Friday, March 04, 2011


More Ponderment's from my archive some of these questions I seem to keep asking over and over forgive the redundancy as they were written at different times but I guess the same core questions just keep running through my mind...does that make my mind only have one track then?

Why is it more about what's hot and who's hot then it is about who has geniune talent, okay she's the "it" girl or guy for the moment but all it boils down too is they know how to promote themselves better, they are controversial, they will whore for publicity, they keep their name in the public spectrum even when they not doing anything of relevance... if they change partners they are in the news, if they go to the gym without make-up they are in the news...what is it these people actually do? Besides monopolize the media and public streams I love/hate how you can be famous for nothing in this society. Bitches sipping penis colada's are instant stars and everyone gets a reality order for it to be true reality doesn't it have to actually reflect life? Nope, no realness required.

Why is it that Angelina gets to play every woman under the fucking sun? Her look is so distinct I don't care how much M.A.C. you slap on that chick she will still be angelina stop putting her in every damn role possible I know she has a tribe to support but for the love of all that is holy please STOP!

Something I have been wanting to say for a long time...Dondria is a wonderful singer but she has no stage presence what so ever...she is easily forgettable once she get's onstage and she tries so hard but she is not at ease there she is much more personable in front of a camera...I think some significant effort needs to be put into developing her feeling comfortable becoming a star letting her personality shine and just giving her more ease in her own skin. She always looks so uncomfortable and ackward...not hating just stating.

Why is it that some people are just larger than life their personalities shine brighter than others, they are always confident, and they always are engaging...what shapes these people? They are natural leaders and you always want to be in their presence are they born like this? Has something shaped them to be like this? Is it just natural selection? Where did their confidence come from? Was it their upbringing? Was it something their parents did wrong or right? Can one learn to become like that or is it just inate ability?

With everyone cheating, getting married, getting divorce, fighting to be able to be married...what has the state of marriage become? In my mind the Instituation of marriage should still be held as valuable and something that people should take seriously not just for publicity and media coverage. So should marriage be done away with altogether and everyone should just skeet and delete, and have children with whoever they happen to like having sex with the most...oh wait never mind y'all aready doing that already.

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions then what's the road to heaven paved with?

Why is hoe the color of fine now? It doesn't matter that she has a sextape, she's a porn star, she was a reality star that specialized in sex with both sexes, or she has a herpe outbreak every now and again, you will wife her, you will bed her, and you will have kids with does that make man essentially just nothing more than a penis and if man is nothing but just a penis why is there so much drama over having/being with/ or trying to be in love with men? If man is just a walking appendage then he should just be reduced to an object and treated accordingly. Have women simply misread the truth of the matter? Men have no emotions, they are incapable of such, the only things they are capable of are sex, reproducing, working to get toys to impress women so they can have more sex, and watching sports.

Why does everyone run around spouting all these positive quotes and shit, when in reality its not what you know its who you know, its not where you've been but its where you happen to be standing when opportunity strikes, and clearly you don't need to have talent to make it because its about being in the public spectrum by any means nessacary. So stop with all that talk about making it on your own, and grinding for yourself, its all a crap shoot some people will GRIND forever and never get anywhere and they will die still grinding never having realized their dreams. Life is a crap shoot sometimes you will be the winner sometimes you won't be. So stop selling false hope I realize you try and keep the spirit of man buyont but false hope is both cruel and unnessacary.