Thursday, March 03, 2011


Some of these questions are old but they still are relevant far as I'm concerned, but I've added some new ones as well so yep feel free to answer them or just ponder them along with me...

1. How is it that former playboy bunnies, a tell all professional headgiver and a woman that looks like a man and only knew her dude for a month can get married and the world is like awww that's sweet while, women like Shaunie, Monica, and Mashonda got cheated on and left for other women?

2. Why is it okay to not have morals anymore? Suddenly I feel like everything I once thought was right is now all wrong and I'm the one who's odd man out.

3. Why is everyone mad at the women who tell about their relationships with men who are in the limelight or have money? If a man is in the limelight, or has a lot of money then you automatically know if you have sex with a women then its no longer just about you as a man that shit is all about notoriety and how she can profit by any means. Why act all hurt and injured when you directly jumped into that trick bag? Y'all kill me and shit there is no honor amongst thieves. If you are going to cheat and creep with a chick or sleep with a chick and you not checking that chicks credentials then you DESERVE to be put on blast, and furthermore I have no symptom for a man that does not know how biology works anytime you lay down with a woman there is a risk of her getting pregnant or already being pregnant and pinning a baby on you especially if you have money. If you got long green then you should be more selective about whom you are dishing your penis out to, if not just shut up with all the whining and tweeting about it and just pay the child support and keep it moving.

4. Why is it that people can be so forgiving to folks in the limelight but to those directly around them they are the harshest and the most judgemental with? But people they will never meet they fawn over and bend over backwards to shower with praise and accolades, but you can't and don't stop to praise your own child and build their self esteem up?

5. Why is infidelity the new fidelity? When did it become so acceptable and cool to cheat and shit? The fuck is that about? Cheating destroys families and it hurts people, when you cheat not only does it break bonds, it causes problems, it can lead to children outside of your marriage it can cause resentment, it can cause diseases that kill, cheating is not a game its a parasitic form of emotional vampirism but more and more people practice it day in and day out. So much so that now it is becoming a society norm and that is dangerous! But of course y'all don't hear me though.

6. Why is it that entertainers siblings never quite make it for themselves these days? I mean do any of your really care about Ray J or Solange? I mean besides act a fool, cut all their hair off, and just wild out what do these siblings do that's relevant to the world? Why can't they just sit down some where and mellow out and just try some different type stuff like opening car washes or something productive?

7. Once you break up with Janet Jackson like who do you date after that?

8. Why are men still having sex with women like Kat Stacks?

9. With all the statistics about educated well off black women destined to be single and never wed, having diseases, and just really being shitted on by the media doesn't it make you want to say fuck it I give up the ghost and just pretend to be Dominican?

10. Why is it the Governor of California can't manage to balance the deficit of California but jobs and services are still getting slashed left and right?

11. Why is it that African, Chinese, black babies are being snapped up by celebrities left and right, I know its wonderful to have a tax shelter in the form of offspring but what's with all the "ethnic exoticism?" Is it like having your own petri dish where you can watch an experiment up close and personal grow before your eyes?

12. Who green lights the dumb yt movies that make no sense with the awkward looking propensity to be fat yt men in them?

13. Why won't people let the President be great? I mean really the man is trying to do the best he can with what he's got. He's not dumbledor he doesn't have a magic wand he can't change the world overnight and single-handedly he's awesome but not superman so get off his dick and let him live and leave the first lady alone as well she is greatness period. I know its a rare thing to see a black couple in love and making it look so easy but really all the comments about what she wears, her hair, her make-up her very existence just need to stop, but if she didn't have critics we wouldn't continually know just how awesome Michelle Obama really was.

14. Why when it comes to budget slashing the first things they take away affect the elderly, disabled, health care workers, teachers, schools, women and children?

15. Why are law makers so concerned about taking away a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy? Doesn't that make anyone nervous or want to perhaps start taking birth control extra seriously, or how about abstaining altogether since a woman's right to choose is rapidly becoming undone...

16. Why does Meagan Good's character on the game make you want to shank her in real life? Could her character get any worst? Do you think men that watch the show see Malik's problems with her as cautionary or they just checking for Meagan Period because she's sexy?

17. Why won't someone tell Melaine her lacefronts are so horrid and she should visit beyonce's wig crypt and get some better options or go bald, or get microbraids???

18. The chick that plays javon's wife on that show does she really talk like that in real life? I mean she was in the movie ATL but I thought that was just a character if she is really as ghetto as she seems....yikes

19. Why do I hate myself for watching suck ass reality shows about people I really don't care about?

20. Speaking of reality shows Ray J and Brandy good now right? Even though I have utter disdain for Ray J and just an overall disgust for him its sad when him and his sister kiss and make up guys.

21. Can someone please tell Evelyn Lozada to go ahead and pose for playboy already instead of just getting naked and sending her pics out because the sun is shining...