Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I think it's pretty much safe to say that T-pain has become the ambassador for all things fuckery and musical. Now as I watch this SNL clip and I couldn't help but think damn they jacked the whole concept of akon's Acorns latest video but its all irrelevant actually. But It's damn safe to say not one of these "singers" or "rappers" (using those terms in the lightest way possible) own none of these boats. And as I got to thinking more about it, since the economy is all fucked to hell I'm sure these pimps of culture are doing what they have to just to stay afloat in these troubled times as long as the check get's cashed right fellas! Now who say's I never tried to give these wack acts the benefit of my doubt! In every generation there is a STEPIN FETCHIT some even argue that Tyler Perry is one but you already know my views on that if not REFRESH YOUR MEMORY

SNL Clip:

Acorn's Video: