Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When I first heard the news of the alleged beat down involving the young couple Chrianna I thought it was a joke, hell I even made a joke about it. But as the reports kept pouring in I grew more and more intrigued and found myself jumping on the beat down bandwagon, but today I have firmly resolved to move on from this media frenzy of speculation and hearsay. With the advance of the Internet and especially with the way that information is spread everyone is already informed and their opinions are already set in stone before the truth comes out. We have all heard about the situation with Rihanna and Chris Brown every blog all over the world has already decided that Chris Brown is a monster and Rihanna is a poor helpless victim I have read the stories myself and I found myself buying into it until someone pointed out no one has officially made a statement except the police and at they have only released the bare minimum of information but both of Chris Brown's camp and Rihanna's have said nothing officially. Yes you are reading all the speculation and rumors that people are churning out but because you don't know these people personally and because you weren't an eyewitness yourself it is all just hearsay and speculation. Every women over the age of 18 is outraged and we won't even discuss the opinion of the men.

But let me put another spin on this hate me be mad at me call me what you want but sometimes women are the aggressors and sometimes women are the abusers. Especially if a woman thinks that a man won't have the audacity to hit her back she then thinks that she has the license to proceed to whoop on his ass. I have seen people close to me put this very practice into action on more than one occasion. I have seen a woman jump in a man's face and scratch his face up, punch him, just wailing on him threatening to shoot him on sight if he step foot in her their house. I've seen the same woman come at the man another time with a knife where he had to wrestle her to the floor and pry the knife out her hand and use his whole body to restrain her until she calmed down. We aren't in the age of the helpless woman anymore some of these women bring it on themselves. If you jump bad in a mans face and put yourself in a mans place then you will get treated like a man. It's one thing to defend yourself and protect yourself but when you are the abuser, verbally, mentally, physically as a woman you are just as wrong as a man who would do the same thing. People tend to forget that women can be abusive as well, don't let the lipstick and pumps fool you!

I am going to focus on not taking sides since I don't know the whole story. I will say I think it is a shame that already people have become judge and jury to what is a very private and hurtful situation being played out on the public stage. I think any abuse is hard enough to bear but when you are a young celebrity then it's 100% overblown and magnified and everyone is going in on it without even having the facts in the matter. I don't even want to speculate on it anymore it's actually disheartening to say the least. That a bright talented young African American/ bajan descent are now standing trial in the minds and hearts of millions who don't even know the whole story or even know these two individuals personally. It's events like these that make me oh so glad I am not in the public eye It's way to many people who judge you just for living life day to day but when you're a celebrity you can't even have a bad day without it being documented. We love to put celebrities on a pedestal and then knock them down when we think they have done wrong in the public's eye.

What's really sad is the media is so blood thirsty they were even saying that the man who was involved in the slow moving police chase on Monday night was Chris Brown, and they had no problem speculating and stating it was him until they found out the person in the car wasn't significantly important it was just all bad. That's when I knew I had to hop off the Chrianna train wreck and step it back a notch I was like wow it's the OJ media feeding frenzy all over again. He is already guilty in a lot of peoples mind without saying a word. Whatever the case I think both of the young stars need to seek counseling for whatever issues they might have individually. I think at this point they shouldn't even be in the same country let alone the same room but then again that's just me looking in. I wish both them the best of luck and I hope they gain maturity and wisdom from this incident and I hope they each get what they are crying out for in their lives. Money doesn't make you happier, healthier, or better if its not used in a constructive way.