that impressionable but somehow the impression was made on me that romance and love was attainable and love was this huge wonderful emotion, that’s not my reality and to wait for it would be detrimental and foolish so now that I know that I will make it my business to stop believing in celluloid and airbrushed magic. I feel so foolish realizing that all this time I have been secretly holding on to this unrealistic concept of love because of movies wow now that the rose colored contacts are finally off I can let go of my silly romantic notions and resign myself to a loveless fate it’s alright I have a great soundtrack…. Read more...

Sunday, May 03, 2009



Today I was really just in a morose and reflective place reflecting on how bad my life is once again and someone happened to twit this youtube video and it just really spoke to where I was and it felt like a sign so I wanted to share it with you guys as well. Enjoy: