Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Graphic from Three wise monkeys

Okay the week hasn't even gotten started good and already here are some of the things I'm sick of hearing about:

1. How Charlie Sheen is winning: Charlie Sheen will keep being an asshole with a drug problem because way to many people profit off of it. He will keep doing whatever he wants and everyone that let's him get away with and cheers him on enables him.People might be laughing and shaking their heads and saying, "Well he's just ya know Charlie Sheen that's just what he does" enables him to keep acting the way he does. Why should he change its way more profitable for him to be unstable and crazy.  He is a drug abuser, and a woman abuser but how quickly that is forgiven it's because no one released the pictures of the women he has assaulted Nice America that of course is called Winning, Duh.

2. How Poor Rhianna suffered: Last time I checked she went on to turn that situation into a mound of money and frankly her career would have ended long ago if it wasn't for that incident. They both where still young when it happened they both most likely were hitting on each other all the time, hit each other, shout and fight then have rough make up sex its what young people do. Her voice is annoying and that red hair she is sporting makes one think more of a maxi pad during heavy flow then anything else.  I know most people who listen to music don't actually listen to lyrics but her S&M song is about being kinky and getting beat on, that turns her on so a little hitting and what not might actually do it for her...I'm just saying some women like to be choked, bit, hit and whatever else it's all apart of their bedroom games the kinkier it is the more turned on they become. No one even knows the whole story behind that incident but everyone still keep buying that chick music out of sympathy. Public sympathy + money + endorsements = she is Winning, Duh.

3. Chris Brown is a monster: Listen he's still so young, been in the business since he was what 14? I'm not condoning his actions but when him and Ri got into it he was 19 right? As far as I'm concerned it was teenage passion gone out of control. I'm sure it wasn't the first time they have gotten into something like that, the dude did his time and he did his mandated anger management but to keep bringing it up over and over is overkill and just redundant. Plus how you bring down one's career but big up another's from the same incident, when you young you make mistakes some of us have the fortune of not being in the limelight where our mistakes were made which means they didn't make a big echo around the world so lay off the dude he can't get right with folks always picking at the sore spot and he needs a better and more aggressive handler, some time to himself and just some spiritual healing or something.

4. Kanye Is an Asshole: Kanye is what Kanye is the man started making money fed his ego, plus his momma died so you got all that going on plus creativity and art and whatever else he into feeding his needs and obsessions. Yes this current Kanye is an asshole because he doesn't have anyone to check him, his check system was put in the ground so...pray for him and hope he get right before he gone in a blaze of glory.

5. Rappers and Ho's. Basketball players and Ho's, Football players and Ho's Regular dudes and Ho's:  When you met her you knew she was a super groupie, when you meet her you knew she was passing it out to everyone whomever had the biggest bank was getting to hit anyway they like to. If you are in the limelight and don't know this by now then you deserve whatever you get. Money + super groupies = Child support and sometimes alimony. If you don't wrap it up and get the baby tested before you sign you name on that dotted line YOUR FAULT! Furthermore no one wants to hear about your rants about how your babymomma ain't shit and how she using the child to extort you for money, you should have been more selective before you laid the pipe and skeeted the chick.

Steps off Soapbox and walks calmly off.