Friday, February 27, 2009


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I know that I have posted this before but Its too brilliant not to re-post again, and since I am the only one who reads this blog it matters not if I post it again.

Dear Uncle Sam:

Hi, it's me the one you know as ***-**-****. I have worked in your system since I was the ripe age of 19 officially. I have had jobs that paid a wage that wouldn't even keep a well fed pooch alive let alone a person with financial responsibilities. You see Uncle Sam I have tried my hardest to do right, work, be a responsible citizen and pledge my allegiance to my country even when I think you're wrong I still would just shrug and chop it up to America being America. I thought we had some type of understanding I would work my way up the pay scale and you would raise my wages due to a cost of living increase. Some where along the lines though Uncle Sam you failed me. You wrote books and legislation's on freedom, and democracy, you said give us your hungry and poor and we will clothe and feed them we will welcome you with open arms because we are America and that is our duty and we do it proudly.

Well Uncle Sam I am pissed off because I am American born and bred but I can't pay not a one of my bills because I can't find a job that will hire me with a wage rate that will allow me to keep up with the cost of my expenses and the cost of living in southern California. I own that I have made financial missteps but no worst then the wheffa who runs up her charge card on gucci, and prada. Actually my mistakes don't even amount to anything that huge, but I digress. I have not used the best of judgment at times but to repeatedly deny me work thus not allowing me to better my situation and pull myself up by my bootstraps is that not a blatant mockery of what America stands for? How can I better my situation if I can't get a job paying decent wages due to my current FICA score? I am stuck in the catch 22, I have gotten sucked into this downward spiral and I am stuck at the bottom and I am caught in the drainpipe called despair. What about me have I not be a loyal citizen? Have I not warranted your care, or help? Have you not seen me broken and beaten down by my financial circumstances? What would you have me do? Prostitute my body? Sell drugs? Rob and steal? After I take one of these alternative methods of living into consideration and I happen to get caught by your boys in blue Johnny law and they throw me under the penal system and give me life because I can't afford a high profile lawyer to plead my case what then Uncle Sam?

At this point in my life I just want simple things I want to be able to maintain a well paying job, one that will allow me to pull myself out of the financial bind that has become my resting place, I want to be able to live on my own with having to worry about where my next meal is coming from or if my lights and gas will be turned off. I want to be a productive member of society but I am being penalized because I can't afford to pay my bills and have made some poor financial choices in my life. I am now not a worthy candidate to be hired because according to employers who run a background check and see a poor credit history/score they say it speaks to my trustworthiness and therefore my credit score says that I could be considered untrustworthy around sensitive information, that I am susceptible to bribes, that I may commit fraud using someone else's information etc. In actuality I have never even stole so much as a piece of bubblegum, nor would I ever steal because if I was a thief I wouldn't be poor I would be rich, if I had no integrity I would be a winner because people with no integrity do whatever it takes to make that almighty dollar, they bend the truth, they use "creative" money management, they do whorish things to get ahead in life, suck a little dick, put out porn tapes, write about extramarital affairs, sleep with their bosses to get ahead etc. So what would you advise me to do Uncle Sam if no one will hire me for anything what recourse do I have? I am at the whim of the world I can't even pay my cellphone bill and yes that will go on my credit also, my bank account is also overdrawn and yes that will go on my credit also and the fun just keeps going.

I just want to say thank you for thinking of me when you passed these laws that made it virtually impossible to improve upon my financial situation, thank you for valuing people from other countries better than you value your native sons and daughters. Thank you for not allowing a single black women who has no kids to be eligible for any kind of aid or benefits because you don't consider her destitute enough. If anyone were to ask me where the greatest place in the world is to live I would truly be at a lost for words because right now my life is fucked up and you don't give a shit but yet you say I shouldn't be lazy, and trifling, pushing out babies and putting them on the counties dime. Yet when I don't do that I can't get any financial help so Thank you Uncle Sam for being that uncle that rapes me in the basement and robs me of my dignity repeatedly. I am your least favorite Niece, the forgotten and the destitute yet you want me to believe in you, care about you, work towards a common goal and do my part. Why not just give me my own BET reality show you can call it a "broke black bitch with no whip and no chips" or how about "Shuckin' and jivin' coon time for that prime time dime" or "America's next baby momma with three different baby daddies who all have to go on Maury and none of them are still not the father" I digress. You have to wonder about a country that rewards stupidity, turns a back to everyday american's with real financial needs, but makes instant stars out of women who use there wombs as a revolving door for romper room. If this world isn't fucked up and backwards then I must not having my thinking in order.

Signed your least favorite, never thought of native niece

God Bless America.....