Friday, August 07, 2009


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Guess What yep I'm reposting this because today is officially my 31st birthday. So If you come across this post this is your chance to get your drink on this Friday in honor of yours truly. I don't care if it's just a quick shot but drink in honor of me I would appreciate it. Post a picture as well that would really make my day.

Dear LEO's other signs, and general people your queen is here. I think it should be a national holiday but ya know what can I do I'm just one person but It's that time again Yep that only comes around once a year. I think it should be a special day for everyone when their day of birth comes around. Simply because you made another year all the shit that tried to take you down and take you out didn't and you're steadly marching up that hill towards old age. Not everyone will get to celebrate their birthday this year so the ones that made it need to do something if not its affront to the very people who are no longer living among us. But not everyone shares the same sentiment with me. So not that anybody gives a shit I just thought I would mention some of the things that I would like to see appear around my person during my day of birth. I know what you thinking some weep and mourn that very day which has spawned yours truly but yea bitches I'm still here so just put your death shroud on and keep it pushing but leave something in the collection plate (aka the paypal account), would be nice if you did!

Some of the things I would like the Master of the Universe, Creator of all things, and the one who made me in his image (its in the bible look it up) to put on the hearts and minds of the people that know me and share some of my DNA or just think I deserves some nice things and a nice day for once. (Cue the sad tears) Anyway the list is as follows:

  1. M.A.C gift certificate or a gift certificate to where these lovely cosmetics are sold. Nordstrom's preferably.
  2. A Nintendo DSi
  3. Some of these LOWRIDER: SKULLCANDY HEADPHONES specifically though in glen-plaid<<<>
  4. A visa/mastercard/(any) gift certificates will do
  5. Rent me a mustang convertible or let me drive around in yours for the whole weekend
  6. A torrid gift certificate
  7. Cash/Check/money orders
  8. An Ipod classic the highest gig one in silver
  9. A day out with my sister without rugrats
  10. A sweet attentive guy who takes me out and makes me smile
  11. Movie tickets
  12. concert tickets
  13. A Flip HD camera
  14. A tripod for my digital camera
  15. One of tiffany's new Key Necklaces in Gold
  16. A yorkie with a carrier bag
  17. Dinner at PF Changs with my whole family (sister included)
  18. A bottle of Patron
  19. A night out dancing my ass off
  20. A new laptop MAC but I'll settle for a pc with a lot of memory
I know quite a list but in my mind I'm worth it, sad others don't think so shrugs it is what it is. I don't want all the things on the list but majority of them would be nice. I am giving you plenty of advance notice since my Birthday is not until next Friday, circle it on your calendars kiddies and hold your glass up high in the air with some type of spirit in it and take a sip for your girl, even utter a prayer if you are so inclined I would appreciate it.