Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I wrote this particualr blog awhile back, its one of those blogs that speaks on a timeless subject. As long as we have male and female interaction there will always be the need for this subject matter. I think women are called the weaker sex for a reason, no matter how many advances get made in this society a woman's nature is not changed that much. It will never change we are designed a specific way. But I don't believe we have to be stupid in the pursuit of male companionship. Just being a little wiser and learning from your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others can save you from getting wrapped up in and caught up in dumb situations time and time again. Ladies its time to sharpen the mind, protect and guard the body and heart, and stop throwing your pearls before swine. Swine don't appreciate pearls they can only appreciate slop, think about it!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, time and time again I try and help you all out. I try and give you the game so that you can see that these ninja's ain't coming with nothing but lies and half-truths. ALL IT IS, IS GAME FOR YOUR BLUETOOTH! I know that I might be preaching to the choir here and some of you might be tired of me beating a dead horse but fuck what must I do to help my sistas out? What must I do to show you that these ninja's in the street are just looking for a hole to stick their dicks in and they will try and accomplish that by any means necessary. Maybe I am not breaking it down clear enough for you maybe I have not defined what by any means necessary means, maybe I am not saying it in a way that you can comprehend it. Let's see, I have given you examples, I have shared the bullshit I have encountered, I have stood on my platform repeatedly and soap-boxed myself to death. It's not cute, its not sexy, its not original, and it certainly is trifling after awhile ladies, if you still getting caught up in some of these same damn mantraps, mistakes, and fuck ups, then guess what IT'S YOU!

Some shit is sense, some is trial and error, and some is just intuition there is no way in the world a woman who is in touch with her own mind should still be falling for some of the same shit over and over again! That's like seeing a sign that says don't drink me and you drink it. I guess it is human nature to want to touch fire because you can't just believe it will burn you, then when it does burn you, you have the nerve to get mad at the fire! Backwards. as. hell!

So okay ladies I'm going to point out somethings you shouldn't be doing and if you are doing these things then I don't want to hear shit about you complaining about the outcome of the shit, you're just going to have to take the L on somethings because you brought them on yourself!

first and foremost the female that lays down with a man who already has more than one baby-momma and winds up pregnant, straight up and down you're a dummy! There is no way to sugarcoat that. Before you lay down with any man you need to know his background, whether he has kids, whether he a deadbeat dad, if he is in the rears for child support,LET ME GIVE YOU A HUGE ASS HINT if he knows how to drive but his license is suspended and its not for DUI's or some other shit then most likely he already in the system for back child support! Which means he ain't paying that shit, but I bet his ass stay geared up, and with beat machines and Mac computers cause everyone is a super producer he getting money under the table and he ain't giving shit if any to his children! And if you fally anywhere in between the 2nd or the 100th baby momma unless he is a millionaire like puff pastry good luck getting anything for your child! Shit Puff Pastry doesn't even claim his other daughter with that Sarah chick he skeeted smh, fucking shame! You need to know whether he has been married, why he isn't married, what happened in his last relationships, is he a cheater, is he a habitual liar, is he a drug addict, know a man at least six months before you sleep with his ass and fuck yes do a background check. In this day and age Google his ass, check out his friends list, hell look at his comments, if you are interested in him like that then unfortunately you have to dig into his past if you want him to be part of your future or you will regret it! No one should walk into anything blindly fuck that and stop getting in the bed with these men before asking about their medical history, no one should be dying from dick. Bottom line know the man you are dealing with before you slide between his sheets and get to calling out his name and doing all the pussy tricks you think will make him stay.

Next if a man is ten years or more older than you, then this man has a pattern he is a step above a pedophile which still makes him a predatory type of man. He preys on women with low self esteem, and who aren't every smart. Now people have different intelligences if yours isn't in a mental way then you are compensated with another type of intelligence you just have to discover what it is, but I digress if every female that this man has ever been with has always been significantly younger than this man that is a dead give away as to his true nature! This type of man needs to be able to manipulate his woman, a woman who won't question him, or put to many demands on him, a female that will keep loose ties on him, and in return he will give her a false sense of security, he will lie to her face while the truth is blatantly starring her down, but because he has her mind, her heart, and body, she will willingly be his fool, time and time again in the hopes that he will make her his wife and that they will live happily ever after, even though more likely than not he is a liar, a cheater, and a user, and a deadbeat. This type of man is a man who knows his victims well, he knows the type of women he can easily manipulate he spots them, he smells them even.

Last but not least cycles, if your family has a history of women without husbands but a bunch of kids then, most likely you will be a victim of the same type of cycle this has become your ghetto legacy. This is what you will give to your children, this is what you have been brought up in and what you know and even if you know this is a destructive path most likely you will still choose it because it is familiar, someone in your life has probably said to you as you were growing up that you were going to end up just like your momma and guess what happens. Never ending cycles are a hard thing to break but if you don't do it then the generations never get saved, nor changed.

I think maybe I should just write a book but if no one reads a blog why would anyone read a book, especially by a woman on the subject of men??? Anyway I'm emotionally spent hope this helps someone pass it around the world save a young woman from herself...