Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Someone please explain why Amber Rose is so hot in the streets, what exactly is it about her that makes men want to boo her up? When she talks do y'all even listen when she opens her mouth out flies common gutter she doesn't even sound remotely educated. Like this is a serious question I really want to know and I'm not even asking from a hating standpoint I just really want to know what her hype is about. Did she invent something? Does she pee cotton candy? Does her vagina perhaps smell like success and roses? I mean give me something people give me her IT factor and while we on IT factors again why do people worship Kim Kardashian? She made a sex tape with ray-j and then overnight she was a household name but besides dibbling and dabbling in this venture or that venture, posing naked then crying about it what's her real talent? Besides being able to screw black men with low self esteem and no sense? What exactly is her skill? Has anyone every bought anything from either of her stores? Will she be relevant now that there is a cheaper choice for advertisers to use in the recent look alike girl in the old navy ads?

Its mind blowing to me how people can go to school and get a degree but still dick ride and fall into the mindset of being a sheep who mindlessly follows the cues from Hollywood about what's hot or not and what your life should be according to "stars" and use that as a measuring stick to define your life by. Who wouldn't like to have money that's a no-brainer but some of the folks with money are just elevated trash plain and simple and they make it look good because they have handlers that come behind them and set up the smoke and mirrors which turn shit into spun gold don't get me wrong sometimes I even get caught up in the hype but then I pause and gather my senses and realize what they eat does not make me shit and what they do in their household at the end of the day does not affect mines in the least and they certainly aren't writing me any checks so why should I give a full brain cell to what is going on in their world? Its entertainment at best and it is fun to see a so called "celeb" knocked off their gilded perch but at the end of the day these folks are all fluff no substance and just a waste of time and energy and their "reality shows" I'm not going to waste keystrokes.

Riddle me this why is it okay for Martin Lawrence to wear a dress, a fat suit, a wig and make up, but when Tyler Perry does it, it's a major issue and correct me if I'm wrong but Flip Wilson, and a whole host of other comedians have put on dresses and made there own women characters up but they were never attacked for it. Why is it when Perry does it everyone is up in arms? Movies are made for entertainment Tyler has a formula that he uses, that works for him if you don't like it don't look at it. But I will say this he employees a whole lot of people through his projects, his films, his plays, his entertainment company, he gives back to the community on a regular basis the man does a lot besides complaining about him and his movies what do y'all do? How are y'all making a difference? What movie script did you put together? What book did you write? I'm just so tired of the jokes about Tyler I really am its not funny it never was. Did you even go see For Colored Girls? Do you even understand the things he is trying to impart through a tough love standpoint? Most people aren't high brow they just want to be entertained that's how come all those movies like Adventureland, and Nick and Nora's Infinite play list, Scott pilgrim vs. the world or Pineapple express, or super bad or the hangover have such a huge following and almost cult like status. In majority of those movies the same people are used over and over and its all outside the box sophomoric humor most of it I don't even find remotely funny but these are the movies that yt folks are going to see and they don't have any intrinsic value in them except to make you laugh so why is it black folks want to get all high brow on Mr. Perry and complain about his movies but will giggle and swear by the most retarded and sophomoric movies that yt folks make and its okay? I don't see any of y'all boycotting these very same movies that has not one black face in the movie unless he's the harmless gay guy, or the token black friend who has no value in the movie what so ever. Furthermore if you can worship Kim Kardashian who gets paid to just breath and sign her name on the dotted line the very same chick that does not provide any value to the world but she is here solely to stroke the fantasies of the masses and provide eye candy other than that what is her value? If she died tomorrow would the world miss Kim Kardashian? Would the world grind to a halt? Would the Vatican issue a saint in her name the blessed saint of the sex tape?

All I want to know is that this is going to be the game's last season on tv right, because I don't think I can take another season I really can't I started watching it even though I didn't watch it when it was originally on and I must say it just fills me with contempt and disdain even more for the lifestyles that athletes lead all excess all of the time with no sense of check and balances to keep them in line.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I just had the balls to exploit myself in the public arena and just go hard trying to get shine as an insta-celeb and then I think about all the things that I would have to give up and they just don't balance out besides I'm sure I don't have that IT factor shrugs.

But in real life news did you know that there is a huge gap in wealth between the have's and the have not's
while the world is busy watching "stars" the few at the top are getting richer by the second and the rest of the average folks are barely holding on. Separate but unequal and It's the inequality,stupid