Monday, March 07, 2011


If you are fortunate enough to escape reality tv hell and did not watch the conclusion of Basketball Ho's count yourself lucky. I had gotten sucked into watching that show and I truly hate myself for it I could have spent my time doing something productive or at the very least playing a rousing game of Angry Birds.

  Let me sum the last episode up for you in a nutshell, Evelyn "Get naked" Lozada went to see Chad OhnoStinko for the first time and she proceeded to spread them legs the whole weekend letting him beat and skeet the womb until they were both exhausted and spent needless to say the whole weekend was sans panties and plenty of butt nakedness. That aside Jennifer had a birthday and Evenly felt overwhelmed with guilt because Tammy had got all emotional and started gushing about how she was so glad she was back on the come up and back in a relevant circle after being kicked to the curb and shitted on by her ex-husband.  She was so happy to be getting shine and a check again it made her weepy well everything was alright until Evenly felt the need to ho confess and let it fly to Shaunie and Jennifer that she had indeed smashed Tammy's husband while he was still married to Tammy.  Well that made everyone uncomfortable so much so that Shaunie made Evelyn go outside and confess to Tammy.  Well you can imagine that Tammy felt some kind of way about hearing that the chick she was trying to have a friendship with had smashed her ex-husband while they were indeed still married and never bothered to even mention the fact, then to add insult to injury Evenly told Tammy that she was a non factor.  Which made Tammy proceed to jump.on.that.ass well you can imagine who I was rooting for.

Then Tammy sadly came to the realization tearfully and to late what we had seen from watching the show and knew all along she was added for comic relief and so these women could shake their heads and say, "well it could always be worst at least I ain't like sad poor welfare Tammy" and that these women really weren't her friends to begin with. All the time she was trying to build and connect with them and they were really pitying her and tolerating her because Shaunie brought her into the circle. I really just felt so bad for Tammy during this whole season I mean if there is a lesson to be learned from this show its that money will make you do all kinds of stupid foul shit, and if you don't have money and you are at the whims of someone who does then you can be bought, sold, and traded like a slave. These women on all these reality shows are sad slaves who are purchased for high priced trinkets and pricey cars thinking they living the life when often times they are just kept high priced ho's living in fabulous properties pretending that they are wifey when their men are out doing any and everyone, knocking up other chicks having whole other relationships and families and these women know for themselves this but yet they claim they in love so they suffer through all the foolishness and plus that cushy lifestyle is a bonus I'm sure. One of the most common themes with these women is how they totally allow the man to dictate their futures and therefore they are in limbo concerning their relationships. I can't for the life of me understand why you would push out babies for these men without having their last names, why would you stay with someone for 5, 8, 10, 16, 20 or however many years just living in cohabitation with them you really have no legal rights you're basically just a room mate that is giving up the booty on the regular.

Where are these women sense of self? Now don't get me wrong I don't ever think a woman should be giving up the goodies for free, because even when you get a low priced car you have to pay for upkeep on it but to get so settled and complacent in their lifestyles and have nothing to show for it if these men choose to replace they asses is just foolish and idiotic. I can't have sympathy for you if you weren't looking out for yourself from jump. While you with this dude make him put you through school, or get you a business, or write a book, open up some kind of daycare but don't just think that the pussy tricks you got will keep this man forever. Instead of being all about him and what he got, get something of your own and instead of getting expensive vacations and shoes get you a degree and something in your own name. We all know when they get tired of the same ole piece they are quick to replace it with a newer shiner version especially if these men are paid. They replace women like they do their rides the ultimate beings that suffer in these type of going ons are the children. The poor children from these unions are nothing more than bitter pawns who get volleyed back in forth between parents who are wrecked with bitterness and hurt it is a good thing that God watches out for fools and babies because without that some of us would be S.O.L for sure.