Monday, August 17, 2009


So I was browsing the news site NEWSONE and a particular article in the opinion section caught my eye. Quite naturally I had to make haste to read the article to see what all it said. Most days when I see black men bashing/confirming/giving the various reasons they don't date black women I just roll my eyes and don't even bother to read the shit. Because let's face it I am one woman and sometimes holding up that tattered flag of black love has become some what more of a burden these days. I'm like so over Love period, I wouldn't care if the world imploded and that was the end of human civilization. This is the age of selfishness and everyone is about self and self preservation.

Plus I'm tired of the overwhelming statics being trotted out and time again about black women in large numbers going unmarried vs. white women who are able to get married in droves and bushels. I digress anyway the article is titled The Top 10 Complaints about Black Women. Here's the list:

10. Confrontational-always wants to fight.

9. Loud-and can’t turn the volume down.

8. Fat-not every time, but too many times.

7. Catty/Competitive-hates girlfriends but always listening to them.

6. Unrealistic-thinks a Bentley costs a penny.

5. Selfish-but pushes us down by the head and shoulders.

4. Emasculating-and dressing like men too.

3. Controlling-manipulating. Ya’ll got a good life, man.

2. Demanding-wanting us to be different from the ‘we’ we are now.

1. Blameless-even when wrong.

While I'm so tempted to do a tit for tat I won't not this time at least but I will say that while this list has some truth to it I don't agree that this list is exclusively what black women do and any black man who thinks like that of course is a flawed individual that is so full of shit and really should pull his head out his ass. While the psychological ramifications are huge when you can't stand the females in your very own race and see them only as the enemy its sad and since my soul is already numb to this kind of shit it doesn't bleed in protest anymore. Some where along the line I begin to numb myself, mentally and emotionally because I am really tired of the onslaught of white/mexican/asian/anything but a black woman is better. Its a sickness especially when black men come out the very womb of the women they start hating. How can you look in the face of your mother, grandmother, aunts, and sisters and see nothing but an enemy?

Since black men are turning their backs on black women and black women either have to date outside their race or remain single I wonder how long it will take before the black race is completely and totally stamped out in northern America. I give it a total of 100 years there won't be any "American" black folks left just "others"and ambiguous racially mixed up individuals that will claim all the races as theirs. Nothing but pale skin, watered down features, fine thin hair, and a long forgotten race of people that once were....What a legacy to inherit

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