Tuesday, March 01, 2011


So as you can guess from the title this is not going to be a post for those who defend or practice cheating in any form or fashion. I know most people who have called themselves being in a relationship have cheated at one time or other, be it emotional or physical or both. I'm not naive to the ways of the world I know that men cheat, women cheat, husbands cheat, children are born sometimes from these very unions and all that good stuff. Well ladies and gentlemen no matter how you sugar coat it, no matter how you justify it, no matter how bad things are at home there is no justification for cheating, EVER! Stop trying to paint cheating into a lesser offense by trying to color it with shades of grey there are only two choices in this life right or wrong period! When you name a thing and give it it's proper definition then there can be no room for error when you are doing it. So let's break this down here let's define the word infidelity exactly, Dictionary.com defines unfaithful as:

[in-fi-del-i-tee] Show IPA
–noun, plural -ties.
1. marital disloyalty; adultery.
2. unfaithfulness; disloyalty.
3. lack of religious faith, esp. Christian faith.
4. a breach of trust or a disloyal act; transgression.

This might just be me but does anyone else besides myself find it ironic that the same word that is used to describe cheating also describes a lack of religious faith? Let that marinate for a minute. Words do not lie, the definition of words do not lie, the definition of a word can be added too but once its in the dictionary its pretty much set in stone. Therefore the definition of infidelity has had the same definition since the word was made so why would people act like cheating, being unfaithful, and infidelity which are synonyms of each other has a grey area? You see a grey area anywhere in there let me know because maybe I'm missing it.

Okay so with that being said I crack up and give people the gas face every time they start grinning and talking about their man or woman when I know that you know that I know the person you are referring to is not your man or woman you just borrowing someone else's man or woman. If that was your man or woman then how come they married to someone else but sneaking off to be with you? Is that the new definition to being in a relationship? Stop sugar coating it, stop trying to make it sound less acrimonious then it is, call it what it is you're a home wrecker! Now for those of you that will come out the woodworks and say, "well no one can take your man or woman away from you they leave on their own." If the person's heart has turned from you then fine if they don't want to work it out fine, if they have already packed up their things and left fine, but if that said person is still coming home every night, still going through the trouble of lying to their spouse, still sleeping in the same bed as their spouse, still going on family trips with the family, and all you get is five minute phone calls, or a text on the holidays that is not your significant other you are just an orifice for them to pump and sweat in.

I know that people like to think that they are special and that the person they creeping with will leave the one they are originally with to be with their side piece. This rarely happens and when it does how can you trust someone that you were cheating with? Why would you want to be with someone that willingly cheated and then left someone to be with you? What's the logic in that? I know feelings aren't logical but you have to over rule your basic selfish emotions for the greater good sometimes. Cheating is not done in a bubble it does have far reaching ramifications sometimes, it does affect those around you, and its just not cool. If you have to cheat if you feeling that itch if you think that 20% in the streets is more then the 80% you have at home then have at it, but do yourself a favor everything should be done decent and in order. Don't start something new until you have finished your old business. If you feel like its not working and you don't want to work on it then fine but stop coming home and putting off divorce and lying its not going to make things better the longer you put off telling the truth, the longer it takes for you to come clean and do things decent in order the harder its going to be for everyone involved.

I'm not a big advocate of divorce but if you're selfish and you don't know the real meaning of marriage then you shouldn't enter into it lightly. Which people do now, when you're married you do give up the I's for the Us and We. It is no longer about what you want but what you and your spouse wants as a team. When you are repeating your vows before God and witnesses those words are not just suggestions but they are actual vows that are said for your benefit and so that you know that marriage is work and shouldn't be entered into lightly. If you can't put aside your ego, your skirt chasing ways, if you can't be with just one person until death part's you then marriage is not for you. What's funny about that is people walking around saying that marriage has changed, marriage hasn't changed people have changed how they feel about marriage has changed and people are a lot more selfish these days. Some people really want to be married and those that are fortunate enough to get to walk down the aisle but take it for granted or throw it away I hope you get a rash on a part of your body that's hard to scratch and it causes you to smell funny and possibly have anal leakage. Steps down off of her soapbox tucks it neatly under her arm and walks off.