Monday, August 03, 2009


Dear Mothers and Fathers please don't let your babies grow up to be "soulja boy shouldn't have been here" Reason 3000 that I think Soulja boy stupid should have never been allowed to make the most ridiculous music known to man.

Ya know I'm sure someone in the hood who is barely making it is sitting there looking like "Man I wanna be that Nigga. He so hard man he doing it up big how can I be like him one day?" This is the shit right here that just makes me ponder the way of the world. How does the same world we live in produce people like Michelle Obama and then Soulja boy. It just boggles the mind it really does. If he would just do something great with him money like go to school, or start a music program for underprivilege kids in his neighborhood, or perhaps buy a sista like me a prius fully loaded instead of just tricking his money off in coontastic proportions. If I had his money I would invest it, save it, stack it, and invest in myself instead of buying shit that is ridiculous and depreciates and just doesn't even matter.

40 years from now when he is an old man and he is in a retirement home sitting in pissy diapers with a rash on his ass I hope he will think about all the money he wasted in his youth. Many African-American's don't ever get a chance to see the breadth of money this young boy is just pissing away in their lifetimes its offensive and yep I'm hating. The shit is obscene and just flagrantly wrong now I see why folks would just run up in his house and jack him for what he had on hand. He practically makes you want to pistol whip his ass just for the fun of it. I don't know where this child's handlers are but I bet they laughing their asses off as he spends his ring tone money away while they count their stacks and put them in a bank because they know better. Or maybe he is on that never-never-land kick just surrounding his ass with yes men who will let him do anything he wants because that's what they get paid to do.

Sadness every time a black person in the media does something tacky and just fucking retarded thus by tainting all of with their coonery an angel get's killed and Satan scores one for his team. Someone tell Soulja boy stupid that tricking off money even if you got it is still TRICKING!