Thursday, July 30, 2009


OKAY WTF why would they give this girl this song to fail on? No,explain it to me real slow. I'll wait.

Umk look the first video didn't blow my socks off now you gave it to a chick and while her voice sounds alright the video part deux just doesn't do it for me either. First girly didn't even get a dope house she got some ole regular type shit a damn townhouse, and its still got shit all around from her real birthday party!!! Then the dude in the video is extra regular looking and a bit on the "is he a child molester" type steez because I'm hoping that the chick singing this song is safely way over the age of 21 if not Houston we got a problem!

Then they walk upstairs into the bedroom and he take out his pocket a damn lighter! A lighter my nig from the corner store where you bought your 40oz from? Le-sigh then they lay her in the middle of the bed and light all these candles around her if one of them had of dropped on the spread and it went up like a damn cheap wig that would have made the video 10 times better.

Look I understand that the budgets for videos are next to nil these days especially if you aren't already an established artist but this shit that y'all are making is a waste of damn time and energy send me the budget hell we can get it cracking in my damn room and shit and I guarantee that video will be fiyah!

Other wise the whole video department at def jam needs to be fired ASAP!
Watch the video if you must but be prepared to be underwhelmed.