Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Someone please explain why Amber Rose is so hot in the streets, what exactly is it about her that makes men want to boo her up? When she talks do y'all even listen when she opens her mouth out flies common gutter she doesn't even sound remotely educated. Like this is a serious question I really want to know and I'm not even asking from a hating standpoint I just really want to know what her hype is about. Did she invent something? Does she pee cotton candy? Does her vagina perhaps smell like success and roses? I mean give me something people give me her IT factor and while we on IT factors again why do people worship Kim Kardashian? She made a sex tape with ray-j and then overnight she was a household name but besides dibbling and dabbling in this venture or that venture, posing naked then crying about it what's her real talent? Besides being able to screw black men with low self esteem and no sense? What exactly is her skill? Has anyone every bought anything from either of her stores? Will she be relevant now that there is a cheaper choice for advertisers to use in the recent look alike girl in the old navy ads?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know that people like to use grey areas because it makes life easier. If you can live in a grey area you don't have to make definitive decisions and you can usually be greedy with the life decisions you are making. For example: if you are legally separated and you think its okay to tell people you are single and that you are completely free to date not only are you a moron but you have unfinished business as well and to add insult to injury you are needlessly complicating someone else's life because you haven't made the decision to get a divorce or you aren't going to divorce but just be separated indefinitely. Why bring your unfinished business into someones uncomplicated life like that? That's not okay not by a long shot a legal separation does not mean finished it is a break, when you are on break at your job you don't get to clock out and leave because your work is not finished yet. It's the same thing with legal separation you're just taking a break you haven't finished the job yet, you're still on the clock no matter how long the break is until you resign or quit that job/marriage you are still under the law a spouse/ an employee.  Now it may be all good to the person who's separated and they may like living in that grey area but stop trying to date or go out with someone who is really unattached and really single and stop trying to convince someone with sense that the definition of separated really means single. I don't know what law you think you living under but in America separated is still married all day everyday and that's just the way it is and the way its going to stay it has the potential to cause confusion and issues later on, plus its messy. How dare you think its okay for you to start something fresh with someone else when you still haven't settled business at home stop doing that shit. I know that everyone you go out with is not going to be a match but dating for recreation is just not my thing but kudos to those of you that enjoy doing it.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


There is a hope in me that will not die, no matter how much I tell myself that its impossible and that it just won't happen but I can't get myself to give up the wanting for it to come into fruition. I have always been a romantic a part of myself that I don't broadcast freely because people have a tendency to want to exploit anything that might look remotely like a weakness or a soft side. Most people tend to make snap judgments about my character and who I am so they probably wouldn't believe that I was a closet romantic and that deep down inside I would love to have some kind of happy ending but I know that this is the real world and for black girls we don't get rainbows and prince charming's we get shafted, ignored, looked over, left, under loved, under appreciated, and just generally left wanting more.


Friday, February 18, 2011

L.O.V.E. LOVE. L-O-V-E. L/O/V/E.


You ever stop to think that all the little pieces of your life the small and the big, the important and the not so important are all just that? Small pieces that at the end of your life someone looks at and goes, "such and such was a great person, or such and such was an asshole and I'm glad s/he is dead!" so what is really important in life? What is the one thing that strings all those little life pieces together? What will people say about you when they come to your funeral? When they look at your life which is the dash in between when you were born and when you died what will they reflect on? Is it success or what we call success? Is it having everyone know your name and buying/wearing your product? Is it having billions of dollars, living in fancy mansions, buying the latest MAYBACH, wearing couture clothes? I don't think it's any of that I think the one thing that money truly can't buy is happiness, nor love. It can buy a facsimile of it, it can even buy you an entourage but it can't buy you real love. There is a scene in the movie The Color Purple Where Shug Avery is telling Miss Celie that "everything just want to be loved." That is a true enough statement indeed.


Wednesday, February 02, 2011


In case you have forgotten or live under a rock or just don't generally care it is that time again February the shortest month, the one month out of 12 that black folks get to talk about Martin, Malcolm, Sojourner, Harriet, and Fredrick Douglas to their hearts content then we are generally swept under the rug once again. Since I'm black 365 days of the year I made it a point to learn african-american history not just the oft talked about hero's but the ones that aren't given as much shine or often not talk about at all as well as a general history of how we came to this country and much of the south was built on the backs of our ancestors. However most black folks are not interested in what's behind them but rather the here and now and that is how history gets lost and is rewritten because no one is making sure that the history tellers (the prevalent culture) is telling the truth. Just like how the tea party wants to rewrite history to tell a gentler tale soon history will be a fairy tale and fiction altogether. So if you have kids it would behoove you to tell them their history, not just gucci mane, wacka flacko flames, lil wang, and all the rest of the foolishness that make up current pop black coon culture.